As we enter into this new decade, we want to look back on how much we’ve grown since 2009. Turns out, it’s been a busy few years for everyone: crime has evolved, technology has advanced, communities have progressed. Meanwhile, we’ve been building security systems that can help protect you in this ever-evolving world.

In 2009, security systems were very basic. Common pain points for customers (as recorded by the NY Times) were response time, complications during power outages, and that the alarms lacked sophistication. Looking back, the lack of sophistication was prevalent: The only way you could interact with your system was by way of the keypad on the device or a website.  Systems were integrated but not connected to one another; the fire alarm was a separate piece of tech from the burglar alarm and so forth. When alarms were triggered, the signal would go to an ADT monitoring system and then to outside sources (first responders, emergency lines, etc.)  In general, security systems existed to protect the home from physical threats, and when something went wrong, the separate pieces of technology that were transmitting the information were clunky about it.

We have come such a long way. In 2010, we released our first Smart Home Automation System, ADT Pulse. This system introduced a way to connect all of your smart home devices and alarms, could be communicated with via app, and would only get better from there.

Smart home integrations have also taken off since 2009. Smart locks, lights, locks, plugs, thermostats, speakers- tech companies have found a way to fill every room in a home with smart technology. And we’ve risen to the challenge.

The ADT Command and Control panel, released in 2019, allows every piece of your smart home and home security system to be accessed in one place. Change the temperature, check out who is at your front door, set timers for your smart lights, lock or unlock your doors, check your cameras, arm your system, and more: all in one app, from anywhere you may be.

As convenience and sophistication have grown, so has the security. The last ten years have also brought about updates in how we communicate with the public safety sector. When an alarm is triggered, we now see several sets of data, immediately. This collaborative architecture allows us to interact with systems, pull information for additional sources, and overall gives a more complete picture of the event to our agents at the monitoring centers. This efficiency in gathering information is imperative to reducing the response time of local first responders.

Imagine this scenario: A fire alarm is triggered while you are out, but your beloved pet is home alone. Using the modern technology, we can see which alarm triggered, yes, but we can also see the status of the other alarms in the house (possibly even pinpointing the dangerous areas of the home), whether you have pets, all of the information that can help first responders in getting everyone out of the house safely and quickly.

So, in the past ten years, we’ve helped make home security more safe and convenient. What else?

A Step Beyond the Standard Definition of Security

Looking back on the decade, we can see that security has grown outside of the home. We have made near-constant strides in evolving our products and services to help protect our customers from ever-evolving threats. We developed cybersecurity in response to the growing reports of hacking and the increased online presence of the average American. We developed ADT SoSecure, an app that allows you to keep track of your family members, and stay connected in the event of an emergency. We partnered with Lyft to ensure that the rides you take with strangers are safe.

Most importantly, we made sure our protection extended past the walls of your home and integrated with the important things in your life. And we’re certainly not finished growing.

Looking Ahead

Several projects are already in the works for the next decade. As a company, we’re working to improve the entire security industry. Areas of development include ease of access, emergency response times, data privacy and security, and emergency connectedness. We look forward to continuing to find new ways to help protect you and the things you value most in the 2020s.

ADT customers enjoy one of the most modern security systems, backed by professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. Check out our website to learn more and get the protection you need.



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