The way we protect our homes may be changing, but the reasons are still the same. Whether you’re looking for security while you sleep or peace of mind when you’re away from your loved ones, home security is important to many homeowners across the country.

While home security systems, alarms, and cameras are still popular options for protecting our loved ones, doorbell cameras are the latest innovation in monitoring and securing your home. Smart doorbells can be great, easy-to-install, and cost-effective options for just about every homeowner.

But, what should you look for when searching for a smart doorbell camera to protect your family? We’ll walk you through all the top features that doorbell cameras have to offer, so you can make an informed decision for your home.


The Top 9 Smart Doorbell Features


While most video doorbells offer the same standard features, there are some additional features and benefits you should review before selecting a doorbell camera. We’ll walk you through some of the top nine benefits you should keep in mind.

1. High-Quality Video Feedback

A doorbell camera is only as good as its video quality. Unfortunately, some doorbell cameras only offer 480p video feedback, which can make it hard to identify the person on the other end of the door. That’s not ideal if your kids are answering doors when you’re not home. To alleviate confusion and ensure you can spot your visitors every time, look for higher quality cameras, like the ADT 720p HD doorbell security system.


2. HD Video Access from Virtually Anywhere

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to access our smart devices from virtually anywhere. Maybe you have a late meeting at work and want to make sure no unexpected guests arrive while your kids are home alone. Or, maybe you’re booked all night with family activities and need to monitor an important package delivery. Regardless of the reasons, if remote access is important to you, look for a doorbell camera with mobile capabilities.

Our ADT smart doorbells allow you to set alerts on your smartphones, view live or recorded footage while you’re home or away, and control your doorbell camera all from our ADT mobile app.


3. Motion Detection Settings

When you have a family to watch over, security is key, especially when you aren’t looking. Some doorbell cameras offer motion detection features that allow you to receive alerts on your phone whenever motion is detected within range of your doorbell security system. This can be a great option for keeping your kids safe while you’re away or while you’re sleeping at night.

Our ADT doorbell cameras let you customize the zone outside where you want to detect motion, so you don’t receive alerts whenever a car drives down the road. Instead, you’ll choose the motion zones you’re worried about and set up alerts to notify you whenever there’s motion within them.


4. Two-Way Audio Controls

It’s great seeing who’s outside your door, but what if you want to communicate with them while you’re out of your house or unable to answer the door? Maybe you don’t want your kids answering the door for food delivery, but want to let the delivery person know it’s okay to leave the food outside. With two-way audio controls, you can have a conversation with whoever’s outside your front door, from anywhere.

ADT doorbells cameras provide top-of-the-line two-way audio controls that allow you to chat with visitors on your doorstep to provide delivery instructions, let them know you’ll answer shortly, or alert them to leave your house – without ever having to open your door.


5. Infrared Night Vision Technology

No matter where you live, answering the door at nighttime can be scary since you may be unable to view visitors. If you want protection for your family against late-night visitors, you’ll want to find a doorbell camera that offers infrared technology to see in the dark. This allows you to better view exactly who is outside your door late at night and potentially catch criminal activity in the making.

To keep you safe, ADT doorbell cameras have infrared technology to allow you to more clearly spot and identify visitors on your doorstep, even in the dark.


6. Real-Time and Recorded Video Footage

Viewing your doorbell camera’s feed in real-time is essential, but having options to parse through recorded footage can be just as important. If you’re not able to check your app often and have noticed package theft or feel someone has been outside your home during the night, the option to sort through recorded footage is an essential feature for helping to keep your family safe.

ADT doorbell cameras offer both live footage and recorded video options, with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to flip between viewing modes. Recorded video footage is also stored on the ADT cloud, allowing you quick access to all the footage you need, when you need it.


7. Weatherproof Design

In order to keep your family safe, no matter the climate, you’ll want to shop for a doorbell camera that operates well in all types of weather conditions, from heavy rains and snow to hot, humid temperatures. 

ADT smart doorbells offer snow, rain, and humidity-resistant technology that allows video and audio functions to work smoothly, no matter the weather outside. ADT doorbells also work in temperatures as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.


8. Automation Options

If you live in a smart home, have multiple smart devices you operate remotely or are looking to invest in smart devices, you’ll want to find a smart doorbell that communicates with your existing or desired home automation system. Find a doorbell security system or other home security option that allows you to operate and view all of your smart devices with one app, from thermostats and garage door openers to alarm systems, lights, and outlets.

ADT offers the best in home security automation by allowing you to control all of your major smart devices through the ADT app. Your ADT smart doorbell is also compatible with most home and virtual assistant devices, like Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant. By connecting your ADT doorbell to your home assistant, you can access your home security features using voice control. This makes it ideal for everyone in the family to learn how to operate doorbell cameras.


9. Ease of Use

Will your whole family be operating your doorbell camera? If so, make sure you find a simple, easy-to-use doorbell that even the youngest in your family can quickly navigate and utilize, to avoid letting unwanted guests inside.

ADT doorbells are safe and simple to use, allowing your kids to quickly learn the ADT app interface and figure out how to operate the doorbell security system features.


Do I Need A Smart Doorbell?


Smart doorbells can serve as a great home surveillance device that operates not only as a doorbell to alert you when someone is outside but also as a video and sometimes audio monitoring device. These doorbells allow you to interact with visitors from different mobile apps and devices, all without ever opening your door.

More and more families are turning to smart doorbells as safety devices to protect their kids from strangers and other dangers. While they’re mostly used to help you decide how to handle visitors at your door, they also have additional uses. 

Here are some common reasons why your family might want to invest in a doorbell security system:

  • You want full control over visitors before opening your door. Unfortunately, people aren’t always who they claim to be. Smart doorbells allow your family to view who is outside your door before deciding to answer it.

  • You can view what’s happening after dark. Answering your door after dark can be nerve-racking for some homeowners. Doorbell cameras offer peace of mind by allowing you to view visitors after the sun goes down.

  • You want to be alerted when kids come home from school. Even if your kids are old enough to watch themselves, it’s always reassuring to know they’re safe at home. With smart doorbells, you can access video footage to watch your kids coming home after school and even set up alerts to notify you each time the door opens.

  • You like to monitor your home while you’re away. Going on vacation should be relaxing, not stressful. But if you’re spending all of your time worrying about whether or not your home is safe, you might find it difficult to unwind. Smart doorbells can help by letting you access real-time or recorded video footage, even when you’re far from home.

There are dozens of reasons why a doorbell camera might be helpful for your family, but in general, the peace of mind you’ll receive from knowing you can always monitor your front door is priceless.


Protect Your Family With Trusted Technology from ADT


Leave your family in good hands with ADT home security solutions. ADT has been protecting families like yours for over 145 years. When you purchase an ADT smart doorbell security system, you’re investing in one of the best doorbell cameras for your family with the most innovative and secure options on the market.

You can opt for our top-of-the-line doorbell camera with professional installation services or handle install on your own with our $199 DIY doorbell camera

If you’re in the market for additional smart camera services or want to build your own home security package, view our entire home security line and request a quote.


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