Feel safer in your day-to-day life

Confidently go on that first date, go for a run, explore that new city, or take that job – even if it often puts you in contact with strangers. With SoSecure, if you feel unsafe, you can discreetly contact ADT and we can call 911 for you. So you can have more peace of mind while you do your thing.

Presenting TrackMe

Go confidently, without going it alone

Activity Tracking

1. Before you start, set a timer for any activity, up to four hours.
2. Invite ADT (or your Guardians, or both) to track you via GPS.
3. When you’re done, just stop the timer.

If the timer expires and we can’t confirm you’re safe, we’ll notify 911 and your Guardians. You also have the option to have your Guardians track you in real-time during your activity – even if they don’t have the app.

Live Monitoring Agent

Have security by your side – virtually – for those times when things don’t feel right and you want to put someone on alert in case something goes wrong. Think of Live Monitoring Agent as a virtual bodyguard who’ll stay connected with you via phone or text until you feel safe again. With live GPS tracking, the agent can get you help quickly, if you need it.

Use SoSecure for FREE, including a 30-day TrackMe trial

At ADT, we want you to be safer no matter where you go. So we’re letting you try SoSecure with TrackMe free for 30 days. If you love it, keep using it for just $2.99/month. You can cancel your subscription any time through your app store. You can still continue using SoSecure with SOS emergency response for free.

Easy to set up

  1. Download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store

  2. Set up your account and profile.

  3. Create a list of Guardians.
    These are typically any family members or friends you’d like to keep in the loop if something happens.

  4. Add the widget to your Lock or Home screen

Easy to use

  1. ADT will check in with you:
    We’ll call or text* to make sure you’re good.

  2. If you don’t respond:
    We will, by alerting your Guardians and emergency responders. And if we hear from you, great! Keep having a good time!

*Message and data rates may apply.

Safety that’s mobile – like you

Feel safer
If you’re feeling in danger, tap the Emergency button on the widget or, with the app open, slide the SOS button or tap chat and let us know.
Your 'virtual bodyguard'
With TrackMe, you can have us keep an eye on or check in with you during any activity. You can also have Guardians track you.
We'll be there
SoSecure is backed by 24/7 monitoring from ADT, the #1 smart home security provider.
You do you
Create your identity profile to make SoSecure truly yours. And, the more you share, the better we can help you in an emergency.
We'll send help
If you need it, we’ll call 911 and share your location.
Choose your Guardians
Keep your family and friends updated if there’s an emergency.