Deadbolts and door locks have kept us safe for decades, but they’re not always convenient. From kids locking themselves out to keys breaking in the lock, there are many reasons why keyed locks can let us down.

Keyless locks or smart locks are the perfect way to upgrade your existing door locks to make them easier to access and safer for your friends and family. If you’ve been considering purchasing automated door locks, learn more about their unique features, the different ways in which they can benefit your family, and find out how they fit into your existing smart home system.

Fully Automate Your Home With Automated Door Locks

Home automation is a trendy subject these days, especially for families looking to streamline home management and security. From thermostats and refrigerators to outlets and lights, you can now automate and protect your smart devices through your Wi-Fi network. 

Digital assistants like Alexa and Google allow you to further automate your smart devices by setting up commands like, “Okay, goodnight Google” to prepare for bedtime, shut off lights, lower the thermostat, and turn off outlets.

Smart locks also integrate easily into home automation systems, allowing you to quickly and easily lock or unlock doors using your virtual assistant and maintain hands-free control over your home security.

Six Benefits of Automated Door Locks for Your Home

Automated door locks offer a more convenient way to get into your house, without having to search for the right key. Here are some of the top benefits smart locks offer.

1. Keyless Entry With Smart Door Locks

This first benefit is one of the main selling points for automated door locks. You can gain access to your home via your smartphone or a pin number for keyless entry. This means no more searching for the right key, no more accidentally locking yourself out, and no more worrying about hiding a spare key under a nearby flowerpot.\

Keyless entry also allows you to change the code on your smart lock as often as you want to, which gives you added security and peace of mind. 

2. Let Friends and Family Inside Using a Smart Door Lock

When you go away on vacation or need someone to feed your pets while you’re at work, you can grant them access to your home by giving them a smart lock code. Some automated door locks even allow you to generate custom access codes for friends and family members, so you always know who’s coming and going in your home.

This feature can also be helpful if a maintenance person or contractor is arriving at your home and you won’t be able to meet them. Just create a custom code for your smart lock and they can get inside and assess house issues or make repairs. You can then lock the door from your phone once they leave.

3. Keep Your Keys

Just because you have a keyless entry doesn’t mean you have to throw away your keys. Many smart locks can be installed and keyed to match your existing door keys. This feature allows you to give keys to an individual who might not feel comfortable using smart lock technology. It also lets you continue to use your original keys, should you ever need them.

If you want to have your lock rekeyed, many automated door locks allow you to have your actual lock rekeyed without removing the smart lock system from your door.

4. Feel More Secure With a Smart Door Lock

Automated smart locks have customizable settings that can help you feel more secure about your home’s protection, whether you’re inside the house or far away. Many smart locks allow you to set programmable locks that automatically lock your door after a certain period of time (for example, 30 seconds). These locks can also time out after a user enters several incorrect codes, preventing potential break-ins. 

Some smart lock systems even offer protection against lock bumping, a popular lock-picking technique that some burglars use. 

5. Boost the Connectivity of Your Home

Another benefit of automated smart locks? It’s a simple way to get started on automating the rest of your home. The beauty of a fully integrated smart home security system is that it allows you to monitor multiple areas of your home through their connection to a single device. In this case, a smart lock can send you alerts wirelessly so you know who might be approaching your door without having to drop whatever you are doing elsewhere.

6. Smart Door Locks Update the Look of Your Home

Smart locks aren’t just secure, tech-savvy ways to enter your home. They’re also more stylish options for locking your house – and many brands offer customizable designs. With ADT smart locks, for instance, you can choose from polished brass, satin nickel, and Venetian bronze design options.

If you love technology and modern living, you’ll love the clean, sleek look of smart locks on your doors. Another bonus? The stylish update to your home will likely also impress potential buyers if you choose to put your home on the market in the near future.

Pairing Smart Locks With Cameras for Ultimate Home Automation

Exterior home security cameras allow you to see the outside of your home at any given time. These security cameras let you monitor deliveries, keep watch over kids in the front or back yards, and identify trespassers on your property.

When automated door locks are paired with security cameras, you create the ultimate home security system.

If you pair your smart lock with a home security camera, you can:

  • Open the door for expected guests. If you’re having a get-together and see your friends approaching, you can go ahead and let them in your house. Or, if your spouse is coming home from work carrying bags of groceries, you can unlock your smart door with just a tap of the button. This is also a great feature for someone who is elderly or sick who might have trouble getting to the door.

  • Monitor your deliveries. Exterior security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your deliveries, so you can make sure they’re secure.

  • Communicate with visitors. If you pair your smart lock with a device that supports two-way audio, like the ADT doorbell camera solutions, you can communicate with visitors whether you’re home or away. This feature allows you to instruct delivery people to leave packages or food outside or even open the door for them so packages can be set in your entryway. With security footage, you can record their movements as they follow your directions. 

ADT Automated Door Locks and Security Cameras: A Perfect Match

ADT smart locks are designed to work flawlessly with exterior security cameras or doorbell camera systems. When they’re used together, they provide comprehensive security for your home and family.

With ADT, you can offer keyless entry to up to 30 unique entry codes and maintain audio and visual feeds. You can also sync your ADT smart devices to your virtual home assistant. ADT smart locks can be controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant so you can lock and unlock doors and manage your video camera options hands-free.

The ADT app also offers convenient control over all of your smart devices, including your smart thermostat, lights, outlets, alarms, and more. Quickly manage lights and outlets, even when you’re out of the house, and manage your smart lock remotely.

Additional features of ADT smart locks include:

  • Emergency Automation: Set up your smart lock to automatically unlock if your alarm system senses smoke or fire, allowing easy access in and out of the house during emergencies.

  • Nighttime Lights: Illuminate your ADT smart lock pad when you can’t see the buttons in the dark with a backlit keypad option.

  • One-Touch Locking: Easily re-lock your home with the help of one-touch functionality. Simply tap your smart lock and you’ll hear the locking mechanism trigger.

  • Phone Alerts: Give everyone in your family their own code to enter the house and receive alerts every time someone enters and leaves. 

  • Quick-Arm Security: If you have an ADT home security system or compatible smart security device, you can quickly lock your door, turn on interior lights, and activate your alarm, whether you’re at home or away.

  • Bump Guard: ADT smart locks are designed with patented technology to protect against lock bumping, a technique used to defeat traditional locks.

  • Mobile Access: Lock and unlock your door from anywhere through the ADT mobile app.

Leave Your Family’s Safety to the Experts at ADT

At ADT, we know that keeping your family safe and protected is the most important thing to you. That’s why we’ve designed our innovative smart locks to pair with your existing smart devices, as well as other ADT home security devices

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