Wireless HD Network Camera

  • Seamlessly enrolls into your secure ADT Pulse® wireless network using the WPS standard 
  • Delivers excellent (720p) High-Definition quality video 
  • Day/Night capable, with built-in Infrared LEDs captures clear, crisp images in dark or low-light environments
  • Video Motion Detection capability
  • Supports dual HD Video Streaming (H.264, M-JPEG) for high-quality videos
  • Camera stand / wall mount (included) holds the camera securely in place

What Can you do with Interactive Video

  • See live video of your business from anywhere on your smartphone or connected computer.

  • Capture a video clip when motion is detected in restricted areas.

  • Set an automation to receive clips automatically when the contact on the cash register drawer is opened or closed.

  • Receive a notification with a picture image attached when the security system is armed/disarmed to view who is opening/closing the location and to ensure the business is opening/closing on time.