According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 43 million households in the U.S. are renters. Renting makes sense to many Americans - it allows them a place to live year to year while providing the flexibility of moving without enduring the hassle of selling their home.

Apartment security, however, is a problem many renters face. Since they do not own the property they live in, they might be left wondering how they can protect their rental property, family, and belongings while still maintaining the rules of their rental agreements.

Luckily, there are many options that renters have when it comes to an apartment security system for apartments or rented homes. We'll walk you through all of your options and make recommendations along the way.


Best Apartment Security Systems


Apartment security systems can provide a sense of comfort for those in an apartment complex, allowing them to know that they're as protected as possible from unwanted break-ins, package theft, and more. From security cameras and doorbells to alarm systems, these are the primary security system features renters should be aware of:

  • Apartment security alarm
  • Indoor security camera
  • Outdoor security camera
  • Doorbell camera
  • Smart smoke detector
  • Smart carbon monoxide detector
  • Motion sensor/motion detector

You're likely asking yourself, "Can I get an apartment security system?" The short answer is yes, but you'll need to figure out a few things with your property owner.

The main problem renters encounter when deciding to install home security devices is finding a solution that works for both their family and their landlord. Since the landlord owns the home, it can be hard and sometimes illegal to install security devices outside of your home or apartment. You also may not be able to install devices requiring wiring inside.

We'll walk you through the two options you have for getting an apartment alarm system - and luckily, all four security features are available for both options.


If Your Landlord Approves Smart Home Security Installation


Some landlords and property managers won't have an issue with your request to install a home security system. Apartment complex security systems can make rental units more appealing to future renters, so your landlord might even be willing to foot the entire bill of the security system and installation.

Be prepared to share the alarm code with your landlord to ensure they can enter the property without issue. You may also need to provide access to outdoor camera feeds, although indoor feeds can be kept private. State laws vary on what video surveillance landlords can access legally, so do some research beforehand.

In this case, your landlord will likely coordinate the installation of the home security system and share access with you. Any indoor cameras would need to be negotiated since landlords cannot violate tenant privacy. If the landlord is fine with you installing indoor cameras separately, you might need to pay for these on your own.


If Your Landlord Does Not Approve Security Installation


If you live in a rental home or apartment building, sometimes the best option is to buy a wireless home alarm system that you can install yourself. A lot of the features that come with a traditional home alarm system are also available with a DIY system - including Blue by ADT.

With DIY security equipment, there is much less of an opportunity to cause damage to the rental property - something your landlord will appreciate. And a bonus? When you move, you can take the system with you easily.

4 Features to Look for in a DIY Security System for Your Apartment

  • Alarm sensors
  • Smart locks
  • Indoor cameras
  • Outdoor camera
  • Doorbell camera

Alarm sensors for intrusion detection

Many alarm systems offer keypads that allow you to arm and disarm your alarm at a moment's notice. They also offer a window sensor and door sensor to allow you only to arm the entry points you're most worried about. For instance, if your spouse works late and comes in through the back door, arm only the front door to avoid triggering the alarm when they arrive.

DIY alarm systems like the ADT custom security camera system might be a great option that both you and your landlord can agree on to help secure the apartment door and common area. Best of all, if you pay for the system, you can take it down and transport it if you move.


Smart Lock Keyless Entry

If you're an apartment dweller, you may be interested in the additional access control that's provided by installing a smart lock. Smart locks can help ensure you don't get locked out with a connection to the mobile app, control who comes and goes with custom pin codes, and allow you to secure the door from virtually anywhere with a smart device!

This adds extra security and peace of mind for both the apartment renter and the landlord!


Indoor cameras

Are you worried about your pets and family when you're not home or out of the room? Indoor security cameras can allow you to monitor different rooms and entryways to ensure your family is always safe.

Forget about cables, wires, and complicated installation by opting for a DIY indoor security camera for your rental home or apartment. Blue by ADT indoor camera offers simple but powerful security options that are renter-friendly. This indoor camera is great for apartments and rental homes because it comes with a stand that's easy to position on shelves, built-ins, tall furniture, counters, and more. You can also mount these cameras if you choose, but skipping the drilling might make your landlord happier.


Outdoor cameras

Exterior apartment security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your property, garage, vehicles, and family members when they're outdoors. Exterior cameras can watch your front porch or door, as well as any other entry points. You can also set them up to monitor your backyard to keep an eye on your pets and children when they're outside.

Wireless outdoor DIY security cameras can be a great option if your landlord is worried about damaging the exterior of the house. Blue by ADT outdoor camera is quick to install and easy to take down and reposition. Since these cameras are wireless, you won't have to worry about running and installing cables and wires, minimizing the impact to the outside of your rental property.

If your landlord is still on the fence about allowing you to place cameras outside of your home, you could always set up indoor cameras on windowsills to monitor your doorstep, packages, and visitors when you're away. If you live in an apartment complex, you may need to make sure this camera only captures your doorway and not your neighbors'.


Doorbell cameras

Wouldn't it be nice to know who's ringing your doorbell before you ever answer? With a video doorbell camera, you're able to view who's outside quickly, so you can decide whether it's safe to answer the door. Doorbell cameras are also great if you have kids since they can let you know when your child is home from school and allow you to notify them if a stranger is outside.

You can talk to your property manager to see if DIY exterior cameras like the Blue by ADT doorbell camera would be a good compromise for added door security. This doorbell camera offers simple installation right outside your door, without requiring alterations to your existing door. It still provides all the features you love from a doorbell camera, like two-way talk, facial recognition, motion sensor alerts, and remote access to your feed, without the added cost of installation.

Blue by ADT makes DIY installation simple for apartment dwellers.


Safe Neighborhoods: What to Look for Before Renting


When searching for a new apartment or rental home, you always want to keep safety in mind. Some things you'll want to research before settling on a place to live include:

Crime in the area: ADT offers an interactive crime map to help you identify specific crime rates at a state and county level.

Online articles: A simple Google search can allow you to review news articles about the area where you are looking to live.

People who currently live in the area: Particularly if you're looking at an apartment building, it would be beneficial to ask current residents what they think about the complex.

Protective features available: Some safety features that apartment buildings can offer include a doorman or secured entrances to shared spaces.


ADT Has the Security Features Renters Need


The ADT renter-friendly line of home security devices may cut the costs and installation factors of home security, but they don't skimp on the benefits. These home security devices can all be accessed and controlled remotely via the ADT app, allowing you to set or disarm the system while you're away, keep an eye on pets and kids when you can't be there, review recorded footage, and communicate with delivery drivers through your doorbell camera.

The DIY Blue line of home security devices also allows for full home automation, letting you connect all of your smart devices and control them through your ADT mobile app. You can also connect virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home to help you control your home security system. Set up bedtime routines to arm your home or quickly turn off your alarm with voice controls.


Buy the Home Security System Landlords Can Get Behind


Protecting your home is important, even if you don't own your property. Everyone should feel safe when they're at home and have peace of mind when they leave.

With ADT, you can design a custom renter-friendly DIY home security system that's affordable, easy to install, and offers professional monitoring for your family and belongings, no matter where you are.

Upgrade your apartment safety with a wireless home security system that has several smart home devices, fire safety and apartment security camera options to help give you added peace of mind. Call to get started today!


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