Closing on a new home is exciting—and chaotic. It’s natural to be overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do. But amid all the hustle, don’t forget to check off one of the most essential items on your must-do list: changing the locks.

Changing the locks on your new home should be one of the first things you do once you’ve closed on your new home. After all, you have no idea how many copies of the keys were handed out by the previous owner.

When Should You Change the Locks?

Whenever security and safety are at risk, it is highly recommended that the locks be changed or re-keyed—a small price to pay for peace of mind. Other situations may call for the locks to be changed or re-keyed –the most common are:

  • After a break-in or burglary.
  • If keys are lost or stolen.
  • Damaged lock.


Replace or Re-key?


The decision is ultimately up to you. Every lock should be changed, including garage doors, back doors, and basement doors. To limit the number of keys you must keep up with, key alike your entire home if possible. If you buy all your locksets simultaneously, match the codes of each lockset to ensure they are the same. If they have the same code, they are keyed alike, using the same key.

If you need multiple styles of locksets, the hardware store can re-key them alike, so you only have to carry one master key. Changing your locks is simple – it only requires a screwdriver.


To Replace a Keyed Lockset

  1. Remove the two screws on the doorknob.
  2. Remove the interior and exterior portions of the lock.
  3. If the door has a keyed lockset and a deadbolt, the key lock will have a spring-loaded striker on the edge of the door, and the deadbolt will have a latch; these do not have to be removed unless you are changing the style of the locks.
  4. To install the new hardware, simply revere the process.

How to Install Electronic Deadbolt


The best part about a keyless entry system is that you eliminate the hassle of losing your keys, pulling them out or dropping them when your hands are full. You can program multiple combinations for the cleaning crew, dog sitters, kids, friends, and family members without the hassle or cost of having multiple keys made. You can also limit when others have access to your home. WIth ADT professional smart lock installation, we ensure your new electronic lock is properly installed and provides you with the highest level of protection.



Innovation in Keyless Deadbolts 

  • The basic keyless keypad – operates off a battery with a code or key.
  • Biometric – use of a fingerprint to open/lock deadbolt or with a key
  • Re-keyable Standard Deadbolt – Includes a “learning tool” that allows you to re-key the lock to a new key. These smart locks connect to your Smartphone. Touch to open/close.
  • Turn-to-lock – Uses key to unlock, rotate the outer ring on the deadbolt on the outside of the door to lock. The ring only turns in one direction to lock it.

Smart locks offer solutions for anyone managing a family with many activities. They enable remote management features, allowing you to control who has access to your home while you’re away.

These locksets are available in hundreds of styles and finishes – something for everyone and offer many benefits.

1. Accessibility

With a Smart Lock system in place, creating unique codes for each member of your family or user is simple with a Smartphone. You can also set a schedule by day and time when the codes will be active. With smart locks, you won’t need to meet delivery people or dog sitters. Then, when they leave, simply cancel their access permission. The smartphone app shows timestamps for anyone who has accessed your home. You no longer need to manage extra copies of the keys or change the locks when they go missing.

2. Remote control

Smartphone access is one of the most convenient features of smart locks, making it easier to grant access remotely for deliveries or service technicians while you’re away. Forget about taking time off from work and driving home to let housekeeper or plumber in; simply lock or unlock the door remotely right from your app. 

3. Notifications

Receiving notifications on your Smartphone is one of the best features. For example, you will get a notification if a door is left unlocked. Additional insights of smart lock notifications provide you information on which user may have locked or unlocked the door. Lastly, checking up on kids to ensure they made it home safely is easy.

To replace the manual deadbolt with a remote-control keyless lockset:

  1. Securely tape the exterior part of the deadbolt to the door with painter’s tape.
  2. Remove the two screws from the interior side of the door and the backplate; this will expose the mechanism that operates the latch within the deadbolt.
  3. Select a new backplate from those provided by the manufacturer of the new device that matches the old backplate; install using the two screws you removed previously.
  4. Get the new deadbolt device ready by flipping up two little wings located on either side of the device. Select an adapter from those provided by the manufacturer and match it to your lockset.
  5. Plug the electronic device into your deadbolt and lock down the wings. The electronic deadbolt is now ready to calibrate to Bluetooth.
  6. A wi-fi bridge connects the lock to your wi-fi and allows you to control the door from anywhere. Download the phone app, then add the lock. These devices typically include a geofence option that can be turned on/off.

Installing a Vintage Lockset


Not everyone gets excited about electronic door locks. Homebuyers have their own ideas about what they want in their homes, including the door hardware, for example, vintage locksets. And sometimes, doors need to be modified to accommodate those ideas. If you have chosen to change the lock type and hire a locksmith to do this work, it can be cost-prohibitive.

Here we explain how to accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

For those DIY enthusiasts, here are the steps to making you’re the necessary modifications to accommodate vintage locksets:

  1. Remove any locking hardware on the door and clean out the cavities of any backfill used to install the previous lockset.
  2. Determine how much wood you need to chisel to fit the full mortise lock.
  3. If there is a significant difference, drill large enough pilot holes along the edge of the door to allow you to chisel easily without splintering the wood.
  4. Vintage locksets typically don’t require a round hole in the door, so these would have to be patched using a Dutchman.
  5. Set the mortise lock and attach the new “old” doorknob. You are done.!

This process takes considerably longer than a simple lock replacement but delivers beautiful results if done correctly.


Boring For a New Doorknob


Replacing a “dummy latch” with a passing lockset, typically found on interior doors, will require boring two holes in the door for the new lockset.

  1. Remove the dummy latch.
  2. Follow the instructions included with the new lockset to mark your door for the new lock. (If you are replacing locks throughout your new home, you may want to consider purchasing a jig from your local hardware center ($8.99-$22.99)to speed things and ensure accuracy.)
  3. Next, drill a hole through the door on both sides using your guides or jig.
  4. Fit the latch into the edge of the door. If the fit is too snug, use a 1” hole saw to enlarge it slightly.
  5. Slide the latch into the hole on the edge of the door and mark the edges where you will chisel out some wood to allow the plate to fit flush on the edge of the door.
  6. Slide the new doorknob into place and secure it with screws provided.
  7. To finish, install the new striker place into the door jamb, chiselling the opening if necessary. Be sure to remove small amounts of wood until the latch fits snugly.

Personalizing your new home is a work-in-progress; replacing interior and exterior locksets requires diligence and some investment of your time. 

However, once done, you have the pleasure of knowing that your lockset décor is exactly what you want.

ADT can help homeowners who are looking to make their homes more secure and like state-of-the-art technology. We will design the right system for your home --one that fits your budget and help protect you and your family.

ADT offers a wide variety of smart locks and home security systems. Visit our website today to see styles and finishes available, and call us for an appointment and free estimate.

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