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ADT Health has medical alert systems that fit every lifestyle. Get protection while you’re at home, or wherever you go. Add features like Fall Detection,* which can get you help even if you can’t push the button.

Medical Alert Basic

Gives you or your loved ones the confidence needed to live alone and maintain independence when home.

  • In-home base unit
  • Landline required
  • Home temperature monitoring
Medical Alert Plus

Extended in-home range grants independence to those who love to garden or relax in the yard.

  • In-home operations
  • Fall detection (optional)
  • No landline required
  • Home temperature monitoring
  • Pendant options available

Provides freedom and peace of mind while at home or miles from it.

  • Mobile base unit
  • No landline required
  • Fall detection (optional)
  • GPS location capabilities
  • Pendant options available

*Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

ADT Health Emergency Response Monitoring Centers are US-based and Company Owned & Operated.

How ADT Medical Alert Systems Work

When ADT receives an alarm signal from the medical alert system, you can count on a caring monitoring professional to deliver fast response to both you and the appropriate response agency.

Press Button
1. Press Button

Press the personal help button to send an emergency alert to ADT. Fall Detection pendants can automatically send an alert if a fall occurs.

Customer Service Response
2. We Respond

ADT senior-sensitivity-trained monitoring professionals will communicate over two-way voice. They can get customers the help they need.

Send Help
3. You Get Help

At the push of a button, ADT’s highly-trained professionals alert caregivers, loved ones or emergency responders – based on your preference.

Resources to make your life easier

Senior Independent Living Guide

Find helpful tips and advice for maintaining an independent lifestyle.

ADT Medical Alert

For seniors, an ADT Medical Alert System is a way to continue living independently, and stay safe, comfortable and content in your own home.

Trained Monitoring Professionals

ADT Health monitoring professionals are senior-sensitivity-trained and cater to the needs of the aging or those with health-related concerns.

Fast Response

Simply pressing the help button will alert a senior-sensitivity-trained monitoring professional who can contact and alert emergency personnel and keep families up-to-date as needed. 

Flexible Payment Options

Your price for service will remain the same. Forever. Enjoy flexible upfront payment options and no fixed-term agreements. Discounted quarterly and annual payment options available.


Whether you choose the medical alert bracelet or pendant, both are 100% waterproof so you can wear them in the shower or bathtub.

†Excludes applicable taxes or modifications to services after initial purchase.

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The ADT LifeSaver Program recognizes outstanding ADT professionals who helped save a customer’s life.

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