Winter is coming to an end and the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel is quickly approaching. Soon, families around the US will be packing up their swim trunks and heading toward the sunshine. Whether you’re taking time off to travel or having your own staycation, the last thing you want is to fall victim to a break-in during your time off.

We’re sure you’re already following basic common-sense precautions on your trip itself[1], so now the only other item on your safety to-do list is keeping your home secure while you’re gone. Here are our top suggestions to ensure your family has an amazing time on spring break - with nothing but sunshine, relaxation, and the peace of mind that comes with ADT protection.

Keep your castle protected

Locks alone simply won’t cut it these days. Protect your home with a professionally installed and monitored security system, such as ADT’s Command and Control[2] home security platform, which offers traditional security and smart home-integrated options to help build your very own protection plan. The platform can be fully controlled from the in-home Command panel and via the mobile app, Control. And of course, ADT offers 24/7 professional monitoring[3], so you can rest easy even if you’re sleeping in at your beach bungalow hundreds of miles away.


Take advantage of advanced tech

Armed with the power of smart home technology, your peace of mind can be automatic. For example, we’ve all experienced that moment of panic when you can’t remember if you left the coffee maker on. With ADT’s ADT Smart Plugs[4], you can check - and turn anything plugged into the outlet on or off - from anywhere using the Control app. If you accidentally leave your garage door open, the Garage Door Monitor[5] will send you an alert so you can close it, ensuring effortless safety.

Porch pirates beware

The Video Doorbell Camera[6] can also help deter unwelcome visitors and alert you of any packages that might arrive in your absence. If someone’s on your property, you’ll know quickly: you’ll get an alert when the motion detector is triggered. And with seamless video via your doorbell camera, you’ll be able to easily see who’s at your door and even talk through the two-way speaker to scare off any potential thieves. As an added layer of support, it’s always a good idea to ask neighbors to bring in any packages you’re expecting - just in case!

Be a fly on the wall

And nighttime security is no problem - ADT video doorbell camera solutions feature infrared LED night-vision technology, allowing you to literally see visitors in the dark. With the camera’s wide 180° viewing angle, you can see what’s happening around your home, day or night. Combine with a few well-placed ADT outdoor cameras around your property - which also have LED night-vision - and you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening at your home from your Control app while enjoying guilty-pleasure beach reads miles away.

Light it up

A well-lit house can be a deterrent to burglars. Installing ADT Smart Light Bulbs[7] throughout your home lets you control your lighting remotely, and you can easily create a schedule that will automatically set your desired lighting throughout the day - or even have lights turn off and on randomly, creating the appearance of an occupied home. And don’t forget: ADT Smart Light Bulbs let you easily create outdoor security lighting[8] that automatically turns on when motion is detected, making any potential burglar think twice about intruding in full view of the neighborhood.


Avoid social media

Although you may want to post envy-inducing pictures of your trip while you’re away, you’re better off keeping your vacation offline. If people know you are away, you could risk being targeted by burglars. This approach has the added benefit of helping you stay fully present with your family, enjoying the warm weather together in peace. And you can always post afterward when you’re back home, safe and sound!

By following our simple guidelines, the most stressful thing about your spring break will be deciding whether you want a daiquiri or a margarita. Check out our entire range of home security products and services here[9]- and, enjoy your trip!












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