If you have a family, keeping them safe will always be at the forefront of your mind. And while locks and deadbolts are standard security features for any home, security cameras offer families more safety options and better peace of mind.

Security cameras have undergone a remarkable transformation in the past few decades. Not too long ago, security cameras were primarily used by businesses or homeowners knowledgeable in technology. Today, however, security cameras have become much more accessible, and they offer a plethora of new features designed to protect everyday families.

Choosing Family-Friendly Security Cameras

Thanks to technological advances like Wi-Fi, security cameras make it easy to view your home at any time, no matter where you are. The ADT indoor and outdoor security cameras are equipped with the latest technology, allowing you to set up motion sensor alerts and view footage at virtually anytime from your smartphone.

ADT offers three types of family-friendly security cameras:

  • Doorbell cameras: Designed to monitor front porches, review deliveries, and communicate with visitors

  • Indoor security cameras: Used to record and monitor specific areas inside your house and potentially double up as nanny cams

  • Outdoor security cameras: Used to deter burglars and monitor the perimeter of your home

No matter the type of camera you choose, there are many reasons home security cameras are in your family's best interest. If you've been debating purchasing family security cameras for your home, you should know more about how these cameras can be especially good investments for families.

Security Camera Benefits for Each Family Member

To better understand how security cameras can keep your family safe, let's look at how they can benefit each family member.

Four Ways Security Cameras Can Keep an Eye on Your Kids

For many families, home security isn't a prime topic of conversation until kids arrive on the scene. Keeping children safe and secure is a top priority for parents everywhere. Luckily, ADT security cameras have several key features that can keep your children safe.

  • Watch over them while they're playing outside: You can't always be where your kids are. However, when you set up motion sensor alarms around the perimeter of your yard, you can let them run free while you watch the live feed of their adventures from the kitchen or bedroom.

  • Keep an eye on the babysitter: Hiring a babysitter for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. Keep calm and stay in tune with what's going on in your home by using a nanny cam while you're away from the house.

  • Monitor bedtimes: Some kids hate going to bed on time, but we all know how important it is that they get a full night's sleep. With hallway security cameras, you can monitor bedtimes and make sure your kids aren't sneaking out of bed to watch TV or play in each other's rooms.

  • General safety: Keep an eye on your kids when they check the mail, take pets outside or answer the door. Security cameras help you stay worry-free while giving your kids the freedom to roam around the house.


Three Ways Security Cameras Can Check In On Teenagers

As your kids get older, you give them more freedom and responsibilities. Your teenagers might have jobs now or hang out at night with friends. You can help make sure they stay responsible by using these home security camera features.

  • Make sure they're going to school: You might be out the door before your kids leave the house on some mornings. Want some reassurance that they're getting to school on time? A quick alert from your outside security camera can let you know when your teens leave the house.

  • Ensure curfews are being followed: How many times have you given your teenager a curfew only to fall asleep before they come home? Make sure your kids are keeping their word by setting an alert to let you know when they come in the front door.

  • Discourage parties: Teens might not want to tag along to every event you go to. If you're away for a night or a long weekend, you can make sure your teenager isn't throwing a party without your permission by checking your front door security camera.


Two Ways to Use Security Cameras to Watch Over Pets

Pets are important members of the family, too – however, they can't communicate with us when something's wrong. Keep them safe even when you're far from home with family security cameras.

  • Survey your backyard: If you let your dog out into the yard, keep her safe by setting up perimeter motion sensors that alert you if she gets too close to the fence or if an intruder enters.

  • Keep an eye on sick pets: If your pet isn't feeling well, you can check on them throughout the day by accessing the live feeds on your interior security cameras. That way, you'll know how they're faring while you're out of the house.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Parents might benefit the most from home security cameras. In addition to helping ensure their kids and pets are safe, home security cameras also give parents the following capabilities:

  • Quick exterior monitoring: Did you hear a weird noise or knock at the door late at night? Use your exterior cameras to check footage quickly, so you know if it was just the wind or something more serious.

  • Access cameras from anywhere: With home security cameras, you won't have to worry if you accidentally leave your hair straightener plugged in or your upstairs lights on. Quickly check on your home by accessing your camera feed. If you have other smart devices, you can even automate them to help you turn off lights and appliances when you leave the house.

  • Monitor deliveries: If no one's home when a package arrives, you can keep an eye on your front porch with a doorbell camera. On the off chance that your package gets stolen, you'll then have clear footage of the perpetrator.

  • Cheaper insurance: Some homeowners and renters insurance companies offer lower rates and premiums if you have home security systems set up.

  • Watch your home while you're away: Say goodbye to worrying about your house while you're on vacation. You can quickly check in on pets and house sitters to ensure no issues arise in your absence.

Additional Security Camera Benefits for Families

Here are some ways home security cameras can benefit the whole family:

  • Capture priceless moments: You may not always have your phone out when some of the best moments in your life happen. When your baby takes their first steps, or an unexpected celebration happens, you can capture these moments on indoor security cameras for you to rewatch and enjoy for years to come.

  • Quickly settle insurance claims: If a break-in occurs, you could easily be able to prove the incident with the footage on your security camera. Security camera footage can help your home insurance provider more quickly approve and process your claim, thanks to the evidence you've provided.

    In addition, outdoor home security cameras can capture natural disaster footage, which can be helpful when filing a claim with your home or car insurance provider. This footage gives you an easy way to demonstrate proof of damages caused by natural disasters. You could even help out your neighbors if you capture footage of damage that occurs on their property.

The Best ADT Family Security Camera

When it comes to helping protect your family, watching over your kids and pets, and gaining peace of mind, there's no better choice than ADT home security cameras. ADT offers protected Wi-Fi access, sleek design, and professional installation on all indoor, outdoor, and doorbell security cameras.

ADT doorbell camera solutions offer a 180-degree view of the front of your home, allowing you to see more of what's going on outside. They're also weatherproof, have infrared technology to see in the dark, and are compatible with most smartphones.

ADT outdoor security cameras offer simple setup, infrared night vision, live or recorded video feeds, and Wi-Fi protection. They also come with professional installation and have built-in heaters that allow them to work in temperatures below 42 degrees.

ADT indoor security cameras offer phone security alerts, infrared night vision, a slim design, and protected Wi-Fi. They offer a variety of different views for live and recorded feeds and come with professional installation.

Do you prefer to install your security cameras yourself? Check out Blue by ADT, which features easy-to-install DIY security cameras.

Choose ADT for the Best in Home Monitoring

At ADT, we know you value your family's safety more than anything. Let us offer you peace of mind that your loved ones are always safe by building your own ADT security camera package today. With the most experienced operators and technicians in the industry, we're dedicated to providing the greater convenience of a protected, connected home.

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