What is home automation?

Home automation is the ability to access or control many of the appliances, security, climate, and video monitoring from a remote or centralized location. Home automation lets you turn your home into a smart home. Basically, home automation gives you the power to control your home’s lighting, locks, thermostat, security system, etc. from nearly anywhere.

How does home automation work?

Your life can be chaotic and busy, and we need all the help we can get to make our lives simpler and less demanding. On a typical day, you drive to work, but as soon as you get there, you realize you forgot to close the garage door—leaving your house vulnerable to snooping criminals. Or something comes up and you won’t be home to let the kids in, or you’re on the road and want to check on your house in real time.

A home automation system not only secures your home, but assists you with these everyday mishaps without interrupting your daily life. Home security technology has come a long way throughout the years. You can control just about every aspect of your home with the push of a button on your smart phone and/or computer. Home automation can seem overwhelming at first, but ADT offers easy-to-use mobile apps to help you effortlessly control the basics of home automation.

A home automation system provides assistance with everyday living in your home. ADT offers trouble-free home automation that ties together with your home security system so that you can control everything through a cell phone or computer.

Common Uses of a Home Automation System:

  • Remote arm: Arm and disarm your alarm system from any location so you can take it easy without the added worry knowing your house is always monitored.

  • Thermostats: Control your house’s thermostat at the touch of a button from anywhere. Make it comfortable for your arrival or set it to your vacation temperature while you’re away to lower your energy bill.

  • Locks: Lock and unlock any door in your home from any location. Don’t hide keys away in obvious places anymore, lock or unlock your doors from your smartphone or computer.

  • Live video: Install cameras integrated with motion sensors. If there is any movement or disturbances in the home, you will get a picture sent to your mobile device, so you know what goes on at home while you’re at work.

  • Lights: Control every light in your home with the click of a button. Perfect if you forget to turn off the lights after you leave. This also equals a lower energy bill.

  • Garage door: Close and open that garage door from any location. Install a timer for even more protection.
    Email alerts: Get email alerts anytime the doorbell is used. Great for delivery drop offs and making sure your packages arrive and stay safe and sound until you get home. 

  • Geo Alert: Geo Alert system actually learns from your previous actions and keeps track of your location. For example, if you forgot to arm your system and you are on your way to work, the Geo Alert reminds you to arm that system, like another set of eyes always looking out for you.

What are the benefits of home automation?

When thinking of the benefits of home automation, first consider what tasks you repeat continuously. Imagine controlling your security system with your cell phone, turning your lights on and off from a tablet, or locking and unlocking your doors on command straight from your laptop. These small additions to the home will make a positive impact on you and your peace of mind.

More ways you can benefit from home automation:

1. Energy savings—Home automation products, or smart products, can help cut down on your energy usage by giving you the option to control your heating and cooling settings while you’re away at work or on vacation. You can even turn off lights when they’re not in use. You can also set a timer for your thermostat, lights, or appliances so they run only when it’s most cost efficient to you.

2. Remote control—One of the most obvious, but also most important, functions of home automation is the ability to control nearly the entirety of your home remotely. This means no matter where you are, you can still be watching your home while you’re gone. Not only will you know what’s going on, you can even control it. Some systems even alert you when something seems unusual.

3. Added home security—Home automation is the next best thing to you physically being there. The product lineup alone should ease your mind. From surveillance systems that you can set remotely to turning your lights on at night to make it appear as though you’re home, the benefits are endless. You can even get an alert if your fire or carbon monoxide alarm goes off.

4. Convenience—Life can get hectic and there are a million things on your list each day that you need to check off, so the convenience of home automation truly makes your day easier and your mind calmer. Use your everyday tech, like your cell phone, your tablet, and your computer to make sure your home always stays safe and secure.

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