Doorbell cameras can be found attached to many households around the world, but not all cameras are created equally.

In this article, we break down the best doorbell camera for your home, and that starts with understanding how they work, what camera features your household needs, and why you would need a smart doorbell camera instead of a typical doorbell. We will also cover some of the most common questions people have about doorbell cameras.

If you’re considering installing a doorbell security camera for your home, this guide is the perfect place to start.


What Exactly Is a Home Security Doorbell Camera?


It may seem pretty straightforward, but a doorbell camera combines the abilities of a standard doorbell with the technical ability of a security camera. As doorbell cameras have evolved, so have their features. Features like two-way audio communication, motion-sensor technology, and HD video footage are increasingly common in modern doorbell cameras.


Features You’ll Want to Look for in a Smart Doorbell Camera

The features of your doorbell camera are what help ensure you’re keeping your household safe. From the quality of images to mobile accessibility, some features may meet your needs more than others. We’ll cover the most coveted features doorbell cameras offer.

  • HD images: High-definition images allow you to clearly see who or what is on your front porch. Many doorbell camera models provide owners with 720 high-definition images, providing crisp and clear video recordings. 

  • Dewarping technology: Video footage that covers a large area but produces the “fish-eye” lens effect can negatively affect the clarity of the footage. To counteract this and keep a wide angle of view without the warp caused by the wide-angle lens, many doorbell cameras are turning to dewarping technology.

  • Two-way audio: Receiving a notification that someone is at your door is great. Speaking to visitors before you open your door is even better. Having a conversation through your doorbell camera changes the way you answer the door. 

  • Mobile alerts: Are you waiting on a package, expecting a guest, or just want to know when someone steps onto your doorstep? With motion-sensor technology, your doorbell camera can send instant notifications to your phone when someone enters its field of view. You can keep an eye on your deliveries from the office, let unexpected guests know you’re not home at the moment.

  • Night vision: Ever heard a noise on your front or back porch in the middle of the night and wish you could find out what it was without opening the door? Now, you can. Some doorbell cameras are equipped with infrared technology, which allows them to “see” in the dark. You never have to wonder again about a strange noise – just take a quick look at your live stream, and you can see what’s going on.

  • Weatherproof: a good doorbell camera is resistant against pretty much any weather conditions you can imagine. Our doorbells cameras are temperature-resistant from -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand rain and snow.

  • Wireless connectivity: Using its built-in 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, your wireless doorbell connects directly to your home network. This allows you to use the functions of the mobile app to better protect your home.

ADT Video Doorbell Camera Solutions include every one of these features. Its 180-degree wide-angle lens allows you to cover more area, so you can better protect your loved ones. Real-time footage from your camera can be streamed to your phone via the ADT mobile app, so you can greet your kids as they come home from school or check to see what triggered your motion sensor notification.


Who Could Benefit From a Doorbell Camera?


There was a point in time when a doorbell camera was considered a luxury item. Now, doorbell cameras are affordable for almost anyone. So, if you’re wondering if a doorbell camera is right for you, it may be worth considering. For some, it makes more sense than others.


Doorbell Cameras for Renters

Renters, just like anyone else, benefit from knowing who is at their door before opening it. Some renters live in places where foot traffic is high, increasing their chances of people pirating packages from their doorstep. It’s also important to note that renters have fewer options when it comes to modifying their living spaces. Luckily, many doorbell cameras now have wireless capabilities. Keep an eye on the entrance to your home and find comfort in knowing you can protect your home, even while renting.


Doorbell Cameras for Homeowners

From keeping track of who visits your home to making sure your property is safe, a doorbell camera offers homeowners a sense of security. Even though there are wireless options available, a homeowner can have a doorbell camera connected to existing doorbell wires to prevent tampering. A homeowner with multiple entryways can even install a doorbell camera for each so that they know which door their visitor is entering.

Doorbell Cameras for Senior Citizens

As we grow older, it can become difficult to move like we used to. For the senior citizens who are still capable of taking care of themselves, but need a little more time getting to the door when someone knocks, a doorbell camera can be the perfect solution.

Since many doorbell cameras provide their users with the opportunity to see and communicate with their guests, getting to the door quickly isn’t a problem. Using the app interface, you can let your visitor know you’re on your way instead of having them assume you aren’t home. Preserve your independence longer without leaving your guests hanging.

In the same vein, ADT takes keeping your loved safe seriously. We work with first responders and local response agents to maintain a high standard in case of an emergency. Our LifeSaver program and donations from generous contributors have helped many, just like you, around the country. With an ADT system, you know the people you care about are in good hands.


Doorbell Cameras for Those Living Alone

For those living alone, an unexpected visitor can be frightening. With a doorbell camera, you can check to see who is at your home, get notifications when there’s unexpected movement, and communicate with guests from the comfort of your home or via your mobile phone. A doorbell camera also helps those living alone watch for incoming packages, so you never have to worry about missing a delivery.


Doorbell Cameras for Parents

Being a parent is a full-time job, but with a doorbell camera, keeping track of your children doesn’t have to be so hard. The motion-sensor technology can let you know when they make it home. Also, when doorbell cameras are set up to canvas the areas your children play, you can check in to make sure everyone is safe and sound. Take comfort in your ability to protect your children from home or away.


Frequently Asked Questions About Doorbell Cameras


You may be asking yourself why you don’t simply get a camera instead of a doorbell camera. Aren’t they essentially the same thing? While they are very similar and a standard security camera may fit your needs, you may want to consider these questions before making your decision.


When is a front door camera a better option?

A front door camera may be a better option if your home doesn’t have the wiring for a doorbell.


Can you talk to people at your front door through your doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera allows you to talk to people at your front door with the two-way audio feature. A standard security camera doesn’t.


Is it easy to hide your doorbell camera?

A doorbell camera is easier to hide because it doubles as a standard doorbell. While there are plenty of ways to disguise a standard security camera, doorbell cameras don’t require any extra effort on your part. Simply install the doorbell camera, and rest assured the camera is not overly obvious.


Are doorbell security cameras expensive?

Pricing is a major decision to consider when setting up any security system. The cost difference between a doorbell security camera and a standard security camera isn’t very much. Whichever security camera you opt for, there are options that will fit your budget.


Is it easy to set up your own doorbell camera?

Installing doorbell security cameras is easier than ever. Manufacturers have taken steps to make the process easy enough for anyone to do it themselves. Having a professional installation will ensure your system, whether it is a doorbell camera or a standard security camera, is working to the highest standards. If you insist on doing the setup yourself, a wireless option for either camera is the easiest option.


What DIY options are available?

ADT offers an option for those who prefer to install their camera doorbell themselves. Our DIY security cameras are shipped directly to your door and are easy to install. The HD Blue Doorbell Camera has all of the features you expect in a doorbell camera. It offers a high definition picture with night vision, two-way audio to talk with visitors, motion detection, and even facial recognition. 

The Blue Doorbell Camera also connects with your smart home devices. Get notifications sent to your phone and view a live stream of your video feed from anywhere you have internet access. This DIY doorbell camera offers everything you expect from other manufacturers with the simplicity to set it up yourself.


Are doorbell cameras and outdoor cameras easily moveable?

This question should be asked for any security measures you plan to use. If you don’t have any worries about your security camera being tampered with, a wireless system is a good option. It’s also a benefit for those who are renting their homes and may need to take them with them whenever they move. Any system that isn’t mounted and secured runs the risk of being tampered with or damaged. Doorbell cameras are naturally more susceptible to tampering and damage because of their necessary location, where security cameras are easier to hide or place out of reach.


How is the system powered?

Both smart video doorbell cameras and standard security cameras have the option of being wired or battery operated. The battery-operated systems are easier to set up than the wired options, but they run the risk of dying if you forget to replace the batteries. The good news is most systems can let you know when your battery is low in a mobile app.


Trust the ADT Security Professionals


If you find yourself looking to install a doorbell camera at your home, but not sure what features to look for, this guide should provide you with the information you need to choose the right option. Knowing what functions will benefit you and your family the most, where you want to place your doorbell camera, and why you want one for your home prepares you for an easy installation. 

When it comes to setting up any home security system and maintaining proper monitoring, it helps to have an experienced group of professionals in your corner. ADT takes pride in the fact that our team is the best in the home security industry. We monitor your security system personally instead of outsourcing your safety to someone else. 

With customer service easily available by phone or online, you’re never too far away from an expert to help you with your needs. Trust our professional technicians, who have an average of over nine years of experience, to install your doorbell camera and address any other security needs you have.


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