As more and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age and beyond, perspectives on leading a full life later in life are changing. For most, that includes living independently and maintaining a lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed for as long as possible.

But as we age, this decision also comes with some inherent risks, and an extra layer of worry for adult children who want the best for their parents, but also want them safe, secure and connected to help whenever they need it.

Creating a Safe Home

To start, there are steps you can take to make a home safer, including ensuring rugs are secured and won’t slip, hallways are clear of any obstructions and places like steps are well-lit and highlighted so as not to be missed. You can also add not-slip mats for showers and bathtubs, and even handrails to minimize fall risk. You can find even more helpful ideas here.

Building a Safety Net

Even if you take the steps to create a safer household, the risk of a fall, injury or medical emergency is still quite real. Building a senior safety system can mitigate some of the potential consequences of injuries and medical emergencies, while keeping you safer.

A Lifeline in a Medical Emergency

An ADT Medical Alert system provides seniors, people with disabilities and allergies or the home-bound with immediate help for medical emergencies. ADT offers both in-home and on-the-go systems. In home, Medical Alert Basic and Medical Alert Plus provide easy-to-read and easy-to-use base units you use to call for help in an emergency. The Basic unit relies on a traditional landline while the Plus uses a cellular connection. Both systems also include a waterproof emergency button that you can wear on your wrist, around your neck or clipped to clothing. Even if the security system is disarmed, the button will continue to work.

Our On-The-Go system includes a small mobile base unit with two-way voice intercom as well as a waterproof emergency button on a wristband or pendant. The mobile unit can be used inside or outside of the home, and uses GPS technology to pinpoint your location. So you can feel safe whether you’re in the bath, working in the yard or running errands.

With all of our senior safety systems, the push of the button alerts your nearest ADT monitoring center, where one of our trained professionals evaluates the situation and can take action to handle the emergency.

Help On Hand

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that one in three adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall every year. So having help on hand in case of a medical emergency can be a critical factor in minimizing the severity of the situation. Beyond that, you can use the device as a panic response button. If you notice something suspicious or feel in danger, pressing the button sends an alert to ADT so that we can provide emergency assistance. It’s yet another level of security and peace of mind a system can provide.

Reassurance for Family and Friends

Having a senior safety alarm at your home can provide an immense amount of reassurance to friends and family that you’re being looked after even if they can’t always be accessible. And with optional email and text alerts, they can know if an emergency occurs, or even if the front door is opened or a medicine cabinet hasn’t been opened in a day or two, to make sure any important medications are being taken as needed.

A senior safety alarm system is a smart, safe and easy way to maintain an independent lifestyle while still having help just a button tap away. Contact ADT to get a free quote for a new system.

Make It Part of a Comprehensive Security and Safety Solution

A senior safety system provides the reassurance of knowing someone is there for you or your loved ones 24/7. But an ADT security system offers even greater peace of mind by helping to detect and deter break-ins – something that’s especially important for households with move vulnerable residents. The basic system includes a keypad linked to door, window and motion sensors, all monitored 24/7 by ADT. The system offers the option to add security cameras to expand its capabilities and provide an additional break-in deterrent. For even more protection, you can add environmental sensors that can detect smoke and carbon monoxide, alerting residents and ADT monitoring centers to the threat so that we can dispatch first responders.

Senior Safety Made Simple

Taking care of aging family members is a challenge, but ADT can help. Our easy-to-use, reliable systems take a lot of the worry out of day-to-day living for seniors and the people who care about and for them. Call ADT at to learn more about ADT Senior Safety Systems.

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