Home offices can get messy. There are many items in your office that can become a fire hazard just waiting to combust. Each year, hundreds of home offices experience fires.

ADT has some great ideas to keep home offices safe. Keeping your home office free from clutter is a good first step. Electrical wires pose a big fire hazard to home offices. Tying loose wires up will greatly reduce the risk of fire. You can also unplug any unused appliances.

Home Office Fires

Every year hundreds of home offices are impacted by fire. Many accidents could have been avoided had they employed appropriate preparatory measures. All home offices should be equipped with a fire extinguisher and functioning smoke detectors that are tested monthly.

First Aid

Having a first aid kit is the best way to prepare for office accidents. These kits include everything necessary to provide temporary remedy until paramedics arrive in the event of a home office accident.

Cord Clutter

A common fire hazard shared by home and office workers is found in cord clutter. It can be tempting to simply hide this mess under a rug or piece of furniture, but the fire hazard posed does not disappear as easily. Use cord containing devices that are made to organize the clutter in a safe manner.

Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case you do have an emergency. Smoke alarms are paramount to protect you from fires. They will alert you to the first possible detection of smoke. Give ADT a call and have them install monitored smoke alarms in your home office and throughout your home. This will ensure your house will get immediate attention in the case of a fire regardless of whether you are home or not.

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