Remember when pagers were just for doctors and cell phones were the size of a brick? Back then, home surveillance systems were about the size of a mail box. Well, times have changed.

Today, smart phones have replaced pagers, cell phones can fit in your pocket and just about everyone has one. The same holds true for outdoor home security cameras. Advancements in technology have helped to reduce the size and cost, making outdoor surveillance cameras affordable.

Home Surveillance Systems

Recently, a woman was interviewed on the news for having caught intruders stealing from her home. Seems the woman had been burglarized and invested in home security that included cameras. While at work, she connected to her home security camera system and watched as young men were trying to break into her home. Stunned, she called 911 and stayed on the line until police arrived.

What really makes home surveillance systems worth the price is:

  • They catch more than you can.
  • They see when you can’t.
  • They see where you can’t.
  • They store the images.

Security systems like ADT Pulse integrate indoor and outdoor security cameras with your home security system. In an automated smart home, safety and security are the benefits a homeowner can feel confident about. Automated systems are able to monitor the interior and exterior of your home and can notify you or emergency personnel of any unusual activity when necessary.

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