Have you ever wondered about wireless home security systems? If you’re considering investing in one, you might have questions on how it will keep your family safe, such as: 

  • How do wireless home security systems work? 

  • What features do wireless home security systems include? 

  • How does a wireless home security system use existing technology in your home to add additional protection? 

These are all important questions to consider when picking the right home security system for you. ADT is committed to getting you the right answers and information to help make that decision easier so let’s jump in.  


How Do Wireless Home Security Systems Work? 


Wireless home security systems operate through your existing internet signal to create a seamless operation of whole-home defense. 

Through Wi-Fi and radio signals, the components of your wireless home security system share information with each other. Wireless cameras are keyed in via RF or radio transmitter. The video feed is sent to your receiver, which is connected to a built-in storage device. Stored via the cloud, this allows footage to be saved and accessed remotely; through your monitor or receiver, you can follow a quick link to access images or video clips. 

Some key benefits of a wireless home security system include:

  • Elimination of bulky or unsightly wires: This gives you more flexibility as to where cameras and sensors can be installed. This also eliminates the possibility that an intruder could access your home by cutting wires. 

  • Your wireless security system remains in working order, even in the event of a power outage through a back-up battery: You’ll be notified if any batteries are low so you can prevent a gap in security coverage.

  • Less susceptible to interference or interruption: This includes radio or electrical interference and even tampering. 


Features That Assists Your Wireless Home Security System


Updated capabilities allow us to help keep your home as safe as possible. Devices and new software create more data points and, therefore, provide a higher level of security with your wireless system. 

These updated capabilities:

  • Motion detection

  • Wi-Fi capabilities

  • Remote viewing

  • Cloud storage


Motion Detection

Motion sensors are triggered when something crosses into its tracking zone. ADT will strategically place sensors throughout your home, so every area is covered in a respective zone. The motion then triggers a reaction, like a security light or a camera that starts recording – all via your wireless connection. The ADT monitoring team can also receive notification of the movement. 

With personalized settings, you can adjust your security system to notify when you’re ready to keep an eye out. Localize this to the house, yard, or all of the above. 


Wi-Fi Capabilities

The backbone of your wireless security system sits with your Wi-Fi connection. It’s what links components together and allows them to communicate when you need them most. Cameras are linked to your in-home private internet connection and keyed into your security interface. 

Create a security force that’s customizable and effective through wireless components.


Remote Viewing

Thanks to smartphone or email notifications, you’ll know when there’s been a security violation at your home. Access the footage in question quickly – from any location. Tap into your home’s indoor or outdoor cameras and see what’s taking place. With our mobile app, homeowners can tune in and check on their property in real time. 

Save the footage for future use or delete once deeming the motion a nonthreat. By reviewing your home’s security from virtually any location, you can receive instant answers and a jump-start on any efforts to keep your home safe. 


Cloud Storage

Keep footage on hand with access to ADT cloud storage space. Safe and secure, it’s a data storage option that can add additional stability to your wireless defense. As a homeowner, there will be times that you need to store security footage for safekeeping. Rest assured, each event can be safely accessed via the cloud. Increase security with the ability to safely store footage long term.

Customize your storage options and keep what you need and eliminate what you don’t as part of your whole-home security option. 


What Components Work Wirelessly?


Your home is your sanctuary; we want to help keep it that way. ADT offers a variety of customizable components, like cameras and door sensors, that can be added to provide the best possible wireless protection for your home. Each house has its own unique layout, and creating the best coverage possible is our primary goal. Use our wireless technology to your advantage for better home safety. 

Up your wireless security system with features, such as:

  • Indoor cameras

  • Outdoor cameras

  • Door/window sensors


Indoor Cameras

Indoor security cameras allow you a real-time view of your property. Look back at indoor events as they happened – watch your sleeping baby or check out that spooky sound you heard in the middle of the night. Set up cameras that monitor any potential blind spots to offer peace of mind. 

Configure cameras to record at all times or only when motion is detected. Wireless cameras also send notifications as batteries become low, so you remain tuned in at the ready.


Outdoor Cameras

Keep an eye on even the hardest-to-view sections of your property with outdoor cameras. Motion-activated recording features keep your eyes and ears available. Know exactly what’s going on around your house, even when you aren’t there – for instance, a phone notification when a package has been delivered, or the ability to check in real-time when something seems amiss. 


Window and Door Sensors

Strategically placed on openings (or potential openings) within the home, window and door sensors alert you of a potential threshold breach. Whenever a door or window is opened, you’ll receive a notification. Each sensor consists of two parts that sit together magnetically. When pulled apart – by the opening of a door or window – an alarm is triggered. You’ll also get an alert on your smartphone, letting you know which portion of the home was accessed. 

This wireless signal adds another layer of protection to your home. 

Pair your window and door sensors with cameras, and you can get quick sights on the cause. 


Get Started With ADT Coverage


Knowing the logistics of how wireless home security systems work helps you understand how they protect your home. It can also give you peace of mind when choosing your coverage and key features, such as door sensors or motion detectors. 

Remember that each piece of the wireless security system brings its own abilities to home safety. Together, they create a 360-degree lockdown of your property. Place outside cameras in hard-to-view corners of the yard to offer secure protection for your family. 

A personalized package from ADT can arm your home with a wireless security system. Serve your family, keep your biggest blessings safe, and ensure safety during a break-in or a natural disaster.

Keep your home and your loved ones ready and provide peace of mind with a smart home security system available from ADT. With 145 years in the business, we save lives for a living. That is just who we are, and our people are passionate about what they do. 


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