Get Priority Police Response With Video-Verified Alarm Events

ADT Video Verification delivers Priority Police Response for crimes in progress – potentially increasing arrest rates and greater security for your business.

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High-Quality Security Cameras

Designing the right security camera system for your business is essential. Using the latest in video surveillance technology, we can create a system that is as discreet or as distinct as you want. All of our cameras feature HD video, with options that include night vision, license plate capture and even vandal-proof design, while offering a viewing range up to 40 meters.

Our commercial security cameras also incorporate advanced features like digital zoom and smart mode that lets you review recorded video in greater detail, including frame-by-frame viewing. And our cameras are affordable for businesses of all sizes, giving you a professional look while creating an effective deterrent. From offices to restaurants to retail, ADT security cameras have you covered.

Protect Inventory and Profits

Businesses lose billions of dollars each year to theft. It’s called inventory shrinkage and almost no business is immune. Shoplifting, employee theft – they all contribute. A well-designed security camera system for your business can help minimize your loss and maintain your profitability.

The security cameras can fit seamlessly into your overall ADT security system, as well as with the design and layout of your business; visible without being intrusive. And with the ADT Pulse® app, you can view real time video or recorded events, whether you own the business, or you’re an employee who takes pride and ownership of your contribution and wants to see it succeed.

Look in on Your Business Anytime

With the ADT Pulse® app and our intuitive dashboard, you can view any or all of your cameras in real time, whether you’re on site or away at meetings, making it easy to check on and check in with employees.

You also have the ability to set up automatic alerts if a camera detects motion or any of your other sensors is triggered. With remote viewing, you can log in and see the source of the alert, without putting yourself or employees in any danger, or having to call local law enforcement if it’s a false alarm.

Unmatched Video Surveillance Solutions
For Your Business

Retail Security

Retail businesses have their own specific set of security needs. See how ADT can create a customized solution that gives you greater control and more peace of mind every day.

Restaurant Security

Restaurants face unique challenges every day. ADT can design security systems that address those challenges and help maintain or enhance your profitability.

60% of burglars avoid targets with video surveillance.

60% of burglars avoid targets with video surveillance.

Source: airef.org

Pulse Compatible Security Cameras

Outdoor Dome Camera

TurboHD Output with up to 1080p resolution. Has built-in heater and provides true day/night viewing functionality with 40 meters visibility range.

Outdoor Bullet Camera

Outdoor IR bullet with HD1080p resolution. Visibility is enhanced with 5-50mm Motorized varifocal Lens, true day/night auto focus.

Turret Camera

Motorized VF lens with HD1080p resolution, true day/night viewing functionality and up to 40 meters visibility.


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Why should I upgrade to HD analog?

HD analog has 5 times the resolution of a typical analog system, providing sharper imagery with much greater detail and no video latency.

What are some of the benefits of choosing HD analog?

If you have an analog system you can immediately step up to high definition video using your existing analog cabling. You will also have the flexibility to migrate to HD video over time as budget permits, as well as provide longer video transmission distances.

What’s the advantage of having video alarm verification?

Video alarm verification service adds an additional layer of protection to your property. Once an event is triggered, your camera records the event and your local authorities gets notified with the information they need to respond quickly.

“… The video camera system is a great way to be able to check in on your business when you’re not in the area and remote in, so it’s helped us productivity and efficiency wise.”

Jason Feng, Operations Manager for 12 Wireless to Go stores, South Florida