With the announcement of our new partnership to integrate mobile safety solutions into the Lyft platform comes not just the excitement of what this partnership brings to consumers, but what this means to ADT and the home security industry in general.

This new partnership will couple ADT’s mobile safety platform with Lyft’s services to give riders and drivers more peace of mind. The pilot will focus on an ADT-powered safety feature within the Lyft app that will discreetly connect Lyft users who feel unsafe - by voice or SMS chat - with a security professional at one of ADT’s owned and operated monitoring centers. After contacting the user, or if there is no response, the ADT security professional will alert authorities as needed so they can arrive at the user's location, equipped with detailed incident information.

We sat down with Bob Kupbens, our President of Innovation and New Business to dive a little deeper into his perspective about this new partnership and extending security beyond the home.

Q: What does this partnership mean for ADT?

BP: Our Lyft partnership is the first example of leveraging ADT’s mobile safety platform to allow ADT monitoring to help protect customers wherever they are. It also represents a connection to a top tech brand – a way for ADT to engage with a set of new customers.

Q: What does this partnership mean to you?

BP: The Lyft team shares values with ADT related to customer service, providing peace of mind, and a purpose around valuing our customers. The partnership has felt very natural and an important next step for both companies and is a great first step in allowing ADT to protect customers wherever they are.

Q: How does this partnership impact the way security is currently thought of?

BP: Security isn’t just important in the home. Security is important wherever you are, so now Lyft users get to benefit from ADT monitoring throughout their experience with Lyft.

Q: How should people be thinking about security beyond the home?

BP: We believe everyone has the right to feel safe, so having ADT monitoring experiences throughout a customer’s daily life is a natural extension of human protection.

Q: How should other companies think about providing safety to their users?

BP: ADT has created a standard, easy-to-implement platform and APIs that allow any app developer to take advantage of our monitoring capabilities to enhance security in their customer experiences.

The program pilot is planned to launch in early 2020, at which point Lyft intends to pilot the ADT mobile safety solution in nine U.S. markets including Chicago, Los Angeles and New Jersey, with plans to implement nationally to Lyft’s 30 million riders and 2 million drivers. For more updates and announcements about ADT, follow us on social media!

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