The front porch. 

It’s the first thing guests see, so it’s the space that creates a vital first impression of your home. However, some people don’t realize that burglars also evaluate your front porch home security. They may see it as an invitation to steal from your home or move on to the next house.

Because of this, people need to be more aware of how they maintain and secure their front porches. Thankfully, there are many simple safety solutions you can do now to help keep your home safe. We’ve provided ways to keep your front porch (and consequently your home)  secure and private.

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Front Porch Privacy


Whether you want to add privacy to your porch to relax on the deck or sip your morning coffee in peace on the patio, there are ways you can make your space more private. 

Adding privacy to your porch can be as complex or as simple as you want and doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money. Your options range from partially obscuring one side of the porch to covering the entire area. If you’re a renter, you’ll want to choose something less permanent for your home, like an outdoor security camera or privacy curtains.

We’ve broken down some of the best ways to help keep your porch private and secure, no matter what size your home is.


Add curtains or blinds.

Curtains and blinds are often very affordable and easy to install and remove. Choose from various fabrics and colors to create a soft, open, breezy space that adds shade and privacy to your porch.

Benefits of curtains:

  • Adjustable view allows you to block the view or draw the curtains whenever you want.

  • Very elegant and stylish.

  • Easy to change out for different colors or fabrics.

  • Many types of curtains come with UV-blocking fabric for sun protection.

If you’re installing outdoor curtains, make sure to opt for ones that feature sun and weather resistance, especially against rain and mildew.

Benefits of blinds:

  • Blinds offer a bit more privacy than curtains.

  • Often a very budget-conscience choice.

  • An excellent option for warmer climates since they keep heat out while providing shade.

  • Shade blinds prevent would-be thieves from sneaking a peek into your home while still allowing you to still see out into your yard.


Consider a retractable privacy screen or shade.

Privacy shades are very similar to blinds, but while blinds cover your window with slats, shades cover your windows with a fabric cover.

  • Privacy shades often have built-in UV protection.

  • You can raise or lower the shades depending on the amount of sunlight you want to let in.

  • Shades and screens reduce heat transfer into your home, keeping it cooler and saving energy.

  • Since shades reduce the sun’s glare, they’re great options for an outdoor media area. 


Portable wall dividers aren’t just for inside your home.

These dividers can also separate your yard or porch into segments or help create a beautiful and functional private outdoor space for studying, reading or relaxing, with the added benefit of offering privacy on your front porch, too.

Add a privacy fence.

These are like privacy shades or blinds, but they section off a part of your porch or patio. Some retailers even offer ivy-coated fences that add both functionality and beauty.

You can also install privacy fences in your yard for added security. If you choose to go this route, you should look up local laws and regulations. States, cities and counties all have different zoning rules, so make sure you search for your specific location before installing any kind of fence on your property.


Create a green oasis.

Add large potted plants or landscape shrubbery along your property for added eye appeal and security. If you’re looking for something that will offer more privacy than a potted plant, consider adding a climbing plant to a trellis or screen.

Avoid planting shrubbery or trees too close to your home. Because plants hold moisture, they may potentially damage your home’s cladding. As roots grow too close to your home, they may damage the foundation or pipes, as well.

Ultimately, it’s important to do your research before choosing trees, shrubbery or even the type of plants for your trellis to make sure you’re giving these plants appropriate spacing and care as they grow.


Add a video doorbell camera for extra security.

When the doorbell rings, the system sends a notification to your smartphone with images and video of who is trying to access your home. Not able to access your device? A neighbor or your home security company can be notified instead to ensure that everything is alright with your property.

Some home security systems allow you to speak to the person who has rung the doorbell, which makes it seem like you are still home. Certain video doorbells even come equipped with HD cameras and night vision.

ADT offers professionally installed doorbells with crisp, clear imagery that make it easy to confirm when or if a package has been dropped off at your home. These doorbells are ideal for homes, condos and any place you own.

Blue by ADT’s doorbells offer a DIY-installation option with all the reliability ADT is known for, but with the ability to take it with you wherever you move. This system is perfect for renters.

A video doorbell camera is an excellent option on its own and also when used with another outdoor security camera.


Get peace of mind with a home security system.

A security system helps protect your home from the inside out, allowing you to keep an eye on your porch, driveway and home’s interior. The best home security systems offer a range of options, from indoor cameras to outdoor security cameras.

It’s a good idea to make sure that your outdoor camera has night vision, so it can record anything that happens after dark. 


Video Surveillance


Much like a smart doorbell, video surveillance systems give you more transparency about what goes on outside of your home. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop or computer, you can log on and see a live feed of your home’s cameras. Video surveillance systems are particularly handy for several reasons:

  • They allow you to monitor when your packages or your mail is delivered.

  • No thief wants to be caught on camera. Burglars are much less likely to come onto your property if they can see cameras around your front door and property.

If a burglar does succeed and your home becomes a crime scene, you can access the footage to assist the authorities.


How to help protect your porch at night:


Security lights help illuminate your porch at night and may also deter burglars. Motion-detecting lights can be programmed to stay on from 30 seconds to 10 or 20 minutes. 

When figuring out what type of security lights to get, choose motion-detecting lights so you’ll know if someone is coming near your home. Once the lights are triggered by an action, such as someone walking by, they will automatically turn on.

Popular places to add outdoor lighting include:

  • Next to sidewalks or pathways.

  • Along a garden gate or backyard gate

  • Outside your garage, either above the garage door or beside it.

  • Pointing towards an alleyway.

  • Along your driveway.

  • At each door in the front and back yard.


Remove Unnecessary Clutter


A messy porch might not create the perfect first impression for your guests. However, a cluttered porch will make an ideal first impression for burglars – they are more likely to walk onto your property if your porch looks disheveled. A messy front porch can make your home seem abandoned, temporarily vacant or look as though it hasn’t exactly got a high-tech, robust home security system operating inside.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that keeping items such as ladders, stacks of boxes and piles of trash cans on your porch can assist potential burglars. Clutter lying around can help them get through a window or another entrance that might have seemed otherwise impossible. So, do both yourself and your home a favor by keeping your front porch spic and span to avoid any unwelcome guests.


ADT offers options to help protect your front or back porch.


From video doorbells to outdoor security cameras, smart locks and more, home security with ADT means you’ll always have peace of mind. We offer live video and infrared night vision with our doorbells and video cameras, so we make it easy to see what’s going on.


Frequently Asked Questions about Front Porch Privacy


1. How do you secure a porch?

You can help make your porch more secure by ensuring all windows and doors are locked at night and by turning on your home security system. 

Add motion-detecting lights along with the exterior and smart lights inside your home so you can periodically turn them on and off to make your home appear occupied. 

You should also place home security signs at the entrance and exit for added protection. 


2.  Can I put a camera on my front porch?

Security cameras are a great tool to add to your front porch to keep an eye on things. We suggest installing the camera 7 to 10 feet from the ground, mounted in a corner, facing your entryway.


3.    Does a fence deter a burglar?

Most burglars are looking for an easy way to break into a home and they often walk right up to the front door. Because of that, a fence may deter them. However, you should be careful when installing one because those tall privacy fences you add may also hide a burglar.

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