There used to be a time when all you could do as a landlord was hand over the keys and hope your renters would respect your property. That isn’t the case anymore, with ADT transforming the very definition of smart home security. 

A rental property can be an excellent investment opportunity, especially when you have the good fortune of finding reliable, long-term tenants. As a property owner, it’s only natural to want to safeguard your investment and protect the renters who inhabit it. ADT security cameras are an easy way to do just that.

Security cameras can help your home rent faster and longer. Renters are far more likely to experience property crime than homeowners, but a study from the National Institute of Justice found that nearly 90% of convicted criminals will avoid homes with security systems. 

ADT home security can help assuage renter concerns about a busy or downtrodden location, and they can attract new kinds of renters, like families with young children. For this reason, home security has become a growing prerequisite for many in today’s market.  

When you decide to rent your property, you are taking an enormous risk, but ADT helps you gain some of that control back. Home security cameras are another way to keep your rental property in demand with the right kind of renters you want.


Four Benefits of Security Cameras for Your Rental Property


Security cameras are a natural solution for security and surveillance, often providing affordable, cutting-edge technology that is both reliable and effective.

These are some of the many ways that your rental property can benefit from the use of security cameras, including:

  • Remote home monitoring 

  • Supervise repairs and maintenance 

  • Monitor during tenant vacancies 

  • Additional footage for future use if needed 


Remote Home Monitoring 

There will not always be someone home to check on the property, but ADT home security cameras keep an eye on things when you and your renters are not around. It provides an extra level of security for both their belongings and your property.


Supervise Repairs and Maintenance

There are times when a property owner needs to fix up a property, but there may not be a current tenant to meet repair service workers. Home security cameras are an easy way to keep an eye on repair people and vendors who visit your home for maintenance. With live feed capability, you don’t have to be there in person. You can watch remotely as they work to ensure your property is safe and you are satisfied with the quality. 


Monitor During Tenant Vacancies

Your property may not always have a tenant, so it can sit empty for extended periods. Security cameras can be an excellent way to ward off thieves and intruders while still keeping an eye on the overall state of the home.


Additional Footage for Future Use If Needed

If your cameras pick up any illicit or illegal activity on the property, you will have the proof you need to show that your tenant is in breach of the lease.


What Types of Security Cameras and Smart Accessories Are Available?


As a property owner, there are some things you can do to safeguard your investment while using it as a rental property. ADT offers a full suite of home security products, including a number of cameras and accessories, to better secure your home.


Outdoor security cameras
  • Outdoor security cameras

  • Smart locks 

  • Smart lighting 

  • Professional security monitoring


Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are a natural solution for security and surveillance, often providing affordable, cutting-edge technology that is both reliable and effective. These cameras boast a crisp 1080p HD picture that works seamlessly in daylight and at night. This motion-activated camera can also be set to record periods of movement that are sent directly to you for review.

Outdoor security cameras are both waterproof and weatherproof, so you can place them anywhere on the exterior of the home where they have a clear view of the home’s entry points. Driveways, backyards, and parking garages are all popular locations for outdoor security cameras. 

For larger properties like apartment buildings, public walkways and common areas are popular areas for surveillance. You can legally install security cameras in hallways, laundry rooms, around the pool, in the clubhouse, and the parking lots. 


Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are a great option for personal security. With the ADT mobile app, you can answer the door no matter where you are. That means you can receive guests and confirm deliveries without having to be there in-person. It’s an extra convenience that is exceedingly helpful in today’s busy world.

While the doorbell camera does not capture any of the interior areas, it is still a very useful tool in preventing unwanted guests and stopping crime with its crystal-clear 720p HD picture. With two-way audio for easy communication, you can easily keep tabs on who is coming and going without being home to monitor it yourself. 


Smart Locks

Smart locks are another technology that has proven enormously effective for many rental properties. You can use the ADT mobile app to control the door locks of your home from anywhere, so you no longer have to rush across town to meet a new renter or rescue one who is locked out. 

You will also receive notifications when there are changes made to the locks, so you are always in control of access to your property. When renters come and go, there is no need to worry about a key exchange, and prospective tenants will surely appreciate the convenience of keyless entry when they come home.


Smart Lighting

Lighting is one of the most traditional and yet effective ways to combat burglaries and theft. ADT can install powerful floodlights that are motion-detected. 

Smart home automation can also put your interior and exterior lights on a schedule, so it always looks like someone is home even when they are not. This is especially useful when you are between renters. You can use your phone to turn on and off different lights, so the property never looks empty.


Professional Security Monitoring

Professional security monitoring from ADT is an excellent solution for property owners because it offers increased security without compromising tenant privacy. It also eliminates the need for costly personnel, like security guards, who would otherwise be needed to patrol multifamily dwellings. 


Other Options

In addition to preventing theft and burglaries, ADT also offers other services and devices to upgrade your security. There are motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and door and window sensors to alert you at the first sign of trouble. Window sensors and locks have also proven enormously effective for many homes.

No matter what you choose, there are a ton of benefits to a professional security service that provides round-the-clock monitoring with emergency help when you need it. 


Best Practices for Installing and Monitoring Security Cameras on Rental Properties


With so many benefits, security cameras are a great tool for many landlords. In this section, we’ll share some ways to ensure you’re properly installing your security camera, including:

  • Research local privacy laws

  • Identify areas that could benefit from additional eyes

  • Decide if you want professional monitoring or self-monitoring, or a mix of both 

  • Familiarize yourself with your equipment 


Research Local Privacy Laws

Security cameras are a great solution for surveillance, but privacy laws can vary from place to place, so it is important to research local laws before moving forward with installation. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the local laws to ensure you are in compliance before you accept another tenant.

While you cannot place cameras inside private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor surveillance is fair game, and many property owners use strategically placed surveillance cameras to monitor the exterior of their properties. 


Identify Areas That Could Benefit From Additional Eyes

Getting started is easy. Carefully survey your property to identify weaknesses. Any areas with low visibility could benefit from a security camera, while a doorbell camera allows tenants to accept deliveries and confirm repair service works without anyone needing to be home. It helps to gather a list of the security items that you need, but if you are not sure, ADT offers complimentary in-home consultations so you can benefit from a professional’s expertise.


Familiarize Yourself With Your Equipment 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your new equipment. It’s enormously helpful to read the equipment manuals and review the treasure trove of resources that ADT has to offer our customers. 

Also, be sure to program and test your system. With thorough instructions from ADT and near turn-key design, operating your home security can be a breeze.


Long-Term Savings From Security Cameras on Your Rental Property


Property crime is a grim reality for many Americans each year, but landlords can benefit from our cutting-edge security technology to keep their rental properties and renters safe from harm. 

Some long-term savings include: 

  • Introducing increased security features to your rental property can help reduce the chances of crime.

  • You may also find more success in finding better quality tenants for your property, given the presence of increased safety measures.

  • You could also save money on your insurance policy, with many insurance companies offering discounts or rewards when you have upgraded security in place.


Getting Started With ADT


Our innovative security solutions allow you to create a unique security protection plan that encompasses the needs of your property. 

ADT offers free in-home consultations so you can benefit from an expert’s experience in crafting your best security plan. With 24/7 phone and online support and quick, professional installation, you can start enjoying greater peace of mind with your rental property.

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