The Key to Staying in Control of Your Business? Lose the Keys!

Managing your own business is a full-time job. Staying on top of day-to-day operations can take up so much time and energy. No matter where you are, if anything goes wrong it’s your responsibility to show up and take care of it. However, there is one simple thing you can do to relieve some of that burden: get rid of those antiquated keys and say hello to smart locks for business!

According to, key and lock systems have been around since around 4000 B.C. Unsurprisingly, we’ve made a few improvements in those years.

Traditional door keys are tried and tested but can still cause unnecessary problems.

Traditional keys are:

  • Easy to lose
  • Easy to misuse
  • Risky to trust employees with
  • Difficult to retrieve when an employee quits or is fired
  • Expensive to re-key a lock if that ex-employee has made copies or doesn’t return the original
  • Inconvenient when you have to rush to work in order to open the business if a manager doesn’t show

As a business owner, using a traditional key and lock system can cause headache after headache.

You could buy into commercial access control systems that use keycards or fobs, but historically they’re expensive, technologically complex and reserved for large businesses.

We saw this gap between quality security systems and affordability when it came to medium-sized businesses. And we decided to do something about it.  Our smart, affordable access control systems put you in control while allowing you to set up and manage secure, keyless access for employees and vendors- for one or multiple business locations. Best of all, the technology has advanced to the point where you can control it from a mobile device without any IT expertise at all! Imagine getting a real weekend again- one where you don’t have to make a run to one of your locations because of a forgetful employee, or stop by the hardware store to purchase new locks after an unruly employee quit. We can help empower you to feel more in control of your business, but more importantly? Your time.

Here’s what you can now do:

  • Lock and unlock your business from anywhere at any time on your smartphone app
  • Grant and revoke keyless access for employees and vendors in real time
  • Create simple automation rules so you can lock doors and arm your security system even when you’re not onsite at closing time.
  • And the opposite: create automation rules that unlock doors and disable the security system without you needing to be onsite yourself
  • Monitor where and when cardholders enter your business
  • Get alerts when entry is made - or is made unexpectedly after hours, when your store opens late or closes early, when doors are propped open, when access is attempted in a restricted area

Sure, you could continue to expend the extra effort and time it takes to stay in control of a traditional key system, but if you’re ready to relinquish that burden, we’re ready and waiting to help. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from ADT’s Access Control, along with several other small and medium business solutions. To learn more about how we can help you and your business thrive, visit

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