As a veteran real estate agent explained to New York magazine, smart-home automation can set your house apart when it’s time to sell. Indeed, a 2017 Coldwell Banker survey found that 91.3% of brokers and agents said they “would benefit from the incorporation of smart home technology” when marketing a home.

It all adds up to one thing: higher resale value. As Fox Business reported, quoting a real-estate CEO: 

"Generally, all other characteristics remaining constant, the price of the smart home will hover around 5 percent more in terms of price. Depending on the technology it could be as much as 10 percent more [...] In general, smart homes will hold value longer, will sell more quickly, and will save money as the buyer won't have to install themselves."

What accounts for the boost? The benefits are real—and increasingly in-demand. As an agent told, “Appliances such as smart thermostats, smart doorbells, and more that can be controlled from an app are all the rage. Connectivity is king when putting a house on the market these days.” By investing in an installed security system and smart devices, you not only get to reap the benefits yourself—you can also look forward to highlighting their convenience for potential buyers.

So what can you do to add value to your life now, and value to your home in the long run? Here are some smart products that are great for getting you started:

Smart Home Integrations That Add Value

#1: Command and Control

With an always-on-the-go mentality, convenience is important to most consumers. Smart home systems that allow customers to manage devices easily will always stand out. For example, ADT’s Command and Control system allows you to effortlessly extend the capability, convenience, and management of your smart home. With the ability to access your system at home on the Command touch screen panel or remotely from virtually anywhere on the Control app, you can do anything from adjusting the climate and lighting in your home to viewing live video from any of your security cameras.

This kind of connectivity is extremely appealing to potential buyers. In fact, CNet found that 81% of current smart-home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with connected tech in place. And the best part? We know it’s hard to leave this kind of tech behind, so when you leave your house we’ll give you credits towards the system for your next home!

#2: Smart Devices

And there’s more. There are several smaller smart home devices that integrate into your smart home setup that you don’t have to leave behind in a move. Not sure if you left the coffee maker on? With ADT Smart Plugs, you can check—and turn it off—from your phone. Accidentally leave your garage door open? The Garage Door Monitor will send you an alert so you can close it, ensuring effortless safety. And of course, ADT Smart Locks add a whole new level of convenience and security, allowing you to easily let people in—or keep them out—remotely. Which brings us to…

#3: Smart Lighting

A well-lit house can be a deterrent to burglars, even if you’re not home. Installing ADT Smart Light Bulbs throughout your home lets you control your lighting remotely—meaning you never need to come back to a dark home again… and burglars won’t either. You can easily create a schedule that will automatically set your desired lighting throughout the day, or even have lights turn off and on randomly. Finally, you can better prepare for emergencies by setting your ADT Smart Light Bulbs to come on automatically if your smoke detector is triggered to wake you if you are asleep.

These simple, smart replacements of everyday items are completely portable. So, when you find that next dream house, you can bring them with you and they’ll connect flawlessly to your next home. Whatever parts of the system you leave behind become added value for the next owners.

#4: Smart Thermostat

There’s no reason to pay to heat or cool your home while you’re away. That’s why smart thermostats can save you around $100–150 per year on utilities, according to an AP report. And as ValueWalk points out, “A smart home can result in insurance premium savings, as well as discounts.”

By replacing your current thermostat with a new ADT Smart Thermostat, you’ll gain more than reduced costs: you’ll be able to remotely adjust, automate, and monitor your home’s temperature. You can even set up schedules to automatically adjust your home’s heat and AC, keep your pets comfortable when you’re away, and get alerts if your home’s temperature drops too low so you can prevent frozen pipes. With a smart thermostat, coming home to an uncomfortably warm or cold house is a thing of the past.

Make Your Home Stand Out

So, this is a classic win-win. Save money, time, and stress now, make more money when you sell the house later. At this point, it’s no secret: According to Statista, household penetration of smart homes in the US is 27.5% in 2019 and is expected to hit 47.4% by 2023. 

As we’ve discussed, it’s no longer just about convenience. It actually adds a measure of safety, financial savings, and overall resale value to your home. Don’t let your home fall behind the times- install smart home technology today and benefit for years to come!


ADT Smart Home customers enjoy all the added convenience and security of this modern technology, backed by expert installation and 24/7 monitoring. Want to take it a step further? Check out our Home Automation Systems page to learn more and get the protection you need.



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