The smart and secure way
to help protect your loved ones

The strength of ADT and over 140 years of security expertise, combined with Amazon’s voice-controlled technology.

The Alexa voice service creates a seamless and convenient way to access ADT Pulse so you can easily arm or disarm your system, control lights and door locks, even close your garage door.

What ADT Pulse® features can I control with Alexa?

“Alexa, ask ADT to disarm the system with PIN 1911.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to arm my system stay.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to arm my system away.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to check the status of the security system.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to unlock the Back Door Lock with PIN 1431.”
“Alexa, ask ADT the status of the Front Door Lock.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to turn on the Porch Light.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to turn off the Living Room Lamp.”
“Alexa, ask ADT to close the Garage Door.”

Set up the new ADT Pulse skill in Alexa

Connecting your system with Amazon Alexa is as easy as adding the ADT Pulse® skill to your Alexa app. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your verbal pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Amazon Alexa device know which ADT Pulse device I mean?

For example, how can I specify which door I want to lock?

Your Amazon Alexa device will recognize each of your ADT Pulse devices by the name that you assigned to it in your ADT Pulse app. When asking your Alexa device to perform a task, you will need to refer to the ADT Pulse device by that name. For example, if you named your door "Front Door" in your ADT Pulse app, you will need to say "Alexa, tell ADT to lock the 'Front Door'

Which ADT service is Amazon Alexa compatible with?

The ADT Pulse skill is available to all ADT Pulse customers.

Is there a fee to use the ADT Pulse Amazon Alexa skill?

No, the ADT Pulse Amazon Alexa skill is available to all ADT Pulse customers as an added service with no additional costs associated outside of standard monthly fees.

Don’t Have a Device with Alexa Yet?

You can order your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot online and set up your device and enable the ADT Pulse skill - no ADT technician needed - to control your ADT Pulse® system through Alexa.

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