There’s never a bad time to invest in an alarm system for your home, especially when you know that what you’re getting has the reputation to back it up. Even if you’re confident that now is the time to make that sound investment, you may still have a few understandable reservations. 

For many, those reservations tend to revolve around the installation. Particularly, what installation entails and how much it costs.

Blue by ADT was designed to do away with those concerns and put the control right into your hands. In just one hour or less, you can have a state-of-the-art home security system ready to go. 

In this guide, we’ll review what sensors and alarms are available with a Blue by ADT security system and take a closer look at the value of a DIY home alarm system.


What Comes With a DIY Home Alarm System?


Blue by ADT aims to make it easier than ever to make your home more safe and secure. We’ve got different packages available, depending on what you’re looking for – from an 8-piece doorbell camera system to a 15-piece camera system, and even an 11-piece system for something in between. 

The foundation for our DIY home security systems include:

  • A base

  • Entry keypad

  • Compatibility with mobile app

  • Signage

  • Free month of professional monitoring

From there, you can add additional security devices and features like indoor and outdoor cameras, door sensors, window sensors, glass break sensors, fire safety sensors, and temperature/flood sensors. 


What Security Sensors Can I Add to My DIY Home Alarm System?


6 Security Sensors Available for Blue by ADT

  • Door sensors

  • Window sensors

  • Motion sensors

  • Fire safety sensors

  • Temperature/flood sensors

  • Glass break sensors


Door and Window Sensors

A comprehensive home security system should have sensors at entry points throughout your home, specifically on your doors and windows. 

Starting at $8.99, these sensors use a two-part design that places one sensor on your door or window and the other on the fixed counterpart – in this case, the corresponding doorframe or windowsill. The pair of sensors creates a security circuit, and if there is a noticeable break in the circuit, an alarm will be sent to your control panel, reporting the intrusion.


Motion Sensors

Starting at $29.99, these sensors monitor space for movement. When the sensors are armed, an alarm will sound when any movement is detected. 

While Blue by ADT motion sensors come with wide coverage and can be used both indoors and outdoors, one of the most significant benefits is the pet-friendly sensitivity. Adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensor based on the size of your pet (up to 60lbs) to ensure no false alarms when your furry friend is home alone. To add even more protection, you can also set up custom alerts to be sent directly to you if a motion sensor is tripped – with accompanying video footage.


Fire Safety Sensors

For $20.99, you can place a sensor next to each of your existing carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to notify the Blue by ADT Monitoring Center to dispatch the appropriate authorities if an alarm is set off. You’ll only need one sensor if your smoke detectors are already hardwired in your home, but if they are all battery operated, it’s recommended that you place a Fire Safety Sensor next to each. 


Temperature/Flood Sensors

For $29.99, you can add a temperature/flood sensor to your DIY home alarm system to help detect water damage in flood-prone areas like a basement. They can also detect frozen pipes. 


Glass Break Sensors

Whether you install them on glass doors or windows, glass break sensors can help detect an intruder. You can add them to your DIY home security system for as low as $20.99.  Starting at $20.99, add this to your DIY home security system if you want to detect intruders attempting to break glass doors or windows.


Two Options for Monitoring Your Home Security System Sensors


With Blue by ADT, we know that everyone’s security needs are different, which is why we offer different layers of protection. There are two options available for monitoring your DIY home alarm system, specifically self-monitoring and professional monitoring. 



DIY home security systems put the control in your hands. From installation to responding to alarms, it’s all up to you – particularly if you choose to go the self-monitoring route. Once you set up your system, all you have to do to start monitoring it is to attach the feed to your mobile app via a Wi-Fi connection. 

In a self-monitored system, when one of your alarm sounds, it sends an alert to the owner’s mobile app. From there, it is up to the owner to decide the course of action. Based on which sensor was triggered, paired with any live footage you have available, you can decide to call the authorities. 

Some benefits of self-monitoring include:

  • No additional monthly fees for monitoring services. 

  • No false alarm penalties.

  • You have total control over your system.


Professional Monitoring 

If you feel like you want an extra set of eyes on your home, ADT also offers professional monitoring for their DIY home security systems. Professionally monitored systems will send an alert to a monitoring center when an alarm is triggered. From there, a trained professional will help you decide whether you should call the police and can even patch you through directly. For just $19.99 a month, you can have 24/7 home protection from the most experienced operators in the industry without a long-term contract.

Some benefits of professional monitoring include:

  • The service is available 24/7, meaning someone is always on call even when you’re not there.

  • At ADT, we have three times as many monitoring centers as the nearest competitor, which means you have more people making sure you and what you care about are protected.

  • ADT does not outsource its monitoring services, meaning you have professionals who are trained and knowledgeable.


Seven Cost-Effective Benefits of a DIY Home Alarm System


Purchasing a Blue by ADT DIY home alarm system means you’ll be getting the security you need with the flexibility and value you deserve. Some long-term benefits of DIY home security systems include:

  • Invest in new additions when it makes sense for you: You can add new components to your system at any time, so you don’t have to worry about starting over if you have a new room to protect, are building an addition onto your home, or just want some added coverage to what you’ve already got.

  • A home security system that moves with you: This flexibility ensures your system travels with you wherever you go. No need to purchase something new in the event of a move – your Blue by ADT system goes with you, and you can add on at any time if your new home needs more security. 

  • Easily update equipment as needed: Because a DIY system is easily customizable, it allows you to invest in new technology as it becomes available. That way, you ensure you have the latest and greatest protecting your family. 

  • The very best customer service: When you purchase a Blue by ADT system, you’ll also be getting our unparalleled customer service, which comes standard with our DIY home alarm systems. The average tenure of our technicians is nine years, and we’ve always had an extremely close relationship with first responders.

  • Easily integrate with existing smart home devices: Our DIY systems also include smart home automation that’s completely seamless. Blue by ADT components sync with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and the systems are compatible with a host of platforms like Z-Wave, Google Assistant, Sonos, and more. 

  • Save on installation costs: Our DIY systems are designed so that you don’t need to be a professional to install your security system. 


Take Security Into Your Own Hands With ADT 


Our commitment to and passion for home security is evident in the reputation we’ve had for years. It’s why we’re the most trusted and successful home security company in the world. It’s not just a business at ADT; it’s our way of life. For 145 years, we’ve been the sign on your lawn and the camera at your door – making sure that you can live your life with as much protection and security as you deserve. 

And most importantly, we don’t ever outsource our operators like other major security companies. You can rest assured knowing that the operators you’ll get are longtime ADT professionals who have a real passion for the work they do. We guarantee that your call will be answered in just a few rings, and you’ll never have to wait to talk to someone in the event of an emergency.

Blue by ADT is the proof in the pudding: We want you to feel safe and secure in your home, and we want that security to be feasible. No installation fees, no hassle, and no worries.

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