Apartment living typically means you’re surrounded by plenty of close-proximity neighbors. A suite of rooms that joins to form one larger residence often creates plenty of shared spaces, like hallways, elevators, laundry rooms, or other amenities. 

You see your neighbors frequently, although there’s a chance you don’t know them all that well. You may have doormen and security in a front lobby area, as well as an elevator or stairwell you share. Maybe your building offers a garage, or you and your neighbors just know the best places to park in the area. 

Although these might be reasons many enjoy living in an apartment, they also come with their own host of security risks. Fortunately, ADT smart locks could be the answer to blending peak safety with an apartment lifestyle. 

What Is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks encompass a variety of different lock options, but ultimately, they are electromagnetic and designed to both lock and unlock a door when it receives instructions that authorize it to do so.

4 Benefits of a Smart Lock for Your Apartment 

Some key benefits of a smart lock include:

  • Control access with a key code

  • Mobile access

  • Alerts for when your lock status changes

  • Keyless entry

Control Access With a Key Code

For starters, a smart lock is typically accessible by a memorized key code, not a lost or stolen key, and not a master key for which the entire building may have access. This limited access automatically embeds more safety into your home. 

Mobile Access

Smart locks also offer mobile access to the lock, which means you can unlock and lock your door from virtually anywhere. This ability has many safety implications. For instance, if you’d like to temporarily give someone access to your home without having to share the code, you can unlock it for them from wherever you are. Of course, you can also use this mobile access to lock people out if need be. 

Alerts for When Your Smart Lock Status Changes

Alerts enable automatic text or email updates whenever your lock status changes. If an unauthorized person were to enter your home, for example, you would be notified right away, giving you additional time to respond and enlist help. In the event of a robbery or even a violent crime, time is of the essence. This also offers a way to babysit from afar, alerting parents as doors in real-time are opened and closed. 

Keyless Entry

The ability to get in without keys is clearly practical on its own. Instead of searching your bag, you can plug in a memorized code. With the right smart lock, you can also generate multiple codes, which saves you from having to make a key copy or share your own set.

8 Smart Lock Features to Look for

To find the perfect smart lock for your needs, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with a few key features that are available to you. 

8 Smart Lock Features You Need for Your Apartment

  • Programmable lock

  • One-touch lock

  • Smart key

  • Nighttime illumination

  • Bump guard 

  • Wireless access

  • Camera combination 

  • Emergency automations

Programmable Lock

We mentioned this briefly, but a smart lock should be able to register unique codes for various individuals. ADT smart locks can register up to 30. By designating individual codes to people entering your apartment, you can know who is in your home at all times. And if something does go wrong, you’ll at least know where to start looking for answers. 

One-Touch Lock 

With the effortless touch of a button on your smart lock, you can lock your door in an instant. In an apartment, you often have to step out for a quick second to do laundry, pick up mail, or other errands, so it’s helpful to have a hassle-free way to lock behind you each time. 

Smart Key

A smart key is an essential feature, especially in an apartment building, where roommates and tenants change so often. Whether your roommate is moving out, or you’d like to restrict access from someone you once gave a key to, a smart key will allow you to rekey your lock without having to remove it entirely from your door. Know that if you choose a smart lock without a smart key, the whole lock would require removal and replacement by a professional.

Nighttime Illumination

Nighttime illumination provides a combination of safety and convenience. You’ll never have to fumble around for keys in the dark or question which keys you’re pushing. 

Bump Guard 

This is another crucial one to look out for in apartments and beyond. Conventional locks fall susceptible to a burglary technique called bumping, where a special key is used to “bump” the lock open. ADT smart locks are specifically designed to prevent this.

Wireless Access 

Smart locks from ADT work via your Wi-Fi network. As long as they are connected to your network, you can control them from pretty much anywhere. This also allows them to send alerts to your mobile phone via the ADT mobile app. You can also wirelessly check the status of your locks. Can’t remember if you locked up? Check your phone instead of running all the way back home. 

Camera Combination

By joining the visuals of a security camera with the securing capabilities of your smart lock, you have more visual access to your home. Both security measures use the same app to give you total control and convenience. 

Emergency Automation 

In the event of an emergency, smart locks from ADT enable the implementation of emergency procedures that will fully secure or unlock your apartment should the need arise. For example, you can choose to automatically unlock all locks in the event of a fire, so that you and your family can get out safely. You can also set your preferences to update weekly or daily so that you better recognize an emergency or something unusual. 

2 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Smart Lock in an Apartment

Below is a look at two questions you’ll want to answer before you install your smart lock in your apartment:

  1. Have you checked your lease? Particularly in an apartment building, your landlord may have regulations that span across all apartments. Although most landlords would likely encourage an additional safety feature of the building, it’s good to cover your bases.

  1. Do you know how to install it? Smart lock installation is not like a regular doorbell. They require a connection to your apartment’s electrical wiring, and you will likely need a professional like ADT. That said, it isn’t impossible to install it on your own if you’re willing to put the time and effort to learn how online. Just be sure to check its function before you install it. 

The Long-Term Value of a Smart Lock for an Apartment

Value is also something that can’t be underscored enough, especially as someone who may own an apartment. Of course, it’s impossible to put a price on your own safety or the well-being of those who might be renting your apartment, but you may not have thought of the additional value that having a smart lock can provide. Some additional long-term benefits include:

  • The ability to charge more as a landlord for the added security 

  • Improve the quality of tenants

  • More goodwill between tenant(s) and landlord

  • Smart lock provides a log to reference in the event of a burglary

Not only can an updated, modern lock increase the value of your apartment, but also you may have better luck with renting it out. If you’re looking for a roommate to help share costs or are looking to rent out your space, you may attract higher-quality tenants who don’t mind paying more for the security provided by a smart lock. 

If you do not own your apartment, though, you can still generate goodwill with your landlord. Perhaps it’s something your landlord has never thought of and would be willing to pay for. After all, tenants’ safety impacts their bottom line and, hopefully, their heart as well.

If you do own your apartment, some insurance companies will even give you a deduction on your homeowners insurance premiums. Talk with your insurance provider, but some offer as much as 5% off your premiums and $100 in rebates for installing a smart lock in your home.

Finally, if you have our theft protection guarantee, this means that ADT will pay up to $500 of your insurance deductible if a burglary occurs while your ADT security system is armed.

Smart Lock Love

If it isn’t already clear, a smart lock is perfectly suited to the apartment lifestyle; it’s just a matter of identifying which features you need. Would you like to be able to generate 30 codes to identify entrants to your home? What about added light at night? Mobile access and even camera connection? Fortunately, ADT offers all of these features and more.

ADT has been offering 24/7 monitoring services for over 100 years but remains dedicated to modernization, so we know what you need when it comes to safety yesterday, today, and in the future. 

With our dedicated team of customer service representatives and professional technicians, we are dedicated to making sure you and your family are protected. So, reach out to ADT today with any questions you may have in the name of safety.


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