Smart doorbell cameras continue to grow in popularity and are one of the options that customers most frequently choose when they opt for an ADT home security system. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy realize the value that a video doorbell camera can bring to a home’s security.

Aside from confirming who’s knocking on your door, a doorbell camera offers some creative uses that allow you to take this important piece of home security technology to the next level. 

First, let’s look at the known benefits of a security doorbell camera, and then we’ll dive into how you can turn your doorbell camera into a multifunctional tool. 


Benefits of Smart Doorbell Cameras


One of the biggest benefits of a smart doorbell camera is that you can remotely answer your door, even if you’re away from the house. When you opt for a smart doorbell camera, it syncs with the ADT mobile app. That means you can be virtually anywhere in the world and still know who’s knocking on your door. 

Additionally, you can hold conversations with whoever’s on the other side of your door, thanks to two-way audio. That means you can tell delivery people to leave packages nearby or even say “no, thank you” to door-to-door salespeople. 

However, there’s much more you can do with your doorbell camera than you might realize. Let’s explore some creative options for your smart doorbell camera. 


Ten Creative Options for Your Smart Doorbell Camera


A smart doorbell camera is more than just something to monitor who is at your front door. Below we’ll take a look at 10 additional ways to use your smart doorbell, including: 

  • Stop porch pirates

  • Screen visitors

  • Connect other smart devices 

  • Keep an eye on your kids 

  • Deter unfriendly behavior from neighbors

  • Protect your car 

  • Create a unique holiday experience 

  • Contribute to your neighborhood watch 

  • Know who is at your door remotely 

  • Check on a date before opening the door


Put a Stop to Porch Pirates

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting with anticipation for a package to arrive only to have someone steal it from your front porch. Package thieves, also known as porch pirates, have become a common nuisance with the rise of online shopping. A doorbell camera can help stop porch pirates in their tracks for a number of reasons. 

First, if you catch a porch pirate in the act, you can potentially scare them away by using the two-way audio feature. 

More importantly, though, if you are a victim of package theft, you can share screenshots and video footage from your doorbell camera’s feed with local authorities. This means those criminals can be brought to justice. You can also help protect neighbors from becoming victims, depending on your doorbell camera's field of view. 

Finally, porch pirates who notice your smart doorbell setup may be deterred from attempting a theft in the first place, knowing that they’re liable to be caught in action by your camera. 


Screen Unwanted Visitors

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to watch your favorite movie – or even getting caught up in a task – only to have an unsolicited salesperson come to your door. 

With a traditional doorbell, the best you could hope to do is lay low when they ring your doorbell and wait for them to go away. But with the ADT Control App and smart doorbell camera, you can cut them off at the pass. 

Thanks to the two-way audio support, you can politely let those unsolicited callers know that you’re not interested and to skip your house on their next rounds. 


Streamline Your Smart Life With IFTTT

As you continue to integrate smart technology into your home, you might find that, over time, you’ve accumulated more apps than you’d care to deal with. We get it – the point of smart technology is to make life easier, not harder. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your different smart devices, you can use platforms like If This Then That (IFTTT) or even smart home assistants like Alexa to manage all of your smart technology in one place. 

These services and devices even let you coordinate automations in one place. For example, if you have smart light bulbs installed around your home, you can create a trigger that turns on your porch lights at night automatically when motion is detected through your doorbell camera. 


Keep an Eye on Your Kids

If you’re a working parent, being home to meet your children after school might not be a realistic option. However, you still want to make sure that your children arrive home safely. A doorbell camera that offers two-way conversation gives you the freedom to stay connected with your children in real-time with live video to confirm they’ve safely arrived home, all without leaving the office. 

You can also make use of the doorbell camera when you’re at home. If your kids are playing in the front or backyard, you no longer have to stand outside to keep a watchful eye on them. With a doorbell camera, you can do housework or take some time for yourself while still knowing what your kids are up to. By accessing the ADT Control app, you can keep tabs on your kids via the live feed while they enjoy soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. 


Catch Pesky Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor who lets their dog loose in your yard without cleaning up after them? That’s an annoyance, and it’s hard to prove whose dog was the culprit if you’re not around to spot the event. A doorbell camera detects motion and can give you a clear image of the dog and its owner, giving you a chance to speak to your neighbor about your yard concerns. 


Auto Theft Protection

While most people think that a video doorbell only helps to prevent thefts from your home, it also serves as more general security protection. If your doorbell camera is set at an advantageous angle, you can get a great view of your driveway or the street in front of your house. That means you can help catch suspicious characters in clear HD video if they attempt to break into or steal your car day or night with the video doorbell’s night vision capabilities. 


Create a Unique Holiday Experience

While security is the best-known function of a doorbell security camera, you can also use it to create a unique holiday experience, such as during Halloween, that your neighborhood won’t soon forget – especially when you automate its functions with a service like IFTTT or a smart home assistant. You can sync music or light shows with your doorbell camera whenever motion is detected, startling or delighting people when they approach your house. 


Set Up a Neighborhood Watch

When everyone is alert, your neighborhood is safer. With a smart doorbell camera, you can take note of suspicious characters that pop up in your recorded feed and share that information with your neighbors and local law enforcement when necessary. Staying alert helps both you, your neighbors, and the police keep your neighborhood as safe as possible. 


Let People in Remotely

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or in the backyard working on your garden, you might not be able to open the front door manually. Who wants to stop the fun or interrupt an involved task just to answer the door? With an ADT-installed doorbell camera, you can see who’s at the door and then use the ADT smart lock to unlock the door remotely.


Confirm Your First Date Is Legit

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but especially so if they end up looking nothing like their online profile. No one wants to find themselves on a first date with someone who used a fake profile picture. A doorbell camera allows you to view your date before opening the door, so you can confirm that the face you see on your camera feed is the same one you swiped right on the day before. 


Create a Smart Door Function


If you have a smart lock in addition to a doorbell camera, you can make getting home after a long day of work easier. By using IFTTT or your smart home assistant, you can create functions that let your smart lock and doorbell camera work together. 

You can also set your camera to use geolocation services based on your smartphone’s Bluetooth feature to detect when you’re within a certain range of your home automatically. Once you’ve neared your home, your front door will unlock, and your porch lights turn on, so you’re never again stuck fumbling for your house keys in the dark.


Putting It All Together


If you thought a doorbell camera was just a basic tool to identify porch thieves, it’s time to think again. Video doorbells can make life a lot easier since you can see who’s approaching your home – without ever getting up from your couch. There are many tasks a doorbell camera can perform beyond providing simple security.

With so many options when it comes to home security, you may be overwhelmed by picking the right company for your needs – and you want to choose a company you can rely on and trust. ADT has been serving homeowners and businesses for 145 years. 

When you’re ready to turn your door into a smart entryway, ADT is here to help you upgrade your security. 

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