Smart technology has exploded onto the market, and the world has never been the same since. Nearly 30 million homes are expected to adopt smart home technology, and this number will only continue to grow  in coming years. The smart home industry is on track to top $174 billion by 2025, and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. 

This trend is truly exciting, but the benefits of smart home technology don’t stop with the gadgets themselves. These tools are most effective when paired with professional installation, servicing, and monitoring, keeping your home as safe and connected as possible. 

In fact, smart home professionals can be essential to maximizing the value of all your devices, ensuring that they provide true convenience and peace of mind. We understand this well: At ADT, our smart home systems come with industry-leading service and 24/7 monitoring support, delivering exceptional value for all our customers.

How exactly do smart home pros help you make the most of your investment? In this article, we’ll explain the wide array of advantages that professional smart home support can provide.

Once you’re familiar with all the benefits that smart home professionals can offer, you’ll understand why working with pros is well worth the price.

Smart Home Pros: How They Can Help

Smart home pros are home security professionals who monitor your home using a combination of sensors and innovative devices.  They’re experts in the latest smart home technologies, and trained to create and maintain customized solutions designed to keep your family happy and safe.

Home security monitoring has long been popular with homeowners and renters alike, but the smart home era provides new opportunities for professional assistance and protection. Modern homeowners want their devices to work together seamlessly, combining convenience and safety in an integrated system. Smart home pros help create these unified systems, and ensure that they’re working as well on your behalf.

While smart home pros have diverse skill sets, here are the three major ways that smart home pros provide value to families across the country.

Smart Home Pros Help With Installing Your System

Installing a home security system can be a very complex process, especially if you want all your devices to work well together. Even for individuals who are handy or technically savvy, installing an integrated setup is often a tall order. 

Smart home pros will also handle the entire installation process for you, tailoring their work to your preferences and specific aspects of your home. You won’t need to spend hours learning the ins and outs of sophisticated technologies, or worry about making a critical mistake during the DIY process. That means way less stress, and optimal value across the life of your home security system.

Smart Home Pros Help With Servicing and Updating Your System

Smart home technology is constantly evolving, with new gadgets and features emerging every year. Smart home professionals can help you upgrade your system at any time, integrating new devices with your existing ones and ensuring that they connect flawlessly. 

By providing this kind of service on an ongoing basis, smart home pros guarantee that you’ll never get stuck with an outdated system. Plus, if you ever run into technical problems, you’ll know who to call to get your gadgets back up and running. After all, smart devices are only helpful when they're functioning fully. 

Smart Home Pros Help Monitor Your Home Security System

Perhaps the most important service that smart home pros provide is ongoing security monitoring. With this essential service, you’ll have experienced professionals watching over your home for potential threats and problems. 

Smart home security devices provide powerful tools to keep your belongings and loved ones safe, from connected smoke detectors to motion sensors. When you’re at home, you can control all these devices through a smart home security touchpad, or use a mobile app when you’re away. 

But what if danger arises when you can’t respond to it yourself, such as when you’re fast asleep or unable to check your phone? In these moments, everything depends on rapid action, and smart home professionals can instantaneously detect and respond to threads. If an issue occurs, they can contact you and the appropriate authorities in just instants.

To help you understand just how valuable home monitoring can be, we’ve created a brief breakdown below:

Which Features Can Smart Home Pros Monitor? 

No two properties are the same, and you can choose which tools smart home pros can use to keep your home sage. For example, ADT allows you to custom-build the ideal home security system for your property, with a wide selection of components you can have our smart home pros monitor. 

Here are some of the devices that smart home professionals can monitor on your behalf:

These devices are powerful in their own right, but smart home pros ensure that they constantly deliver the value you deserve. With 24/7 professional monitoring, you’ll always be able to benefit when these technologies detect a threat – meaning you get the most of your investment in these devices.

Smart Home Safety: The Pros of Professional Monitoring

With the ability to monitor so many devices on your behalf, smart home pros are able to offer homeowners a wide array of important advantages. While some are quite clear to those familiar with home security, others involve nuanced elements and new smart home technologies. 

While professional monitoring can provide so many profound benefits (including saving lives), here are some of the key ways it can help keep you safe. 

Calling Help Quickly

If your professional monitoring service detects a threat, such as a burglary in progress, they can directly contact the appropriate authorities in just a matter of seconds. In these circumstances, speed makes all the difference, positioning law enforcement offices to apprehend intruders or allowing medical personnel to deliver life-saving interventions. 

Without professional monitoring, you might be responsible for calling the authorities on your own once you recognize a problem. In many instances, this will be difficult or impossible, so it’s best to have a team of professionals summoning the help you need.

Sleeping Soundly

Self-monitored home security systems have a clear flaw: If you’re asleep, you won’t be able to respond to their alerts immediately, if you hear them at all. By contrast, professionals monitoring your home can send for help at all hours: 24/7 protection means you’ll never have to worry about missing important alerts. 

Protecting Pets

If you’re away from your home when a fire or gas leak occurs, your furry friends may still be inside! With a professionally monitored smart home security system, smart home pros can alert the fire department and unlock your doors for them to enter. That means your four-legged family members can be rescued from danger even when you’re miles away. 

Relaxation On The Road

If you’re traveling when an issue arises, you may encounter unforeseen challenges in contacting the right authorities. What happens if your phone is off while you’re on an airplane, or you put it down for a few minutes to jump in the pool? 

Even if you are notified of a threat while you’re away from home, you probably won’t have your home police department’s number handy. If you need to call 911, you’ll be connected to the police where you are, rather than where your home is.

Professional monitoring solves all these issues, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy future trips. With the police department closest to your home on speed dial, they’ll make sure the right people know you need help. 

Caring Connection

In times of crisis, no one wants to be left alone. Professional monitoring services stay on the line in the case of an emergency, talking you through the situation until help arrives. At ADT, we stick with our customers until they feel safe, supporting them through life’s most challenging moments.

Smart Home Pros You Can Trust 

We hope this article has helped explain how smart home pros deliver so much value for homeowners. But you should also know that not all smart home professionals are equally qualified to keep you safe. While many companies claim to offer installation, service, and monitoring, who can you really count on to protect what matters most?

At ADT, we have experience and values that no other smart home pros can offer. We’ve been keeping America’s families safe for more than 145 years, combining advanced technologies with dedication and expertise. 

Our singular experience and service have earned us countless awards, and something that matters much more: The trust of the people we help protect on a daily basis. To see how our smart home pros can transform and defend your home, check out our smart home system services

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