Interactive security with automations

Using the ADT interactive app and creating business automations are the smart ways to improve security, control costs and improve efficiency.

Remote Arm/Disarm

Remotely manage system arming and disarming, or automate the opening/closing process, including doors, temperature controls and security system.

Instant Alerts

Receive instant mobile alerts for security events, unexpected activity or routine events such as openings, closings, system arming, etc.

Multiple Locations

Easily manage your entire security system across multiple locations from a single, fully integrated app.

Security Cameras

View live and recorded video from multiple cameras at one or more locations, all from a single app.

Climate Control

Reduce energy usage through remote climate control or automate pre-set schedules for efficiency and cost containment.

Lighting Control

Remotely manage lighting or automate on/off schedules to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency.

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