Home security systems provide more than just a way to protect your home. They help you keep tabs on your family to make sure they stay safe, help monitor your personal property, and even watch over your pet from virtually anywhere.

As home security needs have evolved, so too have the security cameras used – both in function and style. Security cameras now offer more than a one-way view and constant monitoring. In addition to a multitude of features, many modern cameras are also wireless, which makes them easier to install.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about wireless security cameras, including how they work and how to decide if they are right for you.

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Work?

The word "wireless" in wireless cameras can refer to either battery-powered cameras or cameras that must be plugged into a power source. What makes them wireless is their Wi-Fi connection capabilities. Once powered, the cameras can send video and audio signals right to your mobile device or cloud storage.

ADT security cameras integrate directly with the ADT mobile app to stream in real time or watch clips later. Access your footage from virtually anywhere and any time with the tap of a screen.

Wireless cameras operating on a battery source are sometimes referred to as "wire-free" to distinguish them from ones that must be plugged in. Their batteries typically have a lifespan of three to six months, and your mobile app will often alert you when they are getting low.

To save battery power, most wire-free cameras have motion sensors. They turn on and record when they detect any motion on your property or in your house and remain in a dormant mode until they are needed again.

Wireless cameras that are plugged in don’t require motion-sensor technology, which means your video stream can constantly be monitored.

Wired Security Cameras vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Wired security cameras require physical wires to send video information from the camera to your router and from the router to your computer or hub. They send information directly through wires, making the connection safe and strong.

Like non battery-powered wireless cameras, wired cameras must also be connected to a power supply, although they may be powered through the same wires that connect them to your hub.

Wired security cameras can often be more expensive than wireless cameras because they are more complicated to install. The wire feeds must often be pulled through walls and may need to be run for a very long distance, depending on the camera’s location relative to the video storage.

You often find wired security cameras on larger properties, where they enable a secure and closed feed.

Wired Security Cameras vs. Wireless Security Cameras
Wired Home Security Cameras Wireless Home Security Cameras
Wired home security cameras rely on a hardwired connection to receive power and transmit signals to a central hub. Wireless home security cameras use a secure network to keep your devices connected.

Since wireless security cameras can connect to their receiver and recorder wirelessly, they have more versatility. And because some can operate using batteries, you can put wireless cameras anywhere you like in your home. Wireless cameras give you the freedom to watch over any area as long as your Wi-Fi receiver can be reached.

With a Wi-Fi connection, you can access a live feed of your wireless cameras via a computer or phone, giving you the power of mobility and security.

Who Benefits From Wireless Cameras?

Are you trying to decide if you would benefit from a wireless surveillance camera? We are here to help.

ADT represents the industry’s largest sales, installation, and service field force. Our installation technicians, on average, offer nine years of expertise to help you plan your home security needs. We are dedicated to helping you find the wireless camera perfect for your home.

Wireless home cameras could be the right choice for:

  • Renters
  • Landlords
  • Families
  • Owners of small properties
  • Smart home owners

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras for Renters

When you don’t own your place, it can be more difficult to set up security. You are likely not allowed to put in any permanent or hard-to-remove pieces of equipment. The installation of a wireless camera system, such as Blue by ADT, is quick, easy, and flexible.

Not only is Blue by ADT typically less expensive than a traditional security system but also it provides the versatility of easy installation and removal. The cameras utilize a small design, giving you plenty of options when choosing locations for cameras around your rental property. If you choose to move homes, you can disconnect your security camera and take it to your next location.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras for Landlords

Help make sure the people staying in your home are protected. If you rent out your home, having a wireless security system can provide your tenants with the security they need. If anything does happen, you’ve got access to the footage to answer any questions.

For rental hosts, connect with your guests when they arrive, even if you can’t be around, with the ADT mobile app. Wireless doorbell cameras can act as a two-way radio, so you can give instructions or greet your guests as they arrive.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras for Families

Make sure the ones in your life who may have trouble on their own are protected. ADT has a great relationship with first responders. Our LifeSaver Program and generous donations have helped families like yours stay safe. Also, our team helps drive industry standards, and we work with local response agencies to make sure any emergencies are handled as quickly as possible.

For those with elderly family members, live streams allow you to see where they are and if they’re in trouble, even if you aren’t around. If they are in a situation where they need help, being able to talk to them or even let emergency responders know their situation can help.

Wireless security cameras also allow you to look after your children and pets. Whether they are in the backyard playing or in their rooms sleeping, a wireless camera can put your anxiety at ease, knowing they are safe. Alerts to your phone let you know when movement is detected in an area that could be unsafe, allowing you to jump into action.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras for Owners of Small Properties

Wireless security cameras give you the luxury of knowing what happens around your home. However, they connect to your Wi-Fi network, so it’s important that they remain within range. Smaller properties make it easy to ensure your camera remains connected and has a strong signal, maintaining the highest quality surveillance for your home.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security Cameras for Smart Home Owners

Smart home devices work efficiently with wireless security cameras. If you want to connect your cameras to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, wireless cameras give you that option.

The abilities of your smart home devices vary depending on the wireless camera you choose, but their functions may include showing or hiding camera feeds, showing any recent activity, motion-sensor detection technology, and even answering your doorbell via built-in two-way audio.

FAQs About Wireless Home Security Cameras

Whether you’re about to buy your first wireless security camera or looking to expand your home security system, there are important questions to be answered to make sure a wireless security camera is right for you.

Can I install it on my own?

With ADT, our security experts are there for you. We can help you decide the best place to put your cameras, decide which cameras would be best for your needs, and even install your security cameras for you. With that being said, wireless cameras are made to be simple for self-installation, if you prefer to set them up yourself.

Do I want to be able to access the footage remotely?

Most wireless cameras allow you to check the live feed from your smartphone. ADT gives you the option to shift between your individual cameras to make sure everything on your property is protected. Our easy to use app gives you control over the safety of your loved ones. You can simply open your app and see what is happening via the live stream anywhere you have an internet connection.

Can wireless cameras withstand the weather?

Yes. Most cameras are made to withstand all of the elements. ADT wireless outdoor security cameras are snow-, rain-, and humidity-resistant, as well as operational down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Will my app notify me if it detects movement?

Absolutely. Using motion-sensor technology, wireless cameras can be set to begin recording whenever there is movement detected within their range. ADT cameras can even send an alert to your phone when it detects movement, like when somebody approaches your home.

You can also choose not to be notified and leave the security monitoring to the experts. ADT technicians provide around-the-clock monitoring and can take care of any potential problems by alerting you and the authorities if something goes wrong.

Do I have to be home to control my system?

No. ADT makes it easy to control your system on the go. On your mobile phone, you can stream a live feed from your cameras, see who just rang your doorbell, and even talk to any visitor using two-way audio.

Can wireless cameras see in the dark?

ADT wireless cameras are equipped with infrared night vision and provide illumination up to 6 meters, allowing you to see what is happening inside and outside of your home even at night.

What are the common features of wireless cameras?

Wireless cameras may come with any number of features. ADT has cameras with two-way communication capabilities and integrated smoke detectors, as well as the ability to withstand weather, see in the dark, and much more.

Are wireless cameras secure?

This can depend on who you purchase your cameras from and how they connect to your router. ADT cameras use an encrypted wireless protocol known as WPA2, an industry-recognized method to limit wireless network access.

Wireless Security Cameras as Part of Your Complete Home Security System

Many people use wireless cameras as part of a larger home security system. The cameras and their functions can be integrated with door and window sensors, motion detectors, and other home security or smart devices.

With multiple devices all under the same umbrella, you can keep your home and family even safer. ADT has been in the home security business for over 145 years and has built a reputation as a name you can trust.

When you get a home security system installed by ADT, it comes with 24/7 monitoring by experienced security professionals who are looking out for you and your family day and night.

We’re Here for You

Your home security needs could all be met with a wireless security camera or two. Understanding how they work, when they are best utilized, and who they can most benefit is a great way to begin figuring out if they fit your needs.

Every ADT security package is designed to help protect your home in a way that works for you and your budget. Whether you want just the basics or all the bells and whistles, ADT can work with you to customize a system to help protect your home. We offer a variety of ways to protect you and your family for all your personal security needs, from identity theft to home security.

Help keep your loved ones safe and make sure they are protected with a system that works for you. And if you’re still not sure where to begin, ADT is here to help.

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