Smart home technology that includes remote home thermostat sensing, allows you to adjust the temperature of your home or a designated area from almost anywhere.

With temperature alarms enabled, you can monitor your home’s critical areas and receive notification of impending trouble. All you need is a smart phone, iPad or a mobile web connection to monitor and control the temperature in your home.

Temperature sensors are ideal for:

  1. Warning you of environmental dangers - Winter and summer months can be a leading problem for many home related troubles, such your basement flooding, water pipe leaks, or heating and cooling systems malfunctioning. The result can lead to costly damage of your home’s interior.

  2. Areas without smoke detectors - Smoke detectors are not designed for rooms with extreme heat or cold, such as attics, and crawl spaces or in areas smoke is common, such as the kitchen. For the areas in your home where smoke detectors are not recommended, heat detectors are the perfect solution. A heat detector is a temperature sensor that detects the rapid rise in heat.

  3. Protecting your investments - There are certain rooms in your home where maintaining a controlled temperature is essential, such as a wine cellar, cigar storage, green house, or where art and/or antiques are located. Temperature alarms can be ideal for alerting you to changes in specific rooms within your home.

  4. Energy Management - With a remote thermostat you can adjust the temperature in your home to maximize energy efficiency thereby saving you time, money and resources. It can also be a great way to warm up or cool down the home before you and the kids come home.

Smart home security systems such as the Pulse make it convenient to monitor the temperature in your home while you’re on-the-go, especially when far from home such as when you’re traveling. With a remote thermostat, control and notifications are as close as your smart phone, iPad or computer. 

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