Helping to protect your home from theft doesn’t have to break the bank. With Blue by ADT you choose a home security system that works best for your lifestyle. Whether you choose to monitor your home by yourself or elect 24/7 monitoring from ADT security professionals, we have an option for you. 

Learn how to get the most bang for your buck with a DIY home security system.


What Is a DIY Home Security System? 


Blue by ADT is a DIY home security system that empowers you to personalize your protection to fit your needs. With Blue by ADT, we wanted to give those with a do-it-yourself attitude the opportunity to customize a protection package. Getting started is quick and easy; choose your security devices and monitoring plan and set up your devices.

With Blue by ADT, some security features include: 

  • Get push notifications for alarm and motion detection with the ADT mobile app

  • View what’s going on in and around your home in real time. 

  • Talk to visitors through your doorbell camera’s two-way talk feature. 

Blue by ADT puts the power in your hands to decide what you need for your space. We offer a base system that you can add to and modify to meet your needs. You can decide how many sensors you need for your home. Installation is simple and can be achieved in less than an hour in most cases.


A Breakdown of Home Security System Costs


Customize your home security system by choosing sensors and smart cameras. Our system provides you with the basics, starting at just $109.19:

Then, you can add smart cameras and sensors to fit your space. In this section, we’ll break down home security costs so you can figure out what works for your budget. 

4 Security System Packages Available for Blue by ADT

  • Build your own system 

  • 8-piece doorbell camera system 

  • 11-piece system

  • 15-piece camera system 


Build Your Own System 

At ADT, we offer a build-your-own-system option. This option allows you to get the home protection you need without additional tools you may not need. Personalize your security system with indoor and outdoor smart cameras and various sensors. 

The build your own system includes:

  • Base

  • Entry keypad 

  • Yard sign 

  • Mobile app 

  • Window stickers (x4)

  • One month of free pro monitoring 

When signing up to build your own system, you can add any smart camera(s) or sensor(s) you may need. Starting at just $109.19, you can have the best gadgets in the business to keep your home or apartment safe. 


8-Piece Doorbell Camera System 

For those who might want a home security system that is mostly set up, we recommend the 8-piece doorbell camera system. This system starts at $349.99 and allows two-way talk and night vision. This system includes: 

  • Base

  • Entry keypad 

  • Mobile app and instant notifications 

  • Blue doorbell camera 

  • Door sensors (x2) 

  • Window sensors (x2) 

  • Motion sensor 

  • Window stickers (x4)

  • Yard sign

The 8-piece doorbell camera system also comes with one month free of pro monitoring from our dedicated monitoring team. Adding more indoor or outdoor cameras and sensors to the system is easy and can be done within a few minutes. 


11-Piece System 

The 11-piece system starts at $199.15 and provides the right amount of home security to protect your space. You will also receive a free month of pro monitoring. This system includes:

  • Base 

  • Entry keypad 

  • Keychain remote 

  • Yard sign 

  • Mobile app 

  • Motion sensor 

  • Door sensors (x4) 

  • Window sensors (x4) 

  • Fire safety sensor 

  • Window stickers (x4)


15-Piece Camera System 

The 15-piece camera system is great for those who want to secure all entry points with sensors and cameras. With this system, you will be able to see what’s going on in your home at any time, starting at $295.12. This system includes: 

  • Base 

  • Entry keypad 

  • Keychain remote 

  • Yard sign 

  • Mobile app 

  • Indoor camera

  • Motion sensors (x2)

  • Door sensors (x6) 

  • Window sensors (x6) 

  • Fire safety sensor 

  • Window stickers (x4)

  • Free month of pro monitoring 


Our Favorite Smart Sensors 


  • Door sensor: Starting at $8.99, you can add battery-operated sensors to your doors

  • Window sensor: Starting at $8.99, you can help protect your windows.

  • Motion sensor: Starting at $29.99, our pet-friendly motion sensors (up to 60lbs) are perfect for rooms with windows and hallways. 

  • Fire safety sensor: For $20.09, you can place a sensor next to each fire alarm to notify you via the mobile app of any activity.

  • Temperature/flood sensor: Starting at $29.99, you can help prevent water damage or frozen pipes by catching unusual activity.

  • Glass break sensor: detect intruders attempting to break glass doors or windows, starting at $20.99.


Smart Security Cameras for Everyone


Our advanced cameras can work separately or together in one of our DIY home security systems. If you choose one of our DIY home security systems, you will have a live HD feed from your camera, instant alerts for motion detection, facial recognition events, and the ability to speak through the device’s two-way talk feature. We offer three security camera types with the Blue by ADT: outdoor, indoor, and doorbell.

Smart Security Camera Features

  • Night vision: See what’s going on in your home from your smartphone even when it’s dark.

  • Facial recognition: Receive instant alerts when the camera spots a familiar face.

  • Two-way talk + noise cancellation: Speak to anyone within the house via the mobile app.

  • Motion detection zones: Set up custom detection zones so that you can receive instant notifications. 

  • Rechargeable battery: Use the Blue Extender + Chime for longer battery life. Extend your Wi-Fi range for indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras.

  • Push notifications and previews: Get updates to your device about any activity.

Blue Outdoor Camera

Help protect your home from intruders with an HD outdoor security camera that starts at $199.99. Our motion-activated camera helps keep what you care about safe. Monitor your kids and pets in the yard or detect motion in specific sections of your property. Additionally, all of our Blue security cameras are compatible with smart home tools like Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT. 

Blue Indoor Camera:

With the Blue indoor camera, you’ll be able to monitor your home using an advanced HD security camera. With two-way communication, you can talk to anyone in your home from the app. 

We recommend setting motion alerts so that you can get notifications when someone enters your home. Whether you get notified of your cat jumping on the counter while you’re at work, or your kids are arriving home, Blue by ADT cameras offer you advanced image quality in a small, wireless solution. Our indoor cameras are compatible with smart home devices, like Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT. 

Blue Doorbell Camera:

Curious about the security system installation cost? By electing a DIY system, you avoid any installation fees. You also get the option to add on more devices, like the Blue Extender + Chime and Keychain Remote. These are simple additions that can make a huge change in your home security.


Protection Options


With Blue by ADT, we know that everyone’s security needs are different, which is why we offer different layers of protection. Having monitored security can also help you receive homeowners insurance discounts, saving you money in the long run. 

At ADT, we offer pro monitoring experts to help protect what matters most; however, we know that not everyone needs this, which is why we also offer a zero contract self-monitoring option. 


If you take the DIY route fully, monitoring would be in your hands. This option eliminates the possible financial burden of long-term contracts and is a great option for those wanting home security but at a lower cost. However, you would not have the added security of our expert monitoring teams. 

With this plan option, you would have up to one day of video storage, which you can find on the free mobile app. Cellular backup is not included with the DIY option, so you would need to depend on reliable Wi-Fi. 


24/7 Professional Monitoring 

For just $19.99 a month, you can have 24/7 home protection from some of the most experienced operators in the industry without a long-term contract. In fact, you can get 24/7 monitoring month-to-month, so if you decide it’s not what you need at that time, you are free to self-monitor without any penalties. 

Aren’t sure if you want to self-monitor or elect for 24/7 expert monitoring? No worries! We know that choosing the right plan can be difficult, which is why we give you the first month free if you sign up for 24/7 monitoring.


Choose a DIY Home Security System


Deciding to build your own home security system doesn’t have to be costly or overwhelming. Blue with ADT puts the power to decide, set up, and plan in your hands. 

With various cameras, sensors, and other device options, we’re confident that you can find what you’re looking for with Blue by ADT. 

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