Home Automation Resources

Learn about the basics of home automation and taking control of your home’s lighting, thermostat, security,
appliances and more, from almost anywhere on nearly every device.

How Smart Homes Work

Learn more about how ADT Pulse® can transform your home into a smart home that provides exceptional security solutions and puts you and your family in control.

Access Your Home Security with Remote Monitoring

If you have a home security system or are in the market for one, then remote home monitoring may be a feature at the top of your list.

Home Cameras: See What You’re Missing

Way back when, home surveillance systems were about the size of a mail box. Well times have changed. Advancements in technology have helped to reduce their size and cost, making home security cameras affordable.

The Latest in Home Security Innovation

There has been a lot of advancement in home security innovation and with good reason. Burglary is big business. Find out what the top home automation products and service trends are.

The Benefits of Complete Home Automation

Complete home automation may sound complex and expensive, but many systems are surprisingly affordable and simple to install.

Scam Alert: Posing as a Remote Access Service Technician

Just when you thought you were aware of all the scams out there along comes a new one; remote pc support.

Enhance Your Home Security with Automated Lights

With home automation, you have access to innovative security technologies that let you view and manage your entire home. Get more home security information about how Z-wave wireless technology enables home integration and how you can control your home from nearly any internet-enabled device, including a compatible tablet or smartphone.

Make Your Home a Smart Home

What is home automation? In a nutshell, it’s you having the ability to control your home’s lighting, thermostat, security, appliances and more –from almost anywhere.

Outdoor Lighting: Security for Your Exterior

While a security system can do a lot to keep intruders out, the right outdoor lighting can do a lot to keep problems from arising in the first place.

High-Tech Changes in Home Security Lead to Smart Security Systems

Back in the day…many older home security systems were ’analog’ systems that relied on a standard telephone line. Today’s home security systems go beyond alarm panels, sensors and keypads.