Carbon Monoxide Detector

Rest easy with 24/7 CO monitoring.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Rest easy with 24/7 CO monitoring.

Versatile mounting
Mount them on the ceiling or wall, with wireless options for difficult-to-wire locations.
Tamper resistant
Built-in tamper switch communicates back to the control panel if a carbon monoxide detector is removed from its base.
Electrochemical sensing
Capable of detecting low levels of CO.

Get the Carbon Monoxide Detector with any of these smart home security packages:

What our customers say
Kim T
5-star rating

"The system is easy to use and I feel greatly relieved with it. I also like that the smoke and carbon monoxide feature is connected to the fire station, so while I'm away, I won't come home to a disaster."

William R
5-star rating

"They installed carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms on all levels. They gave us a lot of equipment. We got a discount off their list price."

Maria B
5-star rating

"The installer was really friendly and then the person who came after was really nice too. I went with a motion detector, the shock sensors, the fire detector and the carbon monoxide detector. The system features are good."

What our customers say

Reliable detection, rapid response

Carbon monoxide detectors quickly alert you to dangerous levels of the odorless, colorless gas in your home. This ensures first responders are alerted quickly, even when you’re not home.

A smarter home is a safer home

  • Get alerts on your mobile device if CO is detected

  • Turn off the air in your home to slow the circulation of deadly gases

  • Unlock all smart-lock-equipped doors to let in first responders

Real stories

The Saifee Family
Monitored carbon monoxide detectors helped keep a Thanksgiving weekend gathering from turning tragic, saving 12 family members.

Did you know?

More than 400 Americans die every year from CO poisoning, and CO is responsible for more than 20,000 ER visits annually.

ADT Carbon Monoxide Detectors offer these additional features:

Loud alarm
Alerts you when CO is detected in your home.
Test/hush button
Allows you to perform periodic testing of your carbon monoxide detector.
LED status indicator
Provides you with visual status indication of your detector.
Customizable options
Ensures optimal carbon monoxide detector setup, with wireless and hard-wired options.
Professional installation
Our security experts can help you decide the best place to install your carbon monoxide detectors.

product specs

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Sensor life

Approximately 6 years | Notifies when time to replace

Battery life

Up to 10 years | Alerts when battery is low


Hardwired and wireless options available


8.5 oz.

Agency approval

UL Listed

Professional installation


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