Did you know that the first surveillance camera was mounted on a V2 rocket in 1942 by engineer Walter Bruch in Germany? And imagine, it was not used to deter crime, but to watch the launch of a rocket!

Security cameras are everywhere, and we often wonder, do security cameras deter crime? It's said that a security camera is a must. But what are the details behind those comments, and what more do we need to learn about security cameras?

Security cameras will generally deter and reduce burglary. If you install a security camera, your home is 300 % safer from break-ins than a home without a camera. Criminals don't want to be watched or recorded-this is one of the major reasons they are so effective.

Criminals do not want to be seen or recorded-this is one of the main reasons security cameras are effective.

Again we ask, do security cameras deter crime, and are they worth the money? Let's learn what you should know about security cameras as part of a security system.


Do Security Cameras Deter Crime?


In Orange County, New Jersey, surveillance cameras installed around the city showed a 50% drop in all crime types. Police officers who participated in this study noted that having access to surveillance recordings made it much easier for them to investigate cases. That made it successful to apprehend and prosecute offenders when crimes were still committed.

The drop involved all sorts of crimes, and it was for the whole city! Just think about the effects installing a quality security camera system in your home would have?

In another comprehensive study undertaken by the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, researchers surveyed 422 burglars imprisoned offenders accused of burglary. The majority (60%) of the burglars in this study said they would search for an alarm before breaking into a house. Furthermore, they said that if an alarm system were present, most would move to another target.

So, having a video camera network mounted in your home is a significant deterrent to potential offenders. It sends out a message that their actions will not go unnoticed if they do indeed threaten your home.


How Do Burglars Choose Houses?


An estimated 6,925,677 property crimes were committed in the United States in 2019. Property crimes include burglary, armed robbery, theft of motor vehicles, and arson.

Most of the criminals target homes that look easier to break into. They also chose a house by keeping a watch over the neighborhood. The criminals would then selected the ones with the most consistent trends of people's comings and goings.

They often search for houses in more rural or remote areas of the neighborhood. They also look for homes that are well kept or have expensive cars parked in the driveway.

The burglars search for the quickest way in. Either through an open window, an unlocked door, or even a pet door. Most criminals access the houses through those entrance points and the garage, the front door, or the back door.

If you leave a window or a door open, it's easy for a burglar to get straight into your house. And a glass front door can look beautiful, but the robbers will break the glass, then they put their arm through and unlock the door to get into your home.

A criminal may also take out the window air conditioning unit and crawl through the hole. Others will have equipment such as a crowbar, a bank card, or a bump key. The bump key is like a skeleton key and bypasses the security in pin and tumbler locks, allowing a burglar to pick the lock quickly.


Make Your Home Safe


We can take many precautions to ensure the safety of your home and family. These simple precautions being locking down your windows and doors with sturdy locks, creating lighted pathways to the front door, and being cautious by not allowing any strangers into your household, will certainly help. The home security system offers a further form of security and reassurance.

With regard to the implementation of smart home technology, internet connectivity has made it possible to use surveillance cameras at their most technical level.

Many of today's home security systems alert you using real-time notifications to your cellphone. Whenever a sensor shows a criminal entering your home, the security system sends an alert to your smartphone.


Deter Crime With External and Internal Security Cameras


Home surveillance cameras help keep watch over your home from inside and outside, serving as an extra set of eyes and ears to watch your home.

However, what is the difference between indoor and outdoor cameras? The primary difference between indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras is the environmental conditions that each camera must withstand. Outdoor cameras need to be able to deal with all forms of weather intensity.

Outdoor cameras are often more susceptible to tampering. Because of this they are usually made of more sturdy materials and can be heavier or even installed in a casing to prevent quick removal. Both indoor and outdoor cameras use infrared functions, allowing for more exact images in poor lighting conditions.

To ensure that you select the right camera for your needs, we suggest finding a professional to guarantee that you get the kind of protection you need at an affordable price.


Is Camera Security Worth the Money Spent?


You may have found that the choices are vast if you contemplate installing a home surveillance system with security cameras. The wide variety includes wired cameras, wireless cameras, indoor cameras, and exterior cameras. There are also doorbell cameras, boxed cameras, DIY cameras, and the list continues.

With all these choices, a home camera surveillance system can be a high cost, particularly when installed.

Although the high costs involved with a video surveillance system can be hard to quantify, the expense is worth it if you want to guarantee the safety of your home, your possessions, and your family.

Consider the following when attempting to justify this cost:

  • If a break-in happens, how much would it cost to replace items stolen?

  • How much it would cost to fix the mess that may result in the case of a robbery

  • The medical costs, should you or anyone become hurt during the break-in

Add to these monetary costs the psychological trauma that you and your family may suffer due to a robbery that you cannot afford, and the expense shelled out on a home security camera security system is justifiable.


Other Factors To Take Into Account

Other cost factors that you should take into account include the following:

  • The infrastructure sold by the security firm typically comes with a lifetime warranty. That means if anything happens to any of the system components, they will fix the problem.

  • A wireless camera security system can help reduce your homeowner's insurance. Because the system provides more robust security against break-ins and reduces the chances that your insurance provider will have to pay, you could be compensated with lower rates

  • You will have higher comfort of knowing that you and your family are protected when you have a camera security system that monitors your home.

Millions of homes are broken into every year. The expense of setting up and maintaining a security camera system may make you rethink whether to go ahead with the installation. The known success of preventing break-ins combined with the savings will in the longer term be worth the investment.

The sense of security that comes with understanding that you have done whatever you can to keep yourself, your family members, and your possessions as safe and protected as possible also becomes invaluable.


Privacy Concerns of Security Cameras


Cameras will capture video when motion is detected, which means that every time you or anyone else steps through your garden or past your front door.

Therefore, before you mount cameras in and around your home, make sure that every member of your family understands they're there and is happy with them. Cameras can be hackable. Therefore, hackers can track your videos or even upload them to the internet. However, there are measures you can take to reduce the risk of your security cameras being hacked.

We highly recommend that you allow the built-in privacy features in your security camera.


Smile, You Never Know When You Are on Camera


How do surveillance cameras help prevent crime? The research doesn't lie. Money invested in a security camera system or doorbell camera is one of the most effective ways to protect your home and family from criminals.

Do security cameras deter crime? Studies do show that having a surveillance camera system results in a 50% reduction in crime or more. With the extra benefit of experience, you will have valid evidence of criminal activity if it takes place.

We now take surveillance cameras as a given. It is well known that numerous buildings, streets, and homes in our cities are equipped with this technology. That's something we've become accustomed to and expect.

As a homeowner, you may benefit from using it to improve safety and enhance their overall peace of mind.

For a free quote, contact us with your requirements, and we will custom-build the perfect camera surveillance system for your home. Remember, ADT can help protect your home!


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