How Carbon Monoxide Monitoring Works

1. 24/7 Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Our nationwide monitoring centers coordinate to provide you with fast response around the clock.

2. Alarm Response

If a sensor in your home is triggered we’ll respond immediately and contact you.

3. Fast Assistance

We can contact and dispatch emergency response services if your home or family are in danger.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring - Why Customers Choose ADT

“The carbon monoxide detector in the basement went off and then ADT called to advise us that the fire department was on its way. We believe that without ADT and the fire department, we would've gone to bed not knowing there was carbon monoxide in our home and possibly not woken up."**

Joseph Clem, Arlington
**Customer remunerated

Frequently Asked Questions

Is carbon monoxide really that dangerous?

More than 400 people die each year from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, and because it’s odorless and colorless it is impossible to pick up without a detector.

What does ADT do if carbon monoxide is detected in my home?

Our experts will contact you at your home so that you know to evacuate immediately. We’ll also reach out to emergency response services if you’re unresponsive.

How often does a carbon monoxide detector need to be replaced?

Depending on the detector we will need to replace your detector every 5-10 years.