Doorbell cameras are a wonderful smart device for your home, allowing you the freedom to see what’s happening on your property in real time, whether you are at home or away. Using a handy app and your smartphone, you can use your doorbell camera to greet visitors and ensure deliveries and packages are handled properly. 

If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your home with a doorbell camera, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before deciding on your smart device’s placement. If you install a doorbell camera too high or too low, you may end up with a strange view from your camera, even if it has a wide lens. 

In order to get the most out of your doorbell camera’s functions, you should have it properly installed at eye-height and at an optimal angle on your property. Of course, not everyone has the same type of doorway and home design, so you may need to be flexible with how your doorbell camera is placed. 

Below, we’ve compiled six different pointers for helping you  optimize your doorbell camera installation. 

  • Avoid blocking the camera view

  •  Install your doorbell camera at chest level

  • Maximize video quality

  • Find a good vantage point to install your doorbell camera

  •  Make sure your doorbell camera has the right power source

  • Troubleshoot angles


Don’t Block the View of Your Doorbell Camera


When you install a doorbell camera from ADT, you can give yourself greater peace of mind while you are sleeping, at work, or relaxing at home by reviewing your doorbell’s camera activity. The technology is pretty amazing, but even a doorbell camera has limited usefulness if objects intrude on its line of sight. Some things that can block your doorbell’s view include:

  • Trees with heavy foliage 

  • Untrimmed hedges

  • Lights around your front door

Even though most doorbell cameras come with night vision to capture live and recorded footage at all times, objects on your property or doorstep can cast shadows and obscure the camera’s view. So, when installing your doorbell camera, make sure that your smart device has an unobstructed view of activities. 

Most doorbell cameras have a view of 160 to 180 degrees, so if they are mounted at the proper eye-height, they can accurately capture activity at your front door. Provide a clear line of sight to your doorstep and surrounding property. 

If necessary, remove or cut back any greenery that will block the camera. Move outdoor lights and motion sensors from their original locations, so the doorbell will not accidentally respond to false alarms and send unneeded alerts to your phone or trigger alarms. 

Remember, your doorbell camera may have a wide lens to capture footage, but the camera is in a fixed position and is unable to pivot and follow detected motion. With a properly placed doorbell camera, you can breathe easier and trust that your home, loved ones, and possessions are more secure.


Install Your Doorbell Camera at Chest Level


The height of your smart doorbell is critical because it impacts your camera’s viewpoint. You want to be able to clearly see packages and delivery workers, unexpected guests, and friendly faces. 

Consider mounting your doorbell camera 45 inches from the ground or the threshold of your doorway. Aim to position the doorbell at the chest level, so the camera can help capture whoever is ringing the doorbell with ease. At this height, your doorbell camera can help keep your home secure, capture footage, and provide clear audio communication with visitors.

Depending on your home, however, you do have some wiggle room as to installation height. If you are using pre-existing wiring in your house or a battery-powered device, you might need to adjust the height of your doorbell camera. Your doorbell will not lose functionality if it is placed a little lower or higher than the suggested height, but staying close to eye-height can prevent false alarms like passing cars, animals, or people.


Maximize Video Quality


In order for your doorbell camera to properly protect your home and belongings, you will want the best possible camera lens and video quality. Consider whether your doorbell can still perform at night if it doesn’t have night vision. If it doesn’t, you might want to increase outdoor lighting for improved security. 

Assess the degree of coverage that the camera lens has, which affects how much and how far the camera can see from your doorstep. Also, be mindful of the level of definition and image quality. Image quality is important in the event that you need to present recorded or live footage to emergency services or law enforcement.


Make Sure Your Doorbell Camera has the Right Power Source


One factor that will impact your doorbell camera’s placement is whether it is battery powered or needs to be connected to the wiring in your home. Although wireless doorbell cameras offer more flexibility and a wider range of placement options on your property, it can be a hassle to frequently change the batteries. 


Benefits of a Wired Doorbell Camera

Some reasons why you’ll want to consider a wired doorbell camera include:

  • Longer use: Unlike battery-operated smart devices, wired doorbells last longer because they tap into your established electrical system. 

  • Proper installation: ADT can offer professional installation to ensure your doorbell camera runs properly.

  • Review footage: Because you don’t have to worry about batteries dying, you can review footage regularly wherever you choose to store it.

Keep your smart home ready and powered, so that your doorbell starts capturing and recording video whenever motion is detected. 

Also, make sure that you have your doorbell camera on the correct settings so you can get an alert anytime someone rings your doorbell or your doorbell reacts to any activity within the designated range of sensitivity. That way, you can rely on your doorbell camera to keep in touch with your home when you are away at work, relaxing in bed, or halfway around the world.


Troubleshoot Angles


Sometimes a doorbell camera can’t be placed flush against a wall or parallel to a door. Not to worry: That’s when it’s time to get a little creative with some troubleshooting. You can use a different type of mount or bracket placed at an angle to adjust your doorbell camera’s view. You can also adjust the camera’s angle to avoid the glare of the sun, prevent false alarms from moving cars or animals, and avoid interference from lighting.

The most important thing is to ensure that, wherever you install your doorbell camera, you can clearly capture footage of your property at all times of day and night and integrate your smart doorbell with other security devices.


Let ADT Help You Install Your Doorbell Camera


A doorbell camera is an excellent security addition, letting you know who’s at your door, giving specific camera views of your property, and allowing you to remotely communicate with visitors via two-way audio or a pre-recorded message. 

Signing up for a doorbell camera with ADT is also a smart move because of the excellent relationship ADT has with first responders and theft protection services. You can also use Alexa to help your doorbell camera monitor your home.  

In case an emergency does occur, it may be necessary to review the footage your doorbell camera has captured with law enforcement or emergency services personnel. It is essential that your doorbell camera is placed so it can accurately record live footage of what is taking place outside your doorstep to protect your home.

When you choose to partner with ADT for their products and services, such as a smart doorbell camera, you are connecting to a company with a lengthy and trusted relationship with local first responders and law enforcement. Using a doorbell camera not only lets you see who’s home when you can’t get to the door, but it provides an additional layer of protection between you and the outside world.

Learn more about the advantages of being an ADT customer and how smart devices can make your life more secure and comfortable.

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