Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With an interactive ADT Smart Home Security System and just a few smart devices, you can have fingertip control of everything from lights to appliances, along with your security – and control them from virtually anywhere. See how much more convenient your days can be.

All You Need is Your Phone and the ADT Mobile App

Programming and controlling your smart home security system, lights, and your appliances remotely is surprisingly easy. With the ADT mobile app and a handful of smart devices, you can control everything individually or set up automations that let you do it all with a single touch when you leave the house.


ADT Connects with the Things You Love

ADT lets you connect some of your favorite devices and add them to your security and smart home automation systems, giving you an extra level of control and convenience.

ADT Video Doorbell Camera

ADT Video Doorbell Camera provides a new level of front door protection.

Amazon Alexa®

Using your ADT system is as easy as talking to Amazon Alexa.

Smart Locks

Turn your smartphone into your smart key.

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