An automated home offers a seamless connection between smart devices, allowing you to help control everything you need with just the click of a button or voice command. There are many interesting gadgets out there that allow you to customize your home automation system. Best of all, smart devices can be paired with your home security system, allowing you maximum functionality and protection over your property.

If you’ve been considering installing a home security system, we’ll walk you through how it can sync with your existing smart devices.

Smarter Home Security Systems

Home security systems have grown up thanks to wireless technology. New technology allows you to easily control and set up your home security system from just about anywhere. No more rushing out the door to make sure you don’t set off the alarm or hurrying inside to enter the code on time. Now, you can easily turn your home security alarm off and on via your smartphone with the ADT Mobile App.

Smart home security systems also offer a variety of features that can help you feel more protected, whether you’re home or at work. Many wireless home security systems offer motion sensor monitoring, alerting you via email or text if someone is on your property.

When paired with other smart devices in your home, you can create an automated home that helps you feel protected and safe. These automation options also allow you to share control with family members, so everyone can work together to feel safe and connected in your home.

Eight Smart Home Devices You Can Integrate With Your Smart Home Security System 

Most smart devices can be synced to your home security system, allowing you to enjoy additional benefits and an easy way to access all of your smart devices on one screen. Home automation also allows you to set up a series of commands that control multiple functions throughout your smart home – all at once.

Below we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common smart devices your home security system can connect to:

  • Smart doorbell cameras

  • Smart cameras

  • Smart locks

  • Smart lights and outlets

  • Smart thermostats

  • Smart smoke detectors

  • Smart garage door openers

  • Virtual assistants

Smart Doorbell Cameras

A smart doorbell camera is installed on the outside of your front door, allowing you to see who’s outside before answering the door. Doorbell cameras also allow you to set motion sensor alerts, view previous footage, and some even allow you to communicate with visitors outside remotely.

These smart devices can be connected with your home security system, so you can control them all in one app.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras allow you to monitor the inside and outside of your home from anywhere. You can use these cameras to check in on your kids, pets, and even the babysitter. Many smart cameras offer live and recorded footage that you can access from your home security app. When paired with your home security system, you can set up motion sensor alerts and automatically turn on alarms and cameras from the same app.

Smart Locks

Go keyless with smart locks, designed to make it safer and easier for you to access your home. You can set up different entry codes for members of your family, allowing you to know who’s coming and going at any time. You can also quickly lock your doors from the comfort of your bedroom when going to sleep or unlock them from work to let a repair servicer inside. 

Pair smart locks with your home security system to turn on alarms and lock your doors at the same time every night with a quick voice command or tap.

Smart Lights and Outlets

Smart lights and outlets allow you to not only conserve energy but also access your smart lights and outlets from anywhere, making it easier to turn your devices on and off. You can easily turn on lights from your car when arriving home late, so you’re not stumbling through a dark house. You can also turn off lights you may have forgotten about when at work to save energy throughout the day.

No more climbing out of bed at night to turn off the kitchen light you always forget about. Create a simple automation to turn off your lights and outlets each night when you set your home security alarm.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to save money on your utility bills by controlling your home’s heating and cooling system from anywhere. You can set up smart thermostats to automatically turn up your heat when you’re home and lower it when you’re away. You can also pair them with other smart devices and create an automation to adjust the temperature when you set your home security system at night.

Smart Smoke Detectors

If you own a smart smoke detector, you’re able to receive alerts if it’s set off, whether you’re inside your home or not. These alarms can be programmed to turn on lights when they go off (allowing you to see in the middle of the night). They also allow you to easily turn them off from your app if you accidentally set them off while cooking.

They can be connected to other smart home devices, like lights, security systems, and cameras.

Smart Garage Doors Openers

Instead of fiddling through your bag for the old, clunky garage door opener, smart garage door openers allow you to easily open or shut your garage door from anywhere, using your smartphone. No more wondering if you shut the door after taking the trash out or bringing the kids’ bikes inside.

Many garage door openers can also be set up to notify you if someone triggers a motion sensor alarm. When paired with home security systems and cameras, you can reduce the risk of unexpected visitors getting into your garage.

Virtual Assistants

Voice-controlled virtual assistants make our lives easier every day. From asking questions to playing music, many of us rely on virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant to streamline our days.

Home security systems can be paired with virtual assistants, allowing you to easily control all of your smart devices with voice commands. You can also set up routines, such as saying, “OK, Google, let’s go to bed” to initiate a series of commands like turning off downstairs lights, turning on exterior lights and cameras, locking smart doors, lowering the temperature, and turning on your home security system.

Stay Safe With ADT Smart Home Security Systems

ADT makes it easy to create a smart home by pairing many of your favorite smart devices with your home security system through the ADT app. With your ADT home security system, you can control smart lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, garage doors, and more all in one place. You can also access your smart devices from anywhere, allowing you to set your home alarm from work if you forgot in the morning or turn off the alarm and unlock your door to let your kids in after school.

What’s Included in Your ADT Smart Home Security System?

Your home security system will contain everything you need to keep your home protected. You’ll receive:

  • A digital security panel: This central hub allows anyone in your family to arm or disarm your home security system, as well as control other smart devices.

  • Customizable sensors: Maybe your family likes to sleep with the windows open, and you only want your alarm to trigger when a door is opened. Or you know your kids will be coming in late through the back door, so you only want the alarm to sound if the front door is opened. Perhaps your dog has an uncanny habit of setting off indoor alarms at 3 a.m. ADT believes you know how your home functions best, which is why we let you customize your sensors to ensure your alarm system meets your family’s needs.

  • Wireless remote: You can disarm or arm your home security system with your smartphone, but if you’ll also have a keychain remote that can be used to control your alarm, making it easier to get inside when you’re carrying groceries or kids.

  • 24/7 monitoring: ADT security professionals will be looking out for your family, day and night. They’ll alert you if they see anything suspicious happening.

  • Security yard signs and window decals: Our ADT signs and decals allow you to showcase your home security system to deter criminals from ever attempting to get inside your home.

You’ll also receive access to the ADT Go app, allowing you and your family to call for emergency assistance and share all of your family members’ locations with each other. This app also offers crash detection and 24/7 roadside assistance to keep you safe, whether you’re coming or going.

Protect What Matters Most With ADT

A fully automated smart home allows your family to gain access to important features easily and safely. ADT home security system offers the top features in automation, allowing you to connect your favorite smart devices and control them with voice control or from one app. 

Keep your family protected with the trusted name in home security. Get started with ADT today.

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