In the US, 9.8 percent of Americans move each year. Moving is a great time to take stock of all of the items in your home.

Many individuals and families moving may be downsizing their homes. Or they just don't want to deal with the hassle and cost of transporting items to another house that they barely use in their current homes.

Oversized or outdated pieces of furniture are the biggest issues when it comes to moving. Thankfully there are many charities that offer free donation pick up of your unwanted furniture and other items.

In this guide, we'll list the charities that offer free donation pick up, what they will and won't accept, and how to schedule a furniture donation pick up. Keep reading for more information. 


Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up


Your furniture may still have some life left in it, but trying to organize and have a garage sale or sell these items through marketplace apps is just another headache on top of planning a busy move. And junk removal services can be expensive.

Donating your unwanted items can help out local and national charity organizations.

Charities will often sell these items in their shops secondhand. With the money going towards supporting their efforts to provide jobs, training, support services, education, and funding local programs in the areas they serve. And you can get a tax deduction for your donations.

Plus, you get the added benefit of having another item checked off your moving checklist. Here are some of the charities that offer free donation pick up.


The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is one of the oldest charitable organizations in America. Founded in 1880, they provide Drug Rehabilitation for adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. 

The items accepted may vary from location to location depending on state laws, but if an item is still in decent working order and can be re-used and resold, it is acceptable. Check with your local Salvation Army Donation Center nearest you.

Electronics such as TVs, microwaves, air conditioners, washing machines, and dryers can be donated. You can even donate your vehicle in some areas. Donations of housewares, clothing, bikes, books, sporting equipment, electronics, toys, and more.

For furniture items, they must be unbroken and useable. Furniture items include:

  • Sofas

  • Beds & Mattresses (full, queen, and king)

  • Desks

  • Cabinets

  • Coffee tables

  • End tables

  • Chairs

  • Dining room furniture

Government protocols prohibit the resale of particle board furniture, metal desks, and TV armoires. Baby items such as car seats and high chairs are not accepted due to safety concerns over product recalls.

Schedule a Pick-Up

You can search by zip code on their website to find drop-off locations and see if pick-up scheduling is available near you. Then just add the items you wish to have picked up, schedule a date and time, and provide your address and information. Or call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825)




Goodwill provides job training, placement, and community programs for those who are struggling to find work because of disability or social and economic barriers.

You can find your local Goodwill center by searching your zip code on their website. Or you can deposit items directly into blue Goodwill donation bins in your city. 

For furniture, either drop it off at your local Goodwill center location or see if your center provides free item pick up. Always check first as each center is different. For example, some locations in Southern California do not accept furniture or offer pick-up service. 


Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity, started by former President Jimmy Carter, builds and repairs homes for those in need.

Find your local Habitat for Humanity location by searching on their website with your zip code. Call your local Habitat for Humanity or visit your area's ReStore, Habitat for Humanity's special secondhand storefront, and donation center for new and gently used furniture items.

You can schedule a furniture donation pick-up on their website as well. They accept drop-off donations during certain hours or you can arrange a free pick-up.




The ARC of the United States is a charitable organization that provides services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Each ARC state-run program has a central website as well as local chapters in cities all across the United States you can search for on their website. Some locations only accept small furniture items and will not pick up larger items such as beds and couches, built-in appliances, or large TV sets.

They stipulate on the pickup form that "All items must be gently used, deemed store salable by the driver, weigh less than 50 pounds and be small enough to be lifted by one driver." And all items must be bagged or boxed up.


Pick Up Please


Pick Up Please serves the Vietnam Veterans of America. They accept small home furnishing items such as office chairs, nightstands, headboards, mirrors, home decor, and other small home items.

No sofa sleepers, couches, mattresses, or box springs. Items must be light enough for one driver to pick up.  

Pick Up Please serves California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. 

Enter your zip code on their website to see if they are available for pickup in your area. Then schedule your pickup. 




American Veterans support local veterans and their families through job placement, assistance, and service programs in their communities. 

They have locations in 18 states and the District of Columbia area. Find out if they serve your state or local area and schedule a pickup of your items with your local center online or through their specific location's phone number. Their locations are available through their website.

They will not accept furniture if it is stained, dirty, or damaged. They also do not accept beds or mattresses of any kind. As well as pianos, organs, or large appliances.


Patriots and Paws


Patriots and Paws serves a small region of Orange County, California with pick-up service in Orange County and parts of Long Beach and Lakewood (between Bellflower and the 605 freeway). 

They provide home furnishings for active/reserve/retired Veterans and Military personnel in Southern California for their newly acquired residences. Paws and Patriots also match them with companionship animals and help them transition back to civilian life. 

Patriots and Paws will accept clean mattresses, box spring foundations, futons, and day beds. As well as bookcases, dressers, nightstands, TV stands, recliners, dining room chairs, dining room tables, couches, loveseats, end tables, coffee tables, and hope chests.

Because these items are being donated directly to Veterans and Military members and their families, they must be in good condition with no stains, rips, tears, or other visible damage. Head and footboard sets, Sleep Number beds, platform beds, electric hospital beds, armoires, and Captain's beds are not accepted.

Furniture donation pick-up can be scheduled through their website.




GreenDrop accepts donations of gently used clothing and household goods. These donations assist the American Red Cross and the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, as well as the National Federation of the Blind and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia.

They serve Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware,  and the District of Columbia. GreenDrop accepts solid wood furniture that weighs less than 50 pounds.  This includes items such as end tables, lamps, rocking chairs, coffee tables, stools, wooden chairs, nightstands, and plant stands.

A great service that GreenDrop offers, in addition to their charity pickups, is their house cleanout service. Members of their team come out and remove large amounts of items from a household. This is helpful for downsizing, decluttering, or clearing out a house after the death or moving of a family member into assisted living.

Dop off your items at a GreenDrop center or schedule a pick-up on their website.


What to do with Items Unfit for Donation


If your furniture is not in good enough condition that it can be donated, it may be necessary to call a junk service to haul it away to a dump.

Your local waste management services may also offer a pick up of large items a few times per year for a fee. This fee can vary based on what area you are in and the size, type, and amount of items requiring a pick up. You should contact them to make sure they can pick these items up and schedule a time.

You may also be able to drive your items yourself to a scrap yard or municipal dump for drop-off. You can leave your items on the curb with a "free" sign on them and see if someone else may come to pick them up to repurpose or use them for scrap material.


Important Tips to Consider

If you have any questions about an item's donation qualifications, always call the organization ahead of time to verify whether or not an item is donatable.

Always call to verify your pick-up time and date and be sure to give them notice if you need to change or cancel your furniture donation.

A furniture donation item's condition is at the discretion of the organization's driver and can be left behind if it is found unfit.

Items must also be on the porch or by the curb of the house for pick-up as donation pick-up drivers are not permitted to enter the house. 

Items for donation should be clearly labeled for the specific organization and boxed/bagged if possible. 

For charities that pick up donations for free, it is a kind gesture to make a small monetary donation to them to help cover their transportation costs.

With your items donated to charities that offer free donation pick-up, you can have one less thing on your mind when you are in the process of moving.


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