The front porch: the first space in a property that guests see, and so the space that creates that vital first impression of your home. However, what some people don’t realize is that burglars also judge your front porch. They see it as either an invitation to burgle your home or a reason to move on to the next house.

It’s because of this that people need to be more aware of how they maintain and secure their front porches. Thankfully, there are many simple safety solutions that can be put in place to keep your home safe. Simply follow our steps to keep your front porch (and consequently your home) as secure as possible.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

A messy porch might not create that perfect first impression for your guests. However, a cluttered porch will in fact make the ideal first impression for burglars – they are more likely to walk on to your property if your porch looks disheveled. This is because a messy front porch can make your home seem abandoned, temporarily vacant, or look as though it hasn’t exactly got a high-tech, robust home security system operating inside.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that keeping items such as ladders, stacks of boxes and piles of trash cans in your porch can assist potential burglars. Clutter lying around can help them to get through a window or another entrance that might have seemed otherwise impossible. So, do both yourself and your home a favor by keeping your front porch spic and span to avoid any unwelcome guests.

Be Smart About Your Doorbell

Investing in a smart doorbell can give you ultimate control over who is trying to get into your property. When the doorbell rings, the system sends a notification to your smartphone with images and video of who is trying to access your home. Not able to access your device? A neighbor or your home security company can be notified instead to make sure that everything is alright with your property.

Some home security systems allow you to speak to the person who has rung the doorbell, perfect for creating the appearance that you’re inside your home. Certain video doorbells even come equipped with HD cameras and night vision.

Video Surveillance

Much like a smart doorbell, video surveillance systms give you more transparency about what goes on outside of your home. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop or computer, you can log on and see a live feed of your home’s exterior. Video surveillance systems are particularly handy for several reasons:

  • It allows you to monitor when your package or your mail is delivered.
  • No thief wants to be caught on camera. Burglars are much less likely to come on to your property if they can see cameras around your front door and property.
  • If a burglar does succeed and your home becomes a crime scene, you will be able to access the footage to assist the authorities.


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