Technology is rapidly changing. To stay ahead in home security, we’ve created innovative solutions to modern-day problems. Whether at home or away, our smart home security systems empower you to control your possessions with convenient technological solutions. 

Updating your home security system can be easily accomplished with the right team of dedicated experts, like those you’ll find at ADT. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a tech expert, modernizing your home security system to fit today’s needs is essential, which is why we’ve provided you with the information you need to make a move toward modernization. 

An Introduction to ADT Modern Solutions 

ADT offers monitored home security, a touch screen control panel, and a large list of compatible devices. The ADT Command touchpad tool enables you to manage your smart home security system with one innovative device while also giving you the flexibility to control your devices from anywhere. 

With the ADT Control app, you can manage your home security system and integrated devices from your smartphone, tablet, or computer, providing you with remote access to your devices. Seamless integration enables you to manage your devices from whatever is most convenient for you at any time. We’re excited to share that our solutions are compatible with many modern smart home devices. 

Here are some of the smart functions you can use with the ADT Control app: 

  • Remote arm and disarm: Arm or disarm your smart home security system from any device. 

  • Instant alerts: Receive instant alerts when there is a system status change or a door is unlocked. 

  • Automatic door locks: Control your doors remotely from your smartphone. 

  • Climate control: Manage your smart thermostat from any device.

  • Smart sound: Sonos smart speakers are integrated with the ADT Control app, so you can play your favorite music. 

  • Remote garage door access: Check and close/open your garage door anywhere. With Alexa integration, you can ask her to open or close the garage door. 

  • Automated smart lights: Set custom automations, dim, and control lights on any smart device. 

  • Smart CO and fire sensors: Within seconds of detection, our monitoring centers will be notified to send out emergency responders. 

  • Integration with Amazon’s Alexa: Add the ADT skill to make Alexa your personal assistant. 

For those wanting to gradually update their home, we recommend starting with whatever you feel is best for your life. For a family with children and teens going in and out, modern locks might be the first solution to ensure that the home is protected. Alternatively, if you find yourself returning home after dark often, you might consider switching to smart lighting, which can be automated to turn on when you typically arrive home or controlled through the ADT Control app. Luckily, ADT solutions can be tailored to fit your needs. 

Out With the Old, in With the New

Some home security systems require you to set the alarm from a touchpad, only giving you 60 seconds to sprint out the door. And if an alarm is triggered on an older alarm system while you are away, someone will need to respond to that call, even if the wind has triggered the sensor. Thankfully, ADT has developed home security systems to put more control in your hands. 

The ADT Command touchpad provides you with a simple solution for your security needs, allowing you to manage your smart security devices in one place. ADT Command is also compatible with HD video security, smart home automation, and remote control access. 

HD cameras give you the power to see who is at your front door, whether you’re in your bedroom or across the world. With smart home automation, you can schedule your habits or even use geofencing technology to trigger your smart devices to light up your home or change the temperature. Even though you may have a schedule set up, with a new home security system, you can remote control your compatible smart devices. 

8 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Home Security System

Adding modern technology into your home doesn’t have to take away from the aesthetic of the space. In fact, wireless home security provides you with numerous benefits. Not only does it blend seamlessly into your home by eliminating distracting cords and wires, but it also helps provide you with peace of mind. Whether your home or away, adding modern security elements, like remote access to locks and light switches, can empower you to take control if needed. 

In this section, we’ll highlight just a few of our favorite modern solutions.

  • ADT Command control panel

  • Smart lights

  • Security cameras

  • Doorbell camera

  • Smart locks

  • Smart garage door monitor

  • Smart thermostat

  • Connect your security system with other smart home devices

ADT Command Control Panel

ADT Command is an alarm panel that is offered with our security packages. We’ve decided to highlight this ADT device because of its diverse capabilities. The alarm panel has a keypad to arm or disarm your home quickly. With an intuitive interface and easy integration, ADT Command provides you with smart security at your fingertips. However, its capabilities don’t stop there. ADT Command enables you to connect other smart devices to be controlled from the ADT touch screen or on the ADT Control mobile app. 

Smart Lights

Smart lights are another great, inexpensive solution to modernizing your home security system. Smart lights provide a number of valuable additions to any space. Not only are they functional and can be beautiful in their own right, but they can also add to your safety. Smart lights can be automated to fit your schedule. For instance, you can automate a smart light to turn on every day when you arrive home after work. However, if you return home later than usual, you have the ability to control and switch on your lights from your device. 

Additionally, with ADT smart plugs, you can turn your preexisting light fixtures into modern devices. Plug the smart plug into the desired outlet and manage your light from the ADT Control app. Smart plugs are not only useful for dimming and setting up automated lighting solutions, but they can also be used to manage other small appliances, like the straightener you may have forgotten to turn off. 

Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your house wherever you are with home security cameras. Our security cameras are wireless, avoiding the senseless clutter of unnecessary wires and cords. We have two primary categories of security cameras: indoor and outdoor security cameras. Day or night, both security camera options enable you to stay on top of your home. 

Doorbell Camera

At ADT, we also offer a doorbell security camera. With remote access via the Control app, you can check who is at your door, if your package was delivered, and more with a few taps on your smartphone. Not only will you see images in HD, but you can also chat with visitors in real-time. Additionally, ADT doorbell camera solutions allow you to speak with visitors from anywhere with its two-way audio feature. 

Smart Locks

We offer secure, keyless entry with ADT smart locks. With keyless entry, you won’t ever get locked out again. Instead, you can enter your keycode or unlock your door from your device. You can also receive live alerts by text or email about smart lock status changes. 

Smart Garage Door Monitor

Another easy way to update your home security system is to install a smart garage door monitor. You can easily control your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. Another great feature is that it will remind you if you left your garage door open, so no need to panic if you forgot to close it as you head off on vacation. 

Smart Thermostat

Replacing your current thermostat with a new ADT smart thermostat not only gives your home an updated look, but it also gives you more control over your energy costs. A smart thermostat allows you to adjust and schedule your home’s temperature through your smart device or computer. 

Connect Your Security System With Other Smart Home Devices

Another easy way to bring your home security system into the modern age is to connect it with voice-controlled devices like Alexa. Once it’s set up, you can access the ADT app with your voice. Then ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system, control your lights and locks, and even open or close your garage door.

Why Modernize Home Security Systems With ADT?

Our team of dedicated team members is there to help you through the initial setup and emergency situations. 

With the ADT Command alarm panel, we give you security at your fingertips. Incorporating compatible devices to your home security system doesn’t have to come at the risk of compromised digital security. We work hard to help protect your security with the latest two-way encryption technology so that your devices can be better secured from hackers. 


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