Security at Your Fingertips

To say that our Interactive Security solutions act like a remote control for your system is understating what they allow you to do. They work more like a mission control center, accessible in the palm of your hand from virtually anywhere.

Remote Arm/Disarm

Control the core function of your security system. Allow employees or contractors into your location without being there.

Instant Alerts

If there’s an event at your location – even if it’s just your manager arriving in the morning – you’ll know immediately with notifications on your mobile device.

Multiple Locations

You can’t physically be in two places at once, but you can be virtually, viewing cameras and system status at multiple locations on your phone.

Security Cameras

View live video or stored clips from all your cameras, regardless of the number of cameras or locations.

Climate Control

Keep your employees and customers comfortable, ensure supplies or inventory are stored at the right temperature, and save money on energy.

Lighting Control

Forget to turn off the lights? Or do you want to make an empty office look occupied? Easily control your lights remotely.

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