It’s 2020, and you can ask a virtual assistant to do just about anything for you, like set your appointments, call your mom, or even turn on your porch lights! According to the Pew Research Center[1], one-quarter of US adults own a smart speaker. It’s clear that voice-enabled devices are becoming more and more a part of the average American household and a new standard is being set for future tech to fit this voice-capability.

Our technology is no exception! ADT Command and Control and ADT Pulse are both compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, and Pulse is also compatible with the Google Assistant. You can connect your home security system as well as your smart home devices to the most prevalent smart speakers in American homes, and then order your house around as you please!

Our devices are also compatible with the original wide-spread virtual assistant, Siri. Since her debut on the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, her reach has grown significantly. In fact, in 2018 Apple announced[2] that Siri was being used on over 500 million devices. And according to Statista[3], more than 100 million of those devices are iPhones.

If you’re one of those 100 million iPhone users, Siri (and the capability to use your voice to keep your home safe) is with you at all times. Below is a list of all the things you can do with that voice-activated virtual assistant in your pocket.


If your arms are full while you’re carrying in groceries- no need to stress. Simply say, “Hey Siri, Disarm” before you walk in. She’ll save you the panic of having to rush to get the groceries to the counter and get back to your panel before the alarm goes off. Better yet, use this skill as you’re pulling into your driveway!

Arm Stay/ Arm Away

This skill is perfect for those always on the go. Every time you lock your front door or pull out of your driveway, you can say “Hey Siri, Arm Away”. This eliminates the need to put yourself and others at risk by pulling out your phone, going into the app, and changing the status of your system while driving. If you get to your destination and realize your system is unarmed, this is a great way to not have to stop what you’re doing to arm it.

If you’re home and ready to settle in for the night, but you’re comfortably buried under blankets on the couch and don’t want to reach for your phone just say, “Hey Siri, Arm Stay”. You can cuddle up, worry-free knowing that your system is armed and you never had to leave your blankets.

The greatest part about Siri is that as long as you have your phone/tablet with you, she’s there and ready to help.

Set a Scene

Setting a scene is possibly the most futuristic skill that Siri is capable of. All of your smart home devices that can be linked to your ADT Command and Control can be included here. After you connect those devices, simply go to the “Siri shortcuts” menu in your ADT Control app and customize the 5 available scenes to fit your lifestyle. For example, if you say “Hey Siri, Home” when you pull into your driveway after work, she can: disarm your system, unlock the smart lock on your front door, raise the temperature a few degrees on your smart thermostat, turn on your smart lights to your preferred color and brightness setting, start up your favorite playlist on your smart speaker, and turn on the smart plug for your pressure cooker so you can get dinner started as soon as possible. These capabilities may be overwhelming, but you can see how owning even one of these smart home devices can increase the convenience of your daily routine tenfold.

As we continue into the era of voice-controlled surroundings, getting comfortable with using technology is going to be imperative. If you have these capabilities, try using Siri to help you protect what you love! If you’d like to give these smart products a try, check out our website.

ADT customers enjoy all of the modern technology mentioned above, backed by professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. Visit our home automation products, smart home accessories, and home security systems today, and find the protection you need!





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