Home Security - Safety Center

Life extends beyond the walls of your home. That's why ADT provides free safety tips and resources to help keep your family safe both inside and outside the home.

Home Security Tips

Keeping you and your family safe is a top priority. These simple home safety tips will help keep your loved ones and home out of harm’s way.

Digital Safety Tips

Inadequate digital security means that your personal information could be at risk. Here are some tips on how you can protect your digital and personal information.

Deceptive Sales Safety Tips

Beware of deceptive door-to-door sales practices often used by alarm companies. The tips below can help you stay protected and connected with ADT.

Senior Safety Tips

Small lifestyle changes can make a big difference for today’s active seniors. Here are tips to help improve your quality of life, security, and safety at home.

Pet Owner Tips

Pets need three things: love, a healthy diet, and a safe environment. As a pet owner, you most likely provide the first two with no problem. To help you provide the third, we’ve create this list of pet safety tips.

Car Safety Tips

Car safety is more than just making sure everyone is wearing their seat belt. Whether you’re going for a long trip or just around the corner, these car safety tips are sure to be of help.

Back to School Safety Tips

You’ve taught them to look both ways before crossing the street. They know not to accept a ride from a stranger. But there may be a few things even the most vigilant parent hasn’t thought of – things that weren’t factors when we were kids ourselves.

Child Safety Tips

Having a baby comes with a multitude of joys, responsibilities, and stresses. Keeping child safety in mind plays into all of that and it’s something that parents are always worried about.