We’re in the dog days of summer now which means one thing: heat. Not your ordinary summer heat, but extreme, humid heat. “Dog days of summer” actually has a deeper, celestial meaning but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. Rather, we are concerned about your pet's safety, and have some tips for these days of sweltering heat! 

Summer Tips for Dogs

Dogs love to release energy by going on long walks and runs, but it is not advised to do so during extreme heat conditions. Minimize your pets time outside during summer, even laying in the sun outside for too long is enough to kick start heat exhaustion in dogs. For the moments your dog is outside, you can help them cool down with a kiddie pool, sprinkler or hose and be sure there is a nice, shaded spot for them to relax. When it comes to summer pet safety, it is important to recognize the signs of heatstroke as soon as possible. Listed below are the most common signs of heatstroke in dogs. 


Signs of heatstroke in dogs

  • Body temperature over 103° F
  • Excessive panting 
  • Dry or sticky gums
  • Abnormal gum color
  • Lethargic or disoriented
  • Seizures

If you believe your pet is suffering from heatstroke, it is vital you seek immediate emergency care for them. Research nearby 24/7 emergency veterinarian hospitals so you can get to one quickly if need be. In the meantime, of waiting for emergency care, you can try to cool your pet down by running cool water over their belly, head, armpits, and paws and ensure they have continuous air flow.  

When your dog has to go to the bathroom on a swelteringly hot day, take them out for brief periods only, allowing them just enough time to do their business, then return inside. The pads of your dog's feet may seem tough, but they can easily burn. Do not walk dogs on pavement that is hot to your touch. If you do not have a backyard or grassy area for your dog, be sure to equip them with proper foot attire to avoid serious burns (plus, dogs look super cute in little booties!) 


How can an ADT smart home help provide pet safety during summer? 

We recommend never allowing your home's temperature to rise above 80° F. With an ADT Smart Thermostat, you can keep your home temp controlled for your pets even when you’re not there. With the ADT app, you can control your smart thermostat right from your phone and make sure your pets are nice and cool inside. If you do not have central air or an AC unit, try to keep all of your pets in one area of the house or room that you can keep cool. You can keep all blinds and curtains closed in your home to avoid the warm sun rays and place a bowl of ice water in front of a fan to help cool down the room. 

Our pet friendly motion sensors will ensure your pets don’t accidentally trip your security alarm. In the event of a break in, the sensors will still register a human and set the alarm off, so you can feel safer leaving the pets home alone. For added peace of mind when leaving your pets at home, install some ADT smart cameras so you can check in on them right from your phone, anytime. 


Summer Tips for Dogs: Do’s and Don'ts


  • Keep your pet’s bowl filled with fresh water, consider placing additional bowls throughout your home and near entryways.

  • Give your dog cool treats, like ice cubes or frozen homemade treats (recipe below).

  • Keep your home cooled to at least 80° F. If you do not have central air conditioning, cool down at least one room in your home with a window unit or fan with ice water and keep your pets contained there.

  • Know the signs of heatstroke in pets and always be alert.

  • Research nearby 24/7 emergency veterinarian hospitals nearby for quick access.

  • Install pet friendly motion sensors with your ADT security system.


  • Do not give your dog a bowl of ice-cold water. It is possible that rapidly drinking ice-cold water can cause severe and potentially lethal bloating in dogs.

  • Do not take your dog on long walks or exercise them outside.

  • Do not allow your dog to step bare pawed on hot pavement, even for a brief period as burns can occur quickly.

  • Do not leave dogs outside in the sun for extended periods of time, especially without adequate shading and water.


If you’re looking for a cool way to show your dog some extra love, make them a fresh little pup-sicle!

Recipe for “pup-sicle” frozen dog treats: 

-2 cups fresh strawberries (plus a few extra for garnishing)

-1 banana

-2 tbsp. peanut butter

-1 cup water

Blend all ingredients together in a blender and pour into an ice mold (bonus points if they are bone or puppy paw shaped!) Top with a few diced strawberries and freeze.  

Extra hack: Freeze some of your dog's favorite treats in a shallow container with water. They will have fun and cool off by licking the ice to slowly remove the treats.


We love helping to protect your fur babies. For more information on the products mentioned above or how ADT can help to protect your whole family, visit our website. 

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