At ADT, we know sometimes DIY solutions are just more convenient. That’s why we want to empower you to take matters into your hands, giving you full control of your home security. 

Blue by ADT is our solution for today’s transient Americans, offering home security for everyone with no credit checks or service appointments, so you can skip the installation process. 

ADT is affordable, convenient, and simple enough that you can easily manage your home security. It is so simple, in fact, that you can often get rolling in under an hour with an easy setup.

Offering everything from video doorbells to outdoor cameras and motion sensors, Blue by ADT is an excellent solution to create and monitor a home security system that works for your lifestyle.

This is how to effectively monitor your DIY home security system.


The DIY Home Security Options Available to Monitor


With ADT, you have several options for custom home security with an available month-to-month contract. Even those who have lived at the same address for years are discovering a new way to protect their families without expensive contract.

Blue by ADT offers you the option to build your own system to custom packages to fit your needs.


ADT Security Kits
System Starting Price What’s Included?
Blue Outdoor Camera Kit $449.97 2 battery-operated HD cameras, Blue Extender + Chime (Wi-Fi extender)
8-Piece Doorbell Camera Set $349.99 Base, entry keypad, Blue doorbell camera, 2 sets of door and window sensors, motion sensor, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring
15-Piece Camera System $295.12 Base, entry keypad, indoor camera, 6 sets of door and window sensors, 2 motion sensor, fire safety sensor, keychain remote, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring
11-Piece System $199.15 Base, entry keypad, 4 sets of door and window sensors, motion sensor, fire safety sensor, keychain remote, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring


There are also a variety of sensors that you can add for increased monitoring, including:

  • Door sensors

  • Window sensors

  • Motion sensors

  • Fire safety sensors

  • Glass break sensors

  • Temperature and flood sensors


Eight Ways to Effectively Monitor Your DIY Security System


A DIY home security system is equipped with many features that make monitoring your home security a breeze. Below we’ll take a look at eight ways to effectively monitor your DIY home security system, including:

  • Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal

  • Install cameras to have access to important areas of your home

  • Use two-way talk communication

  • Integrate your DIY security system with your other smart home devices 

  • Remotely access your DIY system via a mobile app

  • Keep an eye on your live feed

  • Take advantage of cloud storage

  • Set up personalized detection zones


Ensure You Have a Strong Wi-Fi Signal

DIY home security systems are most effective with a strong Wi-Fi signal. To make sure you don’t miss anything, consider investing in the Blue Extender + Chime which strengthens the Wi-Fi signal to all of your Blue by ADT components.


Install Cameras to Have Access to Important Areas of Your Home 

Blue by ADT security cameras offer cutting-edge technology with stunning clarity, no matter the time or weather outside. After connecting your system to your mobile app, you’ll be able to see live footage from your cameras at virtually any time of day or night. 

The Blue Doorbell Camera is great for the front or back of the house or any place that serves as your main entry point. The HD camera offers an impressive range with a 180-degree view and a range of nearly 10 feet. You also have the Blue Indoor Camera features 1080p HD video that delivers a clear picture even at night or the Blue Outdoor Camera that has a 1080p HD video that consistently provides a vivid picture, even in dark or low light.


Use Two-Way Talk Communication

Blue by ADT home security doesn’t stop at just video; it also provides audio communication through your doorbell and security cameras. The Blue Doorbell Camera has two-way talk capability and a built-in microphone with integrated noise cancellation, enabling seamless communication with guests and visitors, no matter where you are. This helps gives you full control over who is allowed in or out of your home. 


Integrate Your DIY Home Security System with Your Other Devices

Smart home technology helps simplify your life, and ADT delivers a variety of smart home integrations. The Blue Doorbell Camera and Indoor Camera, for instance, can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT for extra efficiency. Arming or disarming your system becomes incredibly simple once you teach the new skill to Alexa.


Remotely Access Your DIY System Via Mobile App

ADT allows you to control your entire security system with remote access from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. This includes arming and disarming the system, locking and unlocking doors, and controlling everything from your motion sensors to your light detectors. You have the freedom to access your security system’s live stream at any time from your mobile device, and you can record video or access stored files. 

You can also choose how you receive notifications with the freedom to send specific alerts via text or email, while more urgent notifications can be set to a phone call for faster attention. This allows you to specify things like text alerts for visitors and phone calls for emergencies, like a fire or break-in.


Keep an Eye on Your Live Feed

Surveillance is important, but so is a live feed when emergencies happen. ADT gives you 24/7 access to your security system’s live feed, so you can manage the crisis as it occurs and make crucial, potentially life-saving decisions without delay.


Take Advantage of Cloud Storage

In addition to local storage, your ADT home security monitoring plan includes cloud storage. This enables you to store both video clips and photo images for later use, which can be especially helpful when there is suspicious activity, crime, or missing deliveries. Your library includes time-stamped clips, so you can easily sort and store anything of importance.

The Blue Outdoor Camera, for instance, automatically sends and stores video clips for future reference, and you can easily switch from a live stream to saved recordings without any trouble. It also has facial recognition with automatic motion-prompted recording and an SD card for local storage.


Set up Personalized Detection Zones 

Blue by ADT offers several exclusive home security features to help ensure that your family is safe and protected, no matter where you are. The Blue Doorbell Camera has facial recognition to ensure that regular guests avoid harassment. The motion detector is customizable, so you can choose the exact range for your alert and decide how close is too close before you receive an alarm. 

The motion sensors are also equipped to differentiate who is causing movement, so you can allow your furry friend to roam the house without having to worry about false alarms. 


Self-Monitoring vs. Professional Security Monitoring


Much of what we mentioned above is what is known as self-monitoring, but with Blue by ADT you also have the option for professional security monitoring. There are excellent benefits to both DIY and professional security monitoring, but the right fit for you will depend on your exact needs. 


Self-Monitoring vs. Professional Security Monitoring
Self-Monitoring Professional Monitoring
Monitor from anywhere using a mobile app. Emergency support when you can’t call for help yourself
No contracts or monthly fees Professional installation to avoid blind spots
No automatic emergency support Increased peace of mind
Can be more pricey upfront Monthly payment for ongoing service


Users generally experience fewer false alarms with self-monitoring, because you can use your cameras to confirm visitor legitimacy before you dispatch emergency services. However, that means you have to be self-reliant in times of danger because you won’t have automatic emergency dispatch services without a professional monitoring plan.

One of the best parts about home security monitoring from ADT is that some packages, like the 11-piece and 15-piece camera system, come with a free month of full-service security monitoring. This allows you to test drive your chosen security service to ensure it’s the right fit for your household before you commit.


How to Get The Most Out of Your DIY Home Security System


ADT offers its full support, jump-starting the process with a free in-home consultation. You can work directly with a knowledgeable ADT expert who can recommend the best security system for your home. Although DIY setup typically lasts no more than an hour, you can choose expert installation to ensure everything is set up and working properly. There are also professional repairs available any time you need them.

With 24/7 customer support, there’s always someone available to troubleshoot an issue or answer your most complex questions. There is also a six-month service guarantee and 30-day money-back guarantee, so getting started is a little less intimidating.

DIY home security monitoring is quickly growing in popularity, as more and more Americans are empowered to take control of their own security. You can’t control what happens in life, but with Blue by ADT, you can be prepared.


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