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  • Light-weight, 100% waterproof wearable neck lanyard
  • Discounted Annual and Quarterly Pricing Available
  • Can detect the event of a fall - even if the help button hasn’t been pushed*
  • Press button for 2-way communication with trained ADT senior-sensitive monitoring professionals
  • Compatible with both Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Systems at an additional charge*

*Fall detection requires additional fee. Fall detection pendant does not detect 100% of falls.

Each year, one out of three people ages 65 and over will fall.1
1 http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/falls/adultfalls.html

Our Medical Alert Safety System - Your Best Friend, 24/7

ADT's personal emergency response systems signals a trained ADT representative in the event
of a fall or emergency. They will speak over the base unit and can call emergency services as

Alerts ADT after a fall, even if the user is not able to press the help button.1

Push your ADT help button and you’ll get two-way communication to trained ADT professionals.

In an emergency, we can dispatch first responders and contact loved ones right away.

Our most advanced service lets us pinpoint your location when you need help.2

1Available with Medical Alert Plus and On-The-Go Emergency Response system.Fall detection pendent does not detect 100% of falls. If able, user should always push their help button when they need assistance. 2Available with our On-The-Go Emergency Response System.

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Customer Testimonial and Videos

Watch Connie's testimonial

Connie Seaney ADT LifeSaver

88-year old Connie Seaney was trapped in her car and used her medical alert pendant to get help.

Watch Margaret's testimonial

Margaret McCreery ADT LifeSaver

95-year-old Margaret McCreery fell in her Xenia, Ohio home.

Watch Walter's testimonial

Walter Borders ADT Customer Story

Walter Borders awoke in his home with symptoms of heart attack.

Customer Testimonial and Videos

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My name is khan is Amy Allan Poe Mississippi my son Bobby lives here with me right now and I enjoy it very much been here our lives is 88 years young and we help each other out my husband passed away in $MONTH 2002 i contacted ATT they told me about the medical alert and I think I want one of those I just gotten back into the house from bible study and I was going to go in the house and get my cellphone but i thought well I better get a rainbow in out of the truck first I got back in the car for some reason the alarms started going off and I heard the doors lock me out how panic i didn't know what to do maybe if i get in the backseat I could stick my head out the window in my arms and BL for help and maybe they'll stop i was sitting there wondering what to do and put my head in my hands and I just started praying gonna send somebody to help me and then I happen to think about my pendant that push the button good morning this is everything you know is everything with tiny little concerning this is there a few have received medical dramas everything ok and I did not notice that would work or not but because i was having the carport of but it did work at like targeted this is a weighty security services inspection on the medical alarm here we have around he's just a few minutes i heard the fire truck coming in and enable it's coming i came and got her out of the car you had a panic attack and make sure she was side if they weren't like he was supposed to work if you've not had the ATT medical or depending on even though she wasn't in the house together car walk she was sit there for hours and could have been disaster you know they can be very thankful and honored to be receiving ATT like Civil War knowing that I was able to actually meet this kind of scene II and make a difference in her life and her family's life was great deal for me

My husband and I live here with my grandmother we call her gotta and then we have our five-year-old George and he has been born since we've lived here at the house and so he and gotta have a very special relationship and bond between them well we were just they're in my room I was babysitting for I'm anyway his mother was it going grocery shopping and we were there alone and I don't know why I got up on my chair and I stumbled on something and fell the wounded that she sustained was pretty significant well George came up to me and he says oh acha kako where's your pink button and I said well it's in on my just here but I can't get it and I can't let you have it because of my bleeding but I said if you go over and touch that button on the dresser and that red button here they'll come to you and he did whatever with adt home health with the query are you okay what's the matter you fell alright i haven't come out right away it was critical to me as George's mom and got his granddaughter not just that paramedics were called and were able to respond that i was called to let me know that there was an emergency at my house so having the ATT system is an incredible amount of peace of mind for me your thank you didn't we were there for you hold am too I wouldn't be here listen for you all to receive ADT's life-saving work is a big honor for me to know I'm part of this team that we were able to help someone and impact their lives bigger receiving 80 lifesaver award is really important and rewarding for me and for my team back in Colorado if anybody in that link have not done their job properly if the address had been incorrect if somebody hadn't answered the phone in a timely way any of that could significantly slowed down the response time to the help that girl really needed

ADT Medical Alert Systems

ADT Health Emergency Response Monitoring Centers are US-based and Company Owned & Operated ADT Health Emergency Response Monitoring Centers are US-based and Company Owned & Operated

  • Mobile
  • No Landline Required
  • Fall Detection Available For Additional Charge*
  • GPS Location Capabilities


per month

  • In Home Operations
  • Fall Detection Available For Additional Charge*
  • No Landline Required
  • Home Temperature Monitoring


per month

  • In Home Operations
  • Landline Required
  • Home Temperature Monitoring


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