We are well into the age of technological convenience: children are learning how to code in school, they are issued tablets in lieu of textbooks, and chasing professions that didn’t exist fifteen years ago (Social Media Manager, Videogame Coach, Self-driving Vehicle Engineer). They are certainly growing up in a different world. When they get stuck on a tough question in their homework, they can ask Alexa for help; if they ever want to communicate with friends, there are several methods available not including face-to-face. It’s almost maddening, thinking about how easy it is for them to complete tasks that we used to struggle with. Along with the jealousy we may feel thinking about how easy it is for them to write a book report these days, we’re grateful that today’s children live in a more convenient world. Here’s why:

They’ll Never Get Locked Out Again

Do you remember the sheer dread that would set in when you hopped off the school bus, ready to start your after-school fun, only to find that you’d forgotten your house key and had to wait for your mom to get home? Sitting on the front porch with nothing but your homework to keep you company, and knowing all too well that it was your own fault. This feeling (still so palpable) is something that the children of today never need to experience. The introduction of keyless entry by way of smart locks, keypads, and video doorbells has eliminated this now-antiquated problem. Now you can be alerted when your child makes it home safely, and rid yourself of any latchkey worries.

You’ll Always Know Where They Are

Smart technology doesn’t stop outside the walls of your home, and gone are the days of having to question where your children are. GPS technology has advanced to the point where you can know your family’s whereabouts at all times. With ADT SoSecure, you can check in to make sure their carpool arrived at soccer practice on time, thwart any late-night sneaking around, or immediately know where they are when disaster strikes. 

The SOS Emergency Response feature allows for immediate contact with an ADT dispatcher who will make sure you’re okay and alert emergency responders if not. It’s hard to think about scenarios in which your children might need this feature, but allowing them to have a way to communicate in an emergency provides peace of mind for parents and children alike.   

This app is also a blessing for parents of teen drivers. Receive updates when they make it to their destination safely, an automatic alert if they get into a fender-bender, a multi-point safe driving report, and access to 24/7 roadside assistance for any trouble they may run into. You can hand over the car keys confidently, knowing we’re helping to keep them safe on the roads.

We may have tested the boundaries of safety when we were younger, but there’s no need for our children to do the same.

They Can Help Protect Themselves

Modern technology and tech-savvy youths have made it possible for the whole family to be empowered to act in the event of an emergency. Children can see who is at their front door, lock and unlock doors from their devices, ask Alexa to arm their security system, and even communicate with an ADT dispatcher through their control panel. 

Smart home products can play a part in your family’s emergency response plans, and communicating with your children about their shared responsibility in your family’s safety is imperative. Ensure that they know their options in any given situation and are comfortable using the necessary equipment. Encourage open conversations about when it’s appropriate to call emergency services, who is allowed in the house, and what is necessary to communicate in the event of an emergency. Their preparedness could save lives.

We may love to dwell on the old days and tease kids about how easy they have it, but when you get down to it, smart technology has made the world a safer and more convenient place to live. We love that we can spoil our kids in that way.

ADT customers enjoy all of this modern technology, backed by expert installation and 24/7 monitoring. Learn more about our Smart Home accessories today, and get the protection you need.

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