When choosing to automate your home, it’s important to know your options. At ADT, we offer various ways to automate your home to fit your lifestyle. Curious about setting up automated lighting in your space? Whether you are settled in your dream house or just moved into your first apartment, we have automated smart lighting systems and resources for you. 

Lighting Automation 101: Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Smart Home Lights

Lighting automation can help you to create a daily routine, help you stay safe when returning home late at night or traveling, and cut back on energy bills. Whether you decide to make the switch to be kinder to the environment or to your wallet, making the switch to automated lighting is budget-friendly and a simple way to upgrade your space. The main types of automated lighting are dimming with smart light switches, turning lights on and off remotely, or setting a timer with the ADT mobile app.

Incorporate Dimming in Your Smart Home Lights

The power of good lighting isn’t something to be ignored. Often, lighting is considered an afterthought in your home, but studies show that lighting is more important than one might initially think. With ADT smart home light switches, your home or apartment can be automated with dimming lights.

Below are two benefits of dimmed lighting:

  • Boost your mood and productivity: Dimming lights are a great solution to not only create ambient lighting but to also promote a healthy wake-sleep cycle, promoting productivity and well-being. The main perk of dimming lights is the ability to switch from bright, productive lighting to dim, calming lighting. That way, you can have brighter lighting during your work hours and switch to softer lighting as the day progresses. 

  • Help control serotonin and melatonin levels: Bright lighting improves your ability to focus by stimulating the brain and increasing serotonin levels. However, having a single bright light can be overwhelming for your eyes. One option is to have lamps in a room. If you have four lamps with smart plugs, you could have bright lighting coming from different points in the room so that you don’t feel overstimulated. 

  • Improve your sleep cycles: Dimming lights can help you wind down for the evening. As your space gets darker, your brain begins to produce melatonin, which regulates your circadian rhythm. Dimming lights can enhance your sleep by mimicking your sleep-wake cycle, which impacts your sleep quality. Sleep quality is essential for your overall health, happiness, and productivity, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Turn Your Smart Home Lights On and Off Remotely 

At ADT, we know how increasingly hectic our lives can be, which is why we offer the ability to manage your lights remotely. With our Z-wave technology, you can control your lights from any device and make sure that you’ve turned them all off. When you swap standard light switches with smart ADT wall switches, you can connect them to the ADT app and control them remotely.

Controlling your lights remotely can provide an added extra sense of security while you’re at home or away by deterring theft in a well-lit area. Smart lights can be more regimented or flexible to mold to your needs and lifestyle. With smart lights, if you normally have your lights set to a timer but you’re arriving home late, you can turn the lights on from your phone so that you can arrive to a well-lit space.

Set Daily Timers for Your Smart Home Lights

Set daily timers for your smart home lights and smart home light switches from the ADT mobile app. You can program your outdoor lights to switch on every day at specific times or control remotely from any of your smart devices. Alternatively, you could set daily timers, fitting your routine, when you are out of town to mimic your daily life, potentially warding off burglars. 

Creating a lighting schedule can benefit your overall lifestyle. As previously mentioned, lighting is linked to your circadian rhythm and well-being. A way to integrate today’s automated light technology, you can manage which lights are on at specific times based on their lighting type. 

For instance, if you have a home office, you could install blue-enriched light bulbs to turn on between working hours. Ultimately, blue-toned color bulbs would suppress sleep-related hormones to keep you alert. Adding warm-toned, bedside lamps to automatically turn on hours before bed and turn off at your bedtime could help you create a sleep-wake cycle that works for you. 

Seven Benefits of ADT Smart Plugs

With ADT Smart Plugs, you can add remote control to lights in your space from the ADT mobile app. At ADT, we strive to not only make your life safer but also more convenient. Connecting your lights to our Z-Wave modules gives you the ability to manage your lights from your smart device. 

Smart plugs also offer:

  • Amazon Alexa integration: Turn your lights on or off using voice commands. 

  • Two-way communication: Two-way communication ensures reliable operation in your apartment or home. 

  • Universally compatible: Smart plugs work with all LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.  

  • Professional installation: We’ll install everything – the switches, plugs, lights – so that it’s convenient for you. 

  • Space-efficient design: You can plug the smart plug into the top outlet and still use the lower outlet.

  • Increased savings: A home automation system saves money, specifically in lowering your monthly utility bill. Because ADT smart plugs allow you to control devices remotely, you won’t have to worry about lights left on in your family’s absence. 

  • Additional home security: Having devices on a set schedule via a smart plug while you’re away from home can help ensure you return to find everything is safe and sound.

How to Set Up Smart Home Lights

Making the switch to automated lights doesn’t have to take up much time. ADT provides two hassle-free solutions for setting up automated lighting in your space: Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs. All ADT automated lighting tools are accessible through your smart device (i.e., phone, tablet, computer) and easily controlled through the ADT mobile app.

Getting Started With the ADT Smart Light Bulb

The ADT mobile app provides a single platform to control your smart home lights and smart home light switches. At ADT, we use a Z-Wave technology, which lets you connect your smart devices to your system in seconds. From there, you can control your smart devices wherever you happen to be. When it comes to smart plugs and switches, you can adjust the lighting to fit your needs depending on the time of day. For instance, you can set up your lights to adjust when you arrive home so that it’s more welcoming. 

It only takes two simple steps to get your smart home lights working:

  1. Screw in the ADT Smart Light Bulb into your fixture. 

  2. Once the smart bulb is installed, you will be able to control the light remotely from the ADT mobile app and create custom automations from your device. 

You can now easily have your lights scheduled to power on and off at certain times of the day, meaning you will never have to succumb to arriving home in the dark. And if you find that you’ll arrive home later than you had originally planned to go home, you can easily turn on your smart home light via the app.

Getting Started With the ADT Smart Plug

Additionally, we provide the option of a smart bulb. ADT Smart Plugs enable you to manage your lights and appliances from any smart device. Setting up your smart plug is simple and can be accomplished in just a few, short minutes. Once plugged into an outlet, you can connect your lamp or small appliance to the plug. From your ADT mobile app, you can turn off the plug remotely so that you never have to worry about whether or not you left your hair straightener or coffee machine plugged in.

Superior Service 

At ADT, our team of passionate individuals represents the industry’s largest sales, installation, and service field force. Our dedicated team typically answers within a few, short rings and will stay with you until your issue has been resolved. Our products have also been relentlessly tested so that you feel safe and secure. 

Convenience is something we strive for, so we offer a free, 6-month warranty and ongoing service plan after installation, making sure that you get the service you deserve. 

ADT offers several service packages to start with – each of which can be tailored best to your individual needs. Control your lights by phone, tablet, computer, digital assistants, and more for convenient use while at home or away. 

Updating your home or apartment to automated lights can brighten your day while saving you time and money in the long run. With a dedicated team of experts, you can rely on ADT to help transform your space. 

To see what else we can do for you, read about smart home automation and our packages.  


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