It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s finally your turn to host the whole group for a holiday get-together. You may feel prepared to host this year, but now it’s time to make sure your home is prepared or the main event as well. What you may not know is that your ADT system can help your big night go flawlessly. Here are some pro-tips for those of you hosting during the holidays for the first time:

Set the Scene:

The foundation of every party is the backdrop: you want to create a cheery, welcoming atmosphere where everyone is comfortable and having a good time. Holiday memories will certainly be plentiful in a properly-coordinated home.

  • Lighting: Indoor lights should be dimmed a small amount; not so much that anyone could have trouble seeing, but dim enough to convey that this is a special occasion and not just any old dinner party. Use ADT smart lights in any area where you’d like to have some fun (porch lights work great for this!). Zipato lights not only allow you to adjust brightness from your phone, they can also change colors! Set your front porch lights to be any color 30 minutes before your party through the ADT mobile app, and give your guests a festive welcome before they even get inside.

  • Temperature: As winter weather settles in, most of us have already switched on our heaters. When hosting, it’s important to keep your home warm enough so guests are comfortable when they shed their winter layers. Your ADT Smart Thermostat can be controlled via the ADT mobile app, so when you remember to change the settings, you can do so from wherever you are at that moment. This especially comes in handy when you’re in line at the grocery store an hour before the party and suddenly realize your house is still 60 degrees.

  • Music: Your Sonos speaker can set the right mood. Play music from a list of favorites, control playback, and control which speakers are playing, all from your ADT mobile app.

  • Extras: Your ADT mobile app can connect to smart plugs (turn off that slow cooker from anywhere), lower the blinds (maintain that ambiance), change the sound of your doorbell chime (try some bells!) and so much more

Keep the Party Going

For yours to truly be the perfect holiday party, you want to avoid the lulls: stretches of silence, early departures, anything that isn’t feeding the party’s mood. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Avoid any Awkwardness: As a host, you are (usually) the common social link between everyone in attendance. It can get awkward for your guests if you leave the room before everyone has gotten to know one another, especially at the beginning of the night. Using the Video Doorbell Camera and ADT Smart Lock system is the perfect way to combat these uncomfortable scenes. As new guests arrive, you can see who’s at the door and let them in from your ADT Control app. Social crisis: averted.

  • Keep it Comfortable: As we mentioned earlier, the right temperature allows people to get comfortable. But as the night goes on, the temperature of your house will fluctuate as you fire up the oven, open the door to a chilly night, and add more warm bodies. With the ADT Smart Thermostat, you can set the temperature to stay in a certain comfortable range, and adjust it at any time with just a few quick taps on your phone if necessary. Comfortable guests are much easier to keep entertained.

  • Watch the Stragglers: With HD indoor cameras, you can keep an eye on your entire house from your phone, there’s no need to take laps to make sure everyone is having fun. Did your cousins show up with 8 energized kids? No worries- track what they’re doing without having to leave the party you worked so hard for.

Always Feel Safe

Opening up your home, even just to family, can be stressful sometimes. With our help, however, you can feel more confident that you and your loved ones are safe. Here’s how:

  • Unexpected Errands: Does your partner have to go on a last-minute grocery run? With winter weather setting in and possible added holiday traffic, roads can get hazardous. ADT Go’s family tracking feature is here to give you peace of mind. Feel free to go about your hosting duties while you keep track of their progress from your phone. They can even let you know through the app when they arrive safely at the store. If there is a fender bender on the way home, we’ll send you an immediate alert.

  • Maintain a Secure Home: You should never have to keep your door unlocked during a party; keep an eye on the front porch and be able to let invited guests in remotely using your Video Doorbell Camera, while keeping any party-crashers out. The ADT Control app will also send you alerts if anything is triggered during the party: fire alarms, broken windows, or other small hazards could fly under the radar during a boisterous get-together, but there’s no reason to sacrifice security for fun.

Make it even more festive!

Are you ready to make your holiday party as festive as possible? Just a few simple tweaks to the tips above can help you turn your home into a holiday scene Santa himself would approve:

  • Christmas Mode: Your ADT-integrated smart lights are capable of illuminating your house in any color imaginable! You can switch those warm Thanksgiving-colored lights over to a bright red and green. While you’re at it, switch your Sonos playlist in the ADT Control app to your favorite Christmas songs.

  • Make your Day Merry and Bright: Plug your Christmas lights into ADT Smart Plugs- you’ll be able to brighten or dim them, automate when they turn on and off, or even flip the switch through the Control app (and never again wonder if you left them on or not).

  • Entertain the Kids: Starting December 9th, you can catch Santa leaving gifts in the Santa Feature of the ADT control app. If anyone tries to break into the presents too early, you can detect them with motion sensors in the living room.

You now have all of the knowledge to be completely in control when it comes to creating the perfect backdrop for your first holiday party. ADT customers enjoy all the added convenience and security of this modern technology, backed by expert installation and 24/7 monitoring. If your home security system is missing any of the products or features above, visit our home automation page to get set up. Good luck and happy holidays!



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