Imagine this: you’ve been noticing some strange activity outside recently. None of it has been captured because whoever is wandering around the outside of your home at strange hours is pretty good at avoiding the visible security camera you have up.

You suspect something suspicious is going on. Maybe it's a burglar, planning their break-in. Maybe it’s someone going through your trash, trying to get your private information. Whatever is going on - you certainly don’t feel safe.

With a hidden surveillance camera, you can easily capture whoever is doing this on video. You can then send this footage to the cops to investigate or figure out other ways to keep your home safe.

But what do you do if you don’t want to invest in a new spy camera or hidden cam? How do you hide your exterior cameras? Is it possible?

It is possible. In this article, we’ll cover all the different ways you can easily hide an ADT outdoor camera. That way, you and your family can feel safe. Read on to learn more.


Using a Plant to Create a Hidden Security Camera


When it comes to hidden cam features, you need a spy camera that’s small enough that you can hide it. You'll also want a device that showcases motion detection, night vision capabilities and two-way audio.

Fortunately, with outdoor ADT HD security cameras, this is easy to do. One of the best strategies is putting it behind a plant.

If you have any bushes outside your home, you can easily hide a camera there. Because of all the foliage, potential burglars won’t see it at all.

When you choose the right plant, make sure it’s one that doesn’t lose its leaves during the winter and fall.

Otherwise, it will be easily exposed later on. It’s also worth leaving the plant in an area that has cover (such as a porch) or weatherproofing your camera.

Otherwise, the outdoor camera might end up being damaged by inclement weather.

Have a potted plant that sits on your front porch? Hide the camera slightly behind it inside the pot. Another option is to buy a fake plant if you don’t have a real one. This will be cheaper and requires little maintenance.


Hide the Camera Inside a Bird Feeder or Birdhouse


One of the best locations for hidden cameras is a bird feeder or birdhouse. You can place them high up on a tree or pole, giving them a large range of visibility. All you have to do is install the birdhouse or bird feeder the same way you normally would.

First, place the outdoor camera inside it, closing it so that the lens can look through the small hole birds usually go through.

Remember to clean it regularly, as animals might be attracted to it and want to make a nest or home in it, totally defeating the purpose that hidden surveillance cameras are supposed to have!



Hide the Camera Under Your Home’s Eaves


A great trick that works for types of cameras that are small is hiding them under your home’s eaves. They’ll be protected from the rain, high up so they can have a large field of vision, and they’ll be nearly impossible to see from below.

When you do this installation, make sure you do it during the weekday in the middle of the day. This way, fewer people will be around to see you installing the camera.

This is also a great solution if you need your camera to be wired into your home to work. To hide the wires, you can simply hide them in PVC pipes that lead up to your home’s eaves.


Use a Fake Rock as a Hiding Place


Another great place to hide your security camera is within a fake rock. These come in many sizes, which means that you should be able to hide your camera no matter how large. To bring less attention to the hidden rock, it’s a good idea to place it among other rocks.

You can place a small bowl of rocks near your front door, on a table on your porch, or put some decorative rocks in your front yard. As long as the camera is close to your front entrance, this is a great place to put it.


Use a Tree as a Hiding Place


Another great hiding place for your outdoor ADT security camera is a tree. Make sure you hide it in the tree during the summer, spring, or autumn when it’s still growing leaves. The foliage is a big part of what will be covering up the camera.

A tree is a great place for the camera because it’s high up and will capture more movement.

However, choose a tree that has strong branches. Otherwise, the weight of the camera could cause it to fall and break.

Additionally, if you have any evergreens or other types of trees that never lose their leaves, you can leave the camera up there year-round. Remember to weather-proof the camera for snow and rain.


Use Camouflage Skin


Another way to hide your outdoor security camera is by putting camouflage skin on it. This way, you can place it anywhere on your home’s exterior without drawing attention to it. All you have to do is find camouflage skin that matches the paint on the exterior of your home.

Remember to choose a camouflage skin that’s weatherproof so that the camera and skin don’t get damaged in inclement weather.


Hide the Camera in Large Lawn Décor


Do you have any fun lawn décor that makes your home more beautiful? Maybe you have a decorative fountain that sits in the middle of your front yard or a large statue. You can easily place a security camera in a small ridge or corner.

Depending on where it’s placed, you might also have to add some camouflage skin so that your camera matches the décor outside your home.


Use a Garden Gnome


Another great option is to hide your security camera in a garden gnome. These cheerful little home decorations look harmless, which means no one would ever suspect that there’s a camera inside. All you have to do is buy a large garden gnome.

Then, you have to break the gnome in half. Do this carefully so it doesn’t crack irregularly (or buy a plastic gnome instead).

Then, drill a hole that’s a similar size to the camera’s lens inside the gnome. Put the camera in, tape up the gnome, and put it alongside other objects in your front yard or on your porch. He’ll be watching out for intruders!


Hide the Camera in a Light Fixture


Do you have an old light fixture, such as a lantern or driveway light, that you don’t use too often or at all? You can easily hide a security camera in here. All you have to do is open up the glass panes and put the hidden camera inside.

Place the light fixture somewhere high so it has a large range of vision. Make sure that you don’t place the light anywhere where the glass will be hit by too much direct sunlight.

This could end up overheating the camera or making a glare that makes it impossible for the camera to record anyone wandering around your yard.


Use Your Mailbox


Another great place to hide your security camera is your mailbox. People rarely use mail anymore, anyway, and we usually have packages delivered straight to our door. To do this properly, place the camera inside the mailbox so it’s close to the front.

Then, drill a small hole through the front flap of the mailbox. Close it, and you’ll be set!

If you still want to be able to use your mailbox, there are other ways you can hide it. Simply add some mailbox protection (for example, a large plastic covering) around the mailbox. Then, hide the camera there.



Need More Information about ADT Security Cameras?


Now that you’ve learned about how to turn your ADT outdoor cameras into hidden security cameras, you might need additional information. Maybe you want to learn about strategies for hiding an indoor camera in your home.

Or maybe you want to find out about other camera options you can buy, such as spy cameras.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At ADT, we’re experts when it comes to home security and security cameras. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us now.


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