A high-tech window into your business

HD clarity – day or night

View high-quality video of your business day or night, including in low-light conditions.

Remote viewing and management

View live and recorded video while managing your system from a single app. Optional integration with ADT intrusion detection.

Analytics and smart alerts

Advanced analytics generate reports and smart alerts on heat mapping, queue monitoring, people counting, occupancy tracking and more.

Perimeter protection

Identify and drive away potential intruders with camera sound alerts and flashing LEDs.

60% of burglars avoid targets with video surveillance.

Source: airef.org

Video surveillance helps small businesses

Monitor Productivity

Make sure your employees are attending to customers, not spending too much time in the break room.

Reduce Liability

Video clips can help determine responsibility in the case of an accident and protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

Improve Safety

Add an extra level of security to protect your employees and your customers from potential threats.

Reduce Shrinkage

Minimize product loss, both from customers and employees.

Monitor Inventory

Ensure that shelves are stocked and you have what your customers are looking for.

Deter Crime

A majority of burglars avoid businesses with video surveillance systems. For added protection, ADT offers options to fully integrate video surveillance with our intrusion detection solutions.

Real-time monitoring of your operations

A video surveillance system can give you a complete picture of your business, increase employee and customer safety and improve the security of your equipment and inventory.

  • Customers and employees: Make sure your team members are attending to customers while creating a safe environment.

  • Inventory and equipment: Help protect against theft and ensure that equipment is used properly.

  • Perimeter security: Keep an eye on your parking areas, entryways and other areas directly outside of your business.

  • Front door/back door awareness: Video doorbells provide live video and alerts upon guest arrival, plus 2-way audio for communicating.

Flexible Video Storage

Cloud Storage

  • Record and store video offsite, and access clips from multiple locations remotely from our server via our mobile apps

  • Leverage 24-hour continuous recording

  • Protect video data from damage or destruction

  • Avoid having dedicated video management software and equipment


On-site Storage

  • Encoded video recording with local (on-site) storage

  • Leverage 24-hour continuous recording

  • Use Smart Search to quickly find and playback motion-triggered video clips

  • Access video remotely


Security Cameras for Your Business

Dome cameras

View video in HD resolution, with true day/night viewing functionality and enhanced visibility range.

Bullet cameras

Get enhanced visibility with a motorized varifocal lens, true day/night viewing functionality, autofocus and HD resolution.

Turret cameras

Utilize motorized varifocal lens with enhanced visibility range, HD resolution and true day/night viewing functionality.

Video doorbell camera

Crisp, clear HD video with motion alerts and two-way audio to identify front and back door visitors.

Perimeter protection cameras

Identify potential intruders and drive them away with two-way audio, sound alerts and flashing LEDs.

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Business

Retail Security

See how ADT can create a customized solution for your retail business that offers more control and protects your profits.

Restaurant Security

An ADT security solution can help protect your restaurant from the challenges of day-to-day operations, while also protecting thin profit margins.

24/7 professional monitoring

Rest easy knowing that thousands of ADT employees are always ready to help in an emergency.

Theft protection guarantee

If a burglary occurs while your ADT security system is armed, we’ll pay up to $500* of your insurance deductible.

Same-day or next-day service

You can receive same-day or next day service, depending on crew availability, if an issue arises with your security system.

6-month, money-back guarantee

We’re so confident in the quality and reliability of our systems, we offer the best money-back guarantee in the industry.*