How Video Verification Works

When a camera is triggered, an ADT monitoring professional will immediately check the video and call you to confirm an intrusion. If it’s verified, we’ll quickly call the police to report a robbery in progress.

Benefits of Video Verification

Shorten Response Times

Immediately confirm an intrusion or other event in progress with first responders to get higher-priority response.

Reduce False Alarms

Video can quickly confirm a false alarm and reduce the likelihood of costly false alarm fees.

Meet Regulations

Helps you meet tougher regulatory requirements for emergency dispatch in some areas.

Decrease Property Loss

Minimize product loss and business interruption by doing more to deter and catch criminals in the act.

Reduce Insurance Claims

Lower property loss also means fewer and potentially smaller insurance claims.

Improve Security

Set doors to lock automatically for extra security.aVideo Verification adds another level of security to an existing video surveillance system.

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Video Solutions Can Help Deter Crime

  • Video surveillance is proven to help reduce break-ins and theft

  • Security cameras give you an HD window into your business anytime, from virtually anywhere

  • Keep an eye on inventory to reduce shrinkage and protect profits

  • A video system can add more security for your employees and patrons

Security Cameras for Your Business

Dome Cameras

Wired or wireless, these cameras offer wide coverage and 720p resolution. With water resistance and a built-in heater, they’re good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor Cameras

These sleek indoor cameras offer wide-angle coverage, with motion-triggered clips and crisp 720p HD quality.

Outdoor Cameras

These weather-resistant outdoor cameras include infrared technology for night-time illumination, with 720 HD resolution and a wide viewing range.

*Equipment may vary in appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video verification or video alarm verification (VAV) is the pairing of alarm signals with video footage of the event that is triggering the alarm. It allows the operator from one of our six state-of-the-art video monitoring centers to see what is activating the alarm. Our extensive alarm response expertise, together with video verified alarm monitoring technologies, can help provide quicker response and more comprehensive protection for your business,

Yes, if you do not already have Pulse Video, then video verification is an easy upgrade (add Pulse cameras & video service) that will allow you receive video clips of alarm events at the same time as the ADT video monitoring center and quickly determine if the alarm was the result of human error or criminal activity. However, if you are already a Pulse Video Customer then "No" additional equipment is required for Pulse Video Verification Service.

ADT video verification service adds an additional layer of protection to your property by delivering alarm event video clips to our central station and the customer. With notification of a confirmed crime in progress, local authorities have the information they need to respond quickly - helping reduce losses to property and assets while increasing probability of criminal apprehension.

Video Verification service adds an additional layer of protection to your property. Once an event is triggered, your camera records the event and your local authorities gets notified with the information they need to respond quickly.

You will receive video clips of alarm events at the same time as our monitoring center and quickly determine if the alarm was the result of human error or criminal activity. In the event there is a crime in progress, our professionally trained staff will notify both you and law enforcement.

Video verification is a cost-effective tool that can help increase on-site security and employee safety while reducing false police dispatches. There is a growing desire from law enforcement to move beyond “false alarm avoidance” and use video verified alarms to respond to a “crime in progress” and make more arrests.