Professionally-monitored intrusion detection

ADT’s Business Security specialists design and deploy intrusion detection systems that are professionally monitored 24/7 to detect and deter activities that can harm your business and employees. And with our new flexible payment option, you can protect now and pay over time.

Perimeter security



Windows, doors and even rooftops are potential entry points to your business. Strategically placed sensors can quickly detect if someone is trying to enter your premises.

Interior Security



Professionally installed sensors can detect movement, glass breakage and impact vibrations to confirm that someone is inside your business.

Interactivity and automation

Your fully interactive security system can be controlled from virtually anywhere, while powerful automated activities can improve security, enhance your control and drive costs down through improved efficiencies.

Control your security and business automation systems from virtually anywhere
Interactive, single-app control

Control your security system and receive unexpected activity alerts from virtually anywhere, 24/7, with a single interactive app.

Automate your business
Automated openings and closings

Easily enable automations that lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm your security system and adjust temperature – while reducing human error and improving efficiency.

Set up automations
Cost savings through thermostat and lighting automation

Decrease expensive energy usage through automated lighting and thermostat scheduling, as well as remote management.

Monitored Security Products

Door & Window
Motion Sensors
Glass Break
Hold Up Button

Additional Monitoring Services

Flood Protection Monitoring
Flood Protection Monitoring

Leaks or water infiltration can damage your equipment and inventory. Early detection through monitored sensors can help minimize the damage.

Temperature Control Monitoring
Temperature Control Monitoring

If climate control is needed in your business, temperature sensors can be used to alert you of changes in temperature that require attention.

Add more layers of security to your system

Video Surveillance

A complete video security solution, integrated seamlessly with intrusion detection, gives you a window into your business, inside and out, night and day.

Access Control

An ADT Access Control system, with the option to integrate with intrusion detection, empowers you to control which employees, customers and vendors can gain access to restricted areas.


Protect against threats to your networks and data. Safeguard personal employee and customer information.

Video Verification

Video Verification can help reduce false alarms and enable first responders to get to your location faster.