Guide to Moving

Dog inside a cardboard box
Where to Buy Moving Boxes… Plus, How to Get Them for Free

With these tips, you may even be able to move everything in your home with cheap or free boxes!

Lifeguard house on a beach
Why Move to Florida? Here Are the Best Places to Live

If you’ve ever wanted to move to FL but you weren’t sure where to start, we’ve done the research for you.

A couple packing their things into moving boxes
How to Prepare for Your Move to Help Keep Your Belongings Safe

Here are five tips that will help make your move safer and easier.

Famous Texas landmarks (statue of man on a horse, etc.)
Texas Cities Everyone Is Moving to Right Now

We’ve compiled ADT’s top ten reasons you might join the millions of other people who call Texas home.

Labeled moving boxes
Best Moving Tips and
Packing Pointers for 2022

We’ve compiled a list of common questions you may ask during a move and spoke to some moving experts to get their advice!

Hand on a paper map
7 Things to Consider when Moving to Another State

We’ve answered some common moving questions to help you be prepared.

Parents and their child at their college
College Safety Tips: Moving To College

Use these back to school safety tips to make moving and returning to school a seamlessly safe process.

A couple packing a box to move
The Ultimate New Home Checklist for Your Move

We put together a new house checklist to help ensure that your move can go as smoothly as possible.

People hiking in Alaska
Moving to Alaska?
20+ Things to Consider

Find out if Alaska worth the move.

Woman looking at letters from her mailbox
Where Do I Need to Change My Address When Moving?

If you’re already asking yourself, “where do I need to change my address?”, this handy checklist will surely help you out.

Movers moving a couch from a moving truck
What to Look for in a
Moving Company

Here are a few things to ask yourself during your search for movers.

Person carrying a moving box to their moving truck
Wondering What to Pack First When Moving? We've Got Your Answers

We walk you through the first things you need to pack when you move.

Friends hugging each other before they move away
9 Unique Going Away Gifts for Friends Moving Away

Check out this article to discover great going away gift ideas.

Man in army gear with his child and wife
6 Tips for Successful Military Relocation

Although there are many things to consider when uprooting a family, these six tips for moving can make frequent trafnsitions easier to manage.

House in a suburban neighborhood with trees
Millennials are Moving to the Suburbs- Should You?

If you’re looking to leave city life for any reason, we’re here to help.

Finger on a paper map tracing city lines
Why People Move to the US's Top 10 Biggest Cities

If you're thinking about relocating, let ADT be your moving guide.

Man and woman carrying a tv out of their home
Easy Steps to Keep Your TV Safe When Moving

In this article, we’ll share some packing tips that may help keep your TV safe and secure.

Dog in a cardboard box with packed cardboard boxes behind
How to Help Your Pets Adjust to Moving into a New Home

We want to make sure our pets are as comfortable and safe as possible during a stressful time like moving.

A couple in their kitchen packing up to move
How to Load a Moving Truck Like an Expert

We explain how to find a moving truck, how to find the right size truck and how to pack some of the more difficult items like furniture.

Woman smiling and laughing on a hike in Colorado
15 Things you Should Know Before Moving to Colorado

This article shares our favorite things about the Centennial State.

A moving container filled with cardboard boxes
Moving and Storage Services: What to Know About Moving Containers

In this article, we explore the ins and outs of storage containers.

A couple in their living room with moving boxes
Making Moves? How to Feel Safe While Moving During a Pandemic

Moving during a global pandemic can be scary, but with ADT that fear can be avoidable.

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